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Pubdate: Tue, 06 Jan 2004
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Alan Cairns


Heroin, Cocaine Found In A Home

ORANGEVILLE -- A Toronto cop who has been investigated as part of a probe 
into alleged drug squad corruption was charged yesterday with possession of 
heroin, cocaine and ecstasy for the purpose of trafficking. Ned Nebjosa 
Maodus, 40, a 15-year veteran, was charged with possessing two separate 
amounts of cocaine and a quantity of heroin, each for the purposes of 

Maodus, a 6-foot-3, 260-pound man with a shock of black hair, was also 
charged with possession of ecstasy.

An RCMP-led 25-member Toronto Police internal affairs task force probing 
allegations of corruption within central field command alleges in a press 
release that the drugs were found on his Orangeville area property, 21 
months ago.

Confidential Papers

Sources say the task force searched the home on March 22, 2002, one day 
after OPP, who arrested Maodus on unrelated matters, told their Toronto 
counterparts that highly confidential Toronto Police documentation was in 
Maodus' home.

Sources say Maodus had not served with a drug unit since 1999 and that he 
had been off work with chronic back problems for about 100 days prior to 
the alleged discovery of the drugs.

Maodus was charged and taken into custody on the drug charges yesterday 
morning only hours before a scheduled court appearance to set a trial date 
on OPP charges of sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm, two counts 
of assault, uttering threats and numerous weapons charges. It's alleged he 
was in possession of an unauthorized weapon -- a Glock semi-automatic 
pistol -- obtained by crime.

Maodus, suspended with pay after his March 21, 2002 arrest, was committed 
to trial last month on the assault and related charges.

After a swift bail hearing on the new charges yesterday, Justice of the 
Peace John Creelman freed Maodus on $10,000 surety posted by his 
brother-in-law Russ Martin.

Creelman ordered a publication ban on evidence disclosed at yesterday's 
hearing at the request of lawyer Harry Black, representing Maodus for the 
Toronto Police Association. Publication bans also cover evidence and 
information given at an initial bail hearing, a bail review hearing and the 
preliminary inquiry relating to the OPP charges.

The identity of the alleged sex assault victim in the OPP case is protected 
by all three bans.

Maodus was placed under effective house arrest at his parents' Windsor home.

He was also charged six weeks ago with kicking a Windsor cop during a 
fracas at a Windsor police station.
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