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Pubdate: Thu, 31 Jan 2002
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
Copyright: 2002, Canoe Limited Partnership.


An Edmonton couple faces charges for an illegal marijuana growing operation 
following "Operation Green Sweep" - a nationwide police effort that took 
nearly $50 million worth of weed off Canada's streets.

Edmonton anti-drug squads searched a home at 18828 86A Ave., around 10:30 
a.m. yesterday and seized 100 small marijuana plants, said police spokesman 
Wes Bellmore.

Police estimated the plants were worth about $100,000 on the street.

Charges are pending against a husband and wife who live in the home.

Police said two children in the home also had access to the illegal growing 

Edmonton cops yesterday joined officers from city, regional, provincial and 
federal forces who swept down on home-grow marijuana operations from Nova 
Scotia to British Columbia.

"Police executed 149 search warrants across Canada by 3:30 p.m. (EST)," 
said Det. Mike Klimm, spokesman for police in Ontario's York region.

"We've made 136 arrests and laid 289 charges.

"A total of 46,796 plants were seized in the raids."

About 500 officers from more than 20 agencies were involved in the raids.

In addition to the marijuana plants, police seized growing equipment worth 
about $3.2 million.

"There was no violence at all, but some weapons were seized," Klimm said.

"Officers also found 28 children in the homes raided today.

"The children have been placed with relatives or children's aid services."

Police forces began planning the operation in late November, Klimm said, 
adding more busts are to come and a final arrest total wasn't expected 
until today.

Police consider the home-growing operations particularly dangerous because 
the growers often bypass electricity meters. There have been several home 
fires caused by faulty wiring used to power the grow lamps. Most of the 
raids were conducted in Ontario, where more than 100 homes were targeted.
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