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Pubdate: Wed, 07 Jan 2004
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Calgary Sun
Author: Kristen Enevold


Average Is One Grow-Op A Day

Eliminating one marijuana grow operation a day has city police on quite the 
roll and by the end of this week, even more will be busted, they say.

"There will be a couple more this week -- it never ends," said Sgt. Roger 
Morrison with the Calgary Police Service drug unit.

In fact, when he averages the number of grow-ops they've shut down over the 
past two months, "on average, it seems we've hit about one a day," Morrison 

Four operations have been dismantled over the past two days, including 
$600,000 worth of marijuana found yesterday afternoon in the 100 block of 
Arbour Stone Place N.W.

"There were about 350 plants found," Morrison said, shortly after the 
late-afternoon bust.

The front door of the home was heavily barricaded and officers found an 
eight-inch butcher knife beside a bed belonging to whoever was guarding the 

"A lot of these people have about two, three or four operations, so they 
have a mattress on the floor and some food at the homes," he said.

It's not known whether the northwest bust is connected to another one 
conducted just hours earlier in the southeast neighbourhood of Douglasdale.

Acting on a tip, cops found 415 plants, worth about $350,000 in the former 
showhome, in the 100 block of Douglas Glen Gardens.

"The house had icicles all along the eaves," said Morrison of the tell-tale 
sign of a grow operation.

"Now the house will have to be condemned because of the damage."

Calgarians are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of 
criminals camouflaging their operations behind the doors of suburban homes, 
Morrison said, but the public is helping police put an end to it all.

"We rely on the public for their tips -- many of these busts are in nice 
suburban neighbourhoods, with kids and playgrounds."

But he cautions that if you do have reason to believe someone is growing 
pot, don't see for yourself -- call police.

If you do see any drug-related activity, call Crime Stoppers at 
1-800-222-8477, or police at 266-1234.
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