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Pubdate: Fri, 16 Aug 2002
Source: Dryden Observer (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 Dryden Observer
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Hell's Angels

Newspapers in large cities across the country are guaranteed never to 
experience a shortage of copy, as long as the Hells Angels are operating. 
Last weekend, the Winnipeg Free Press's lead story was about how members of 
the motorcycle gang are planning legal action against Winnipeg police in 
the wake of a string of criminal cases that have been thrown out of court.

Members and associates of the gang are sincerely planning on filing a 
lawsuit claiming "malicious prosecution."

In the most recent case, the Crown stayed a stabbing charge against a Hells 
Angel member. Why? Because they couldn't find the victim.

I wonder why?

Police say it's almost impossible to get witnesses to testify against the 
clubs or to find them once they have agreed to testify.

I wonder why?

None of these individuals have day jobs, yet they don't seem to have any 
problem hiring expensive lawyers and private detectives any time they need one.

I wonder how?

When a stray member of the club was murdered in Hants County, Nova Scotia, 
along with his wife, it seemed everyone on the street knew exactly who did 
it and why, but there's never been an arrest.

I wonder why not?

Some people say that police and the rest of those who choose to live by 
society's rules, actually need these gangs to hold a monopoly on the drug 
trade, by keeping all the smaller operators in check.

I wonder if that's true and if so, what does it say about the state of this 

Years ago, lawmakers implemented laws concerning the proceeds of crime. 
Yet, Angels members still live lavish lifestyles with no revenue to back 
them up.
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