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Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jan 2004
Source: Hanover Post, The (CN ON)
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There is a certain organization out there that never seems
to get all the credit it deserves in helping with our communities.
That organization is Crime Stoppers.

This year is the 28th anniversary of the first organized Crime
Stoppers group and it is due time that we show the numerous volunteers
our appreciation for their efforts.

Our local Crime Stoppers organization has been in existence since 1987
and has aided our local police in the arrest and prosecution of
multiple criminals since that time.

In fact, since its inception in 1987, phone tips to Crime Stoppers of
Grey Bruce Inc. have led to 1,069 arrests, 2,113 cases cleared and the
seizure of more than $2.6 million in stolen property and of $16.7
million in illegal drugs.

OPP senior constable Dean Rutherford, who is the co-ordinator of Crime
Stoppers of Grey Bruce, said the organization wouldn't have achieved
the results it has without the volunteer efforts of the board of directors.

"They donate countless hours to raise funds for rewards and to help
promote the program which in turn keeps the phones ringing in our
efforts to solve crime," he said.

As you can see, without the work of the local Crime Stoppers
organization there would still be thousands of criminals who would
have otherwise gone unpunished, even in our little neck of the woods.

Sure, not all of the crimes that get solved are noteworthy ones, but
whatever can be done to help keep people safe and make our communities
a better place to live deserves our recognition.

Just think for a moment where we might be without Crime

All of these people who have been caught thanks to the phone tips to
Crime Stoppers would have remained on the streets.

And if they were able to get away with this smaller or lesser of a
crime, who knows what greater crimes that could lead to in the future.

January is Crime Stoppers month so let's think about what we can do to
provide any form of assistance possible to Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce Inc.

Help out by taking part in one of the numerous activities that raise
funds throughout the year, such as their charity golf tournament in
the fall.

Without the money raised from these events, Crime Stoppers would not
have the funds to reward those who call into their office to help
police solve crimes.

Do your part in helping keep your community safe by showing support
for Crime Stoppers so that they can help provide a safe and secure
world today and for generations to come.
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