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Pubdate: Fri, 07 Oct 2005
Source: Banner, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 The Orangeville Banner
Author: Peter Criscione, Banner Staff Writer


A police officer facing numerous charges spanning several years and 
jurisdictions will stand trial on local charges next week, a judge 
has ruled, despite a bid from the crown for more time to scrutinize 
new information brought forth by the defence.

Ned Maodus, 41, a former resident of Mono, is a senior drug 
investigator with Metro Toronto Police who, along with five other 
officers, faces drug related charges and allegations of wrongdoing.

His Dufferin charges, dating back to January 2004, include possession 
of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy for the purpose of trafficking.

On Oct. 3, crown attorney Steve Coroza expressed his concern that 
information submitted to his office late last week claiming Maodus 
suffers from post dramatic stress disorder (PDSD) could weigh heavily 
on the case -- and as a result asked the judge to push back the date for trial.

"Given the volume of the materials submitted and given that they were 
filed late last week, it is highly unlikely that this trial will be 
able take place Oct. 12," Coroza told the court. "We are not prepared 
to accept the assertion that he (Maodus) suffers from post dramatic stress."

Coroza said in order for the crown to be fully prepared for trial, 
lawyers must first have the opportunity to cross examine the 
diagnosis endorsed by a doctor, who determined that Maodus suffers 
from PDSD as a result of working as a Toronto police officer, as well 
as notes, questionnaires and any other additional information.

"If we have the opportunity to review the materials, our position may 
change," Coroza stated.

Peter Brauti, the lawyer leading the defence, said the court cannot 
afford to delay the proceedings any longer -- seeing as Maodus is 
scheduled to appear in other courts to answer to a slew of charges.

Maodus, who now resides in Windsor, was arrested in London, Sept. 8, 
on charges of road rage, assault, threatening death and breach of recognizance.

He was brought into custody by police and later released following a 
bail hearing on Sept. 20.

Maodus has been in and out of court for roughly three years.

In 2002, Maodus was issued a recognizance order that restricted his 
movements, required him to live with his parents in Windsor and, with 
the exception of court appearances, banned him from Dufferin.

The recognizance was the result of an investigation by Dufferin OPP 
into allegations of assault, illegal possession of firearms and threats.

Charges laid in that investigation were stayed recently by a Brampton 
Superior Court because of the length of time it took to bring the 
matter to trial.

Maodus must now appear in a London court, in addition to trials in 
Toronto and Dufferin.

"If this case is adjourned again then (it will delay things) even 
further," Brauti said of the Dufferin drug charges.

Brauti argued that the materials highlighting Maodus' PDSD were 
forwarded to the crown's office in sufficient time and that the 
information "is not something the crown should be concerned about."

In his ruling Justice E. Kruziak said although he understood the 
concerns raised by the crown, he would not derail the proceedings and 
ordered that the Oct. 12 date for trial be maintained.

"We will leave the matter on the trial list and any new issues will 
be dealt with and addressed on Oct. 12," Kruziak said. "The matter 
can at least be spoken to then."
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