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Pubdate: Wed, 04 May 2005
Source: Coquitlam Now, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005Lower Mainland Publishing Group, Inc.
Author: Herb Hanko
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Re: "PoCo prepares to send message to grow ops - go away," Saturday, April 30.

I read with interest your article about the new bylaws to combat pot 
growers. While I am all in favour to keep organized crime out of our 
cities, I wonder if the full impact of these bylaws is being recognized as 
the erosion of our so-called charter rights that it is.

One of the most important points of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is 
that no one can invade and search your home - be it rented or owned - 
without a warrant.

Then Big Brother set to work, and ruled that a police officer can enter a 
home if she or he has suspicions - not very hard to fabricate. As a 
consequence, as happened in Vancouver, the presence of some fertilizer bags 
and cooking with exotic spices gives the police the right to storm your 
home to search without a warrant.

Next, of course, Big Brother saw the need for SPCA officers to be empowered 
to enter your premises without a warrant to see that any animals are well 

Not to be left behind, city inspectors found that they also need the power 
to enter and "inspect" homes without a warrant.

Now we are in the final phase, where every homeowner has not only the 
right, but a duty to invade rented homes without a warrant. Of course, the 
city doesn't say who inspects the homes of the homeowners.

Of course, child molesters and child abusers can still hide their victims 
in the home, still safe from inspection and searches, as long as the don't 
grow pot. It says much about the priorities of our rulers.

So, if you are a renter, it appears that just about everybody has the right 
to invade your privacy and your home. Big Brother, and doublespeak, are 
alive and well in Canada.

Herb Hanko, Coquitlam
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