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Pubdate: Sun, 11 Dec 2005
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
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He called long-term care for seniors, help for students and
environmental investments among the unfinished priorities.

NDP-forced budget amendments last spring only guaranteed two years of
funding for transit systems and affordable housing, he added. "We
think those investments are needed on an ongoing basis."

But he said select tax exemptions for purchases like energy efficient
hybrid cars should be approved.

"Right now, people are penalized - the government actually takes more
money from you when you try to do the right thing because those cars
are more expensive," Layton said.

"We also tie that to wanting those cars to be built here in Canada, so
at least it's some Canadian workers who have the jobs and they're
paying taxes."

He also pledges to continue to back the decriminalization of
possession of small amounts of marijuana - a bill that died with the
Martin government.

"Our view is there should be rules around marijuana use, personal use,
age, driving, trafficking, mass production and marketing," he said.

And Layton dismissed those critics who say the stance helps organized

"When something is criminalized to the extent that marijuana is you
have by definition created a context for organized crime," he said.
With just five seats out of B.C.'s 36, a strong finish this election
could translate into big gains for the NDP.

How many does he hope for?

"More. A lot more."
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