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Pubdate: Fri, 22 Oct 2004
Source: Red Deer Advocate (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 Red Deer Advocate


A story in last Friday's Advocate entitled Hydroponics grow things 
'perfectly' contained incorrect information.

The story indicated that Alberta Cultured Gardens Ltd. is the only business 
of its kind between Calgary and Edmonton. In fact, there is at least one 
other Central Alberta retailer selling hydroponic and related equipment.

D'Arcy Ariss has operated Ariss Indoor Garden Centres at Bay 3, 7628 49th 
Ave., in Red Deer since July 1. He sells hydroponic, aeroponic and 
deep-water culture systems, as well as related products like plant food and 
light bulbs.

Ariss Indoor Garden Centres also sells greenhouse and aquatic gardening 

"It's huge," said Ariss of indoor gardening. "I have commercial lettuce 
growers; I have orchid growers; I have people who grow vegetables for 

Ariss added he also supplies small-scale growers, including apartment dwellers.

"The range has been right across the whole spectrum," he said, adding he 
thinks the market has tremendous potential.

"The industry is in its infancy."

A challenge for hydroponic equipment dealers is overcoming the perception 
that their products are used only for the production of illegal drugs.

Ariss said retailers who sell to people with such an intention could be 
charged with being an accessory to an illegal activity.

"I've thrown people out, told people not to come back," he said.
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