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Pubdate: Wed, 11 Sep 2002
Source: Norwich Gazette, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 Annex Publishing & Printing Inc.


Police are always asking the public to be on the lookout for suspicious 
activity and to report it when you do see it.

That same request has come up again since last week's bust at a home-based 
marijuana growing operation in Burgessville.

There are misconceptions about what happens when you call police to report 
a crime. You can report things anonymously. If you fear for your safety, 
say so and you simply say what you saw or heard. What's the harm in that? 
That is the reason there are services like Crime Stoppers.

There is more potential for harm if you don't report something. Using the 
marijuana grow as an example, if there were no tip from the public, the 
police might not have investigated. The grower would have gone on expanding 
the operation to include all but one room in the house. There would be 
chemicals stored in hazardous conditions and handled with no regard for 
safety; the bulbs used to give light to the crop could have exploded, 
setting of a chain reaction with the chemicals and starting a fire in the 
house; black mould spores could be spread all over the area.

The plant buds would have made their way onto the street to be sold to your 
child or a friend or family member. The leaves, which are discarded as 
useless, could have been found by youth who would just as easily experiment 
with the substance as turn it over to a parent.

When you report something like this, the police respond efficiently and as 
many witnessed last week, clear out the operations and their caretakers.

We may not want these people in our neighbourhoods, but as we have seen in 
our own backyard, they are here and they don't draw a lot of attention to 
themselves. Don't mind your own business if you think something illegal is 
going on.
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