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Pubdate: Wed, 02 Oct 2002
Source: Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Sterling Newspapers
Author: Paul J. Henderson


Early may this year Brian Taylor and Brian McAndrew had the realization that
the time was right to launch a magazine devoted to medical marijuana.

Cannabis Health journal is the product of their efforts and this Saturday
they will have an open house to launch the magazine.

The magazine certainly fills a niche combining the health issues and the
politics of medical marijuana.

"We're responding to the situation and whether or not it will be us, there
will be a magazine of this nature out there," says Taylor, who is the
editor-in-chief of the publication.  "I certainly hope it is us."

"This format has never been tried with marijuana," says McAndrew, who is the
production manager.  "There is lots out there for heads and stoners but
without being too scientific we are talking about it out of the
counter-culture closet."

Back in May the two were at the Indoor Gardening and Hydroponics Expo in
Vancouver - basically the marijuana industry trade show - and that is where
they realized there was enough commercial interest to make the magazine

"We had an 'aha' moment," according to Taylor.  "It is time to do something
that doesn't insult people.  There is nothing in the magazine that makes
either of us uncomfortable and we know every inch of it.  We aren't going to
ruffle too many feathers."

Despite the focus on medical marijuana, Taylor says the magazine will also
be responding to the forward momentum towards decriminalization.

"It is about medical use but also responsible marijuana use in the new
decriminalized and legalized world we are entering," he says.

The public is welcome to drop by this Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. for the open
house at the magazine's headquarters at 8120 Donaldson Dr.
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