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Pubdate: Sun, 19 Sep 2004
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 The Ottawa Citizen
Author: Jon Ferry / The Vancouver Province
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Marijuana-By-Mail Operation Offers 7 Grams For $70

VANCOUVER - Canada Post has said it will investigate a Vancouver-based 
marijuana mail-order business that provides "fast, discreet" service to 
those declaring they suffer from one of a host of medical ailments.

Canada Post spokesman John Caines said it would be up to police to say 
whether the postal cannabis operation, called Bud Buddy, was breaking the 
law. But the Crown corporation will probe the firm's use of the national 
mail service.

"I'll bring it up to our legal people and they'll advise us on what we're 
going to do then," Mr. Caines said from Ottawa. "We're going to look into it."

B.C. solicitor general Rich Coleman, meanwhile, said yesterday that he 
hoped police would launch their own investigation into what seemed to be 
simply another way of selling an illegal drug.

"My expectations are no different on this than it would have been on the Da 
Kine cafe," he said referring to the Vancouver cafe that closed this week 
following the arrest of owner Carol Gwilt and seven employees on marijuana 
trafficking charges.

"If law enforcement is made aware of something that's illegal, my 
expectation is that it would be investigated and the laws of the country 
would be enforced."

Bud Buddy ( has been in business since August of last 
year. It describes itself as "Canada's premium mail-order marijuana 
delivery service."

It claims to provide "world class marijuana" -- ranging from California 
Orange to Jamaican Sugar and Durban Poison -- that is "always clean, 
well-cured, tasty and potent." On its website, it offers three grams of 
marijuana for $35, seven for $70, 14 for $130 and 28 for $250.

Bud Buddy ships only in Canada. And it tells customers to place their order 
only via regular mail or Canada Post Xpresspost, sending cash or a money 
order (plus a $10 shipping fee) to a postal box.

Dana Larsen, editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine, said he could recommend 
Bud Buddy (one of three marijuana mail-order websites he knows of) as 
reliable and honest. But he wouldn't reveal the name of the person 
operating it.

"He's a Vancouver person who decided this would be a good way to get 
marijuana to people who need it," Mr. Larsen said.

An e-mail attempt to get an interview with Bud Buddy was unsuccessful 

Marijuana is illegal in Canada except for federally sanctioned medicinal 

On its order form, Bud Buddy asks customers to certify they are over 18 and 
suffer from one of a long list of "applicable ailments" cannabis is said to 
relieve or treat.

The list includes anorexia, mood swings, constipation, panic disorder, and 
muscle spasms.

Mr. Caines said unless authorized by Health Canada, medical marijuana is 
not supposed to be shipped through the mail.

Meanwhile, Vancouver's controversial marijuana cafe is closed, but the 
debate rages on.

With Carol Gwilt's re-arrest for allegedly possessing more than a kilo of 
marijuana, the experiment she, Donald Briere, and others engaged in by 
opening the Da Kine Smoke and Beverage Shop has probably come to an end.

All that is left now is a Vancouver city council hearing on Oct. 6 to lift 
Da Kine's business licence.

On Friday, the shop remained locked, empty of the large volumes of 
marijuana that had allegedly flown off its shelves in recent months.
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