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Pubdate: Fri, 07 Jun 2002
Source: Vancouver Sun (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 The Vancouver Sun
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SAINT JOHN, N.B. (CP) - A man convicted of trafficking drugs in New 
Brunswick could find himself legally smoking pot behind bars.

Greg Boyle of the Saint John area was convicted of trafficking Thursday. 
However, since Boyle has a medical exemption from Health Canada to smoke 
marijuana, corrections officials could have a difficult decision on their 
hands before he's sentenced July 17. Lawyer David Kelly, who represented 
another defendant in the case, was unsure whether Boyle's medical exemption 
would be honoured if he is sent behind bars.

However, he did say the courts have been clear that drug trafficking 
offences call for a period of incarceration.

Health Canada spokesman Andrew Swift said a criminal conviction is unlikely 
to cause the department to revoke a person's medical exemption.

He said if Boyle is sentenced to time behind bars the matter would then 
fall to Corrections Canada. Corrections officials were unavailable for 
comment late Thursday.

Last fall, Health Canada gave permission for Boyle, who suffers from a back 
injury, to grow up to 25 marijuana plants in his home.

He can store 1,125 grams of smokable marijuana and carry 150 grams around 
in public.

He was arrested in October 2000, before receiving the exemption, and 
charged with trafficking, cultivating marijuana and unsafe storage of a 

A security camera trained on Boyle's home showed the comings and goings of 
customers, while police confiscated drug paraphernalia and individual bags 
of marijuana in such quantities they could not have been for personal use 
only, the Crown argued.

Const. Bruce Connell testified police confiscated enough marijuana to roll 
5,900 joints.

Even with a 20-joint-a-day habit, Boyle's stash amounted to an seven- to 
eight-month supply.

Boyle's companion, Elizabeth Ferguson, was cleared of all charges in the case.
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