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Pubdate:   4 Oct 1998
Copyright: Vancouver Province
Source: Vancouver Province (Canada)
Author:    Peter Clough


Those Police Raids On The Cannabis Cafe Are Getting Boring.

It's like watching Cheech and Chong's version of To Serve and Protect for
about the 17th time: Cops wade through stoned mob; demonstrator yells:
"You're choking me, man;" pan to cops carrying off bongs.

At least this week there was a new twist, as confirmed by media liaison
officer Anne Drennan in her daily hook-up with BCTV's Deborah Hope. "And
Anne, I understand that this time there are children involved." Ah yes.
Shackled to a grow-lamp in the corner no doubt, while their parents tend
the evil weed.

What I'd like to know is: Do you think Anne Drennan has ever smoked dope? A
little secondhand inhalation, perhaps?

Hey, she fits the profile -- boomer, well-educated, lives in Vancouver. And
unless I've been mixing with the wrong crowd, lighting up at a party in
this city is hardly considered criminal activity -- so long as you do it on
the balcony.

Decriminalization advocate Const. Gil Puder told CBC Newsworld's Big Life a
few months ago that even his colleagues on the force have been known to
imbibe in social situations.

I wouldn't be surprised. Polls show that a majority of British Columbians
put pot smoking on about the same level of sin as drinking. Most people
favor some form of legalization.

So here's what's so weird: Whenever the squad moves in on the one
organization that's doing something about it, there's barely a whiff of

Where's the outspoken Svend Robinson? Libby Davies? All those MLAs who've
inhaled? Where are Jean Charest and Alexa McDonough? What about all the
entertainers who favor reform? You'd think Bryan Adams might say a word or
two -- he works 'round the corner.

There's at least one city councillor who has privately expressed support
for the embattled cafe. She's considering going public. Just don't hold
your breath.

* City council should be thanking Hemp B.C. The Cannabis Cafe is the best
thing that's happened to that part of town in 25 years. Crosstown has
become the bohemian hub of Vancouver. Boutiques, bookstores and coffee
houses are thriving. Their owners credit the Cannabis Cafe with starting
the transformation.

So come on, you midnight tokers in politics, law, the media, showbiz. The
next time there's a raid, get yourselves a hookup with Deborah. Say

As for Anne Drennan, how about lunch? There's this nice little place ...

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