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Pubdate: Tue, 17 Aug 2004
Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada Web)
Copyright: 2004 CBC
Author: Paddy Moore
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SMITHS FALLS, ONT. - The town of Smiths Falls says it won't consider a
rezoning request from a company that wants to grow medicinal marijuana

Carasel Harvest doesn't have a licence from the federal government to grow
marijuanna. Town council has decided that, without that licence, there's no
decision to be made.

Just a few weeks ago, Smiths Falls was ready to give the marijuana-growing
operation a chance.

Carasel Harvest was asking the town to rezone a commercial building as a

Town council was ready to do that, because it thought the operation had
beeen cleared by Health Canada. Then came a council meeting where the
operation's founder announced she didn't have a licence - and she was
already growing pot.

The next day, police seized 200 plants.

The mayor of Smiths Falls, Dennis Staples, says some people think this has
been an embarrassment for the town.

"The big deal is that some people fail to distinguish the medical use of
marijuana, approved by Health Canada, versus the illegal uses of marijuana.
That's the negative we've heard, and that members of council have heard,"
Staples says.

Staples says the town will still give the pot growing operation a chance.
But only if Carasel Harvest gets a federal permit.

Health Canada says it already has a licenced producer of marijuana, and it
doesn't want another one.

A legal challege to the government by Carasel's prospective clients is still
in its early stages. 
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