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Pubdate: Fri, 20 Feb 2004
Source: Kamloops Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Kamloops Daily News
Author: Jason Hewlett


Three of the city's five new police officers will be used in a
continuing crackdown on drugs and prostitution, RCMP Insp. Ralph
Carriere said Wednesday.

During a news conference, Carriere told reporters the detachment is
increasing its drug squad from three to four permanent members and
will start a two-member bike patrol April 1. One member will focus on
the Tranquille Road area of the North Shore with the other patrolling
Victoria Street and the downtown core.

The positions are being filled thanks to a five-officer increase
approved by city council late last year. The remaining two officers
will be assigned to general duty. Carriere said police will zero in on
illegal drug activities in Kamloops.

"This entails everything from the drug pushers, drug dealers, street
dealers, drug houses, drugs in and near schools and grow operations,"
he said.

There are 15 to 25 known drug houses and no fewer than 20 known drug
dealers operating in Kamloops, he said. Many of the dealers have ties
to organized crime.

"The public is concerned about the level of criminal activity on the
streets. We need to make Kamloops a safe place."

The extra manpower will allow police to broaden investigations and
increase visibility on the streets, sending a clear message to drug dealers.

"I think they will recognize soon that Kamloops is not a place they
will want to do business," Carriere said.

"If you have illegal drugs, we will be seeking you out and dealing
with you with zero tolerance."

Police are also focusing their attention on prostitution and crimes
associated with it.

"Those are crimes against each other, violence, violence against
women, theft from vehicles, theft of vehicles, robberies and break and

Officers will target prostitutes and their clients.

Carriere said the crackdown comes with the support of city council,
which is reviewing anti-drug and prostitution bylaws in the Lower
Mainland. Some of these bylaws may be tailored for Kamloops.

One of the bylaws under consideration makes landlords accountable for
drug activity that is carried out by tenants.
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