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Pubdate: Wed, 14 Apr 2004
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Calgary Sun
Author: Kevin Martin


Mounties paid nearly $350,000 to a civilian "agent" for a sting operation 
targeting drug dealers which netted two suspected Calgary heroin peddlers, 
court heard yesterday. Cpl. John Tereposky, of the RCMP witness protection 
program, said Cau Tien was used to investigate specific suspects. But 
Tereposky said Tien's massive payouts weren't contingent on successful 

In fact, Tereposky told defence lawyer Hersh Wolch he didn't personally 
know how many individuals have been charged as a result of Tien's 
assistance to investigators.

Charged with trafficking heroin and possession of the proceeds of crime are 
Calgarian's Nicholas and Timothy Chan.

The Chans were arrested after Tien and an undercover RCMP officer purchased 
56 grams of heroin for $7,000 at a south Calgary restaurant.

Tereposky testified Tien signed separate "letters of acknowledgment" which 
detailed his role, the names of targets and any "awards" he might be paid.

The first of those offered up to $150,000 if Tien performed well, another 
$100,000 for the second and $25,000 for a third, he said.

"Approximately how much money has Cau Tien been paid?" Wolch asked.

"From the award program, $275,000," Tereposky said, adding about another 
$70,000 was forked over to Tien in weekly payments of $250, plus rent and 

Tereposky also said drug charges against Tien were dropped following a 
recommendation by Mounties.
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