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Pubdate: Wed, 14 Apr 2004
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 The Province
Author: Stuart Hunter, The Province


A Kelowna Mountie says that if a leading member of the Hells Angels
agrees to take a lie-detector test, he'll take one, too.

Supt. Don Harrison of the Kelowna RCMP recently challenged Angels'
spokesman Rick Ciarniello -- one of B.C.'s highest ranking Angels --
to take a polygraph test asking if he has derived income from criminal

Ciarniello agreed, but only on one condition -- that Kelowna's top cop
also take a lie-detector test asking if he has lied in the course of
his duty. "I was just responding to a challenge," Ciarniello said.

"I . . . don't have any problem answering that question . . . I look
forward to it."

Harrison has promised to apologize if Ciarniello passes his test, even
though he, Harrison, expects to fail his.

"Oh sure, no problem," Harrison said when asked if he'd take the test.
"If I was asked that question during my time as a peace officer, 'Have
you ever lied?' Certainly. I have already indicated that policemen are
required to mislead and lie at times [during the course of duty]."

Ciarniello has accused Harrison of "hate-mongering," referring to
comments made by the superintendent alleging club members are
responsible for much of the drug trade in downtown Kelowna.

"I disagree with him and I took offence," Ciarniello said. "Anything
he knows about us is just anecdotal. He should quit hate-mongering and
be more professional."

Harrison said: "My experience after 32 years is I hate criminals. I
hate people that take advantage of . . . citizens through crime,
theft, extortion, drugs, prostitution."

Harrison has suggested they use an RCMP polygraph expert, but
Ciarniello said he prefers an independent tester.

Ciarniello, 59, who lives in Coquitlam, described himself as "old and
retired." In the book Road to Hell, Ciarniello is said to be the
secretary of the Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels and one of
three national spokesmen for the organization.

"The Hells Angels are not involved in anything [illegal], nor should
we be held responsible for the acts of individual members," he said.
"We've had convictions, but the club itself never has been [involved
in illegal activity]." 
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