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Pubdate: Mon, 04 Sep 2000
Source: Edmonton Sun (CN AB)
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Author: Nadia Moharib


CALGARY -- Premier Ralph Klein's outspoken daughter, the one who doesn't 
allow her daddy's job to stand in the way of her passions on everything 
from the state of day care in Alberta to the push for legalizing marijuana, 
continues to roar.

This time Angie Klein is doing it on stage as the singer with The Mouse 
Roars, a four-piece band which made its debut this weekend at a fund-raiser 
in Calgary for legalizing pot for medicinal purposes.

Moments before the 33-year-old hit the stage to belt out classic rock, she 
raised her arms in triumph at learning her ex-husband had been nabbed by 
police a day after he escaped from prison.

"I was rehearsing for this but was very worried for my safety," said the 
mother of two who runs a flower shop in Drumheller.

Richard Marcia was missing from the Grande Cache Institution where he's 
serving a 40-month sentence. Klein married Marcia in 1997 - with her father 
reading the vows - leading to a high-profile breakup when he was charged 
with bigamy for also being married to a Regina woman at the time.

Angie, who has referred to herself as a 'plain Jane,' figures her personal 
woes became public because of 'who she is.' She seems to have endured the 
scrutiny unscathed.

And it hasn't stemmed her tendency to speak out when she thinks she should 
- - a habit that hasn't seemed to hurt.

Her public criticism - after a conversation with dad at a family reunion - 
of the provincial government for the closure of a Drumheller day care has 
led to a review of regulations on childcare.

"That's good. That's all you can ask for," the premier's daughter says.
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