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Pubdate: Tue, 01 May 2007
Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN)
Copyright: 2007 St. Paul Pioneer Press
Author: Rachel E. Stassen-Berger, Pioneer Press
Cited: Gov. Tim Pawlenty
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The Minnesota Senate today is set to approve the use of marijuana for 
people who are critically ill or in excruciating pain.

The House may soon follow - the measure survived its fifth committee 
hearing today on a 20-14 vote and will soon be on its way to a floor vote.

Although there are differences between the House and Senate measures, 
both essentially would set up a state system allowing qualified 
patients to receive marijuana from special nonprofit organizations to 
ease their pain and symptoms. Backers believe that marijuana can help 
those patients in ways traditional drugs cannot.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, like many law enforcement organizations, opposes 
the measure. He has said he will veto it.

To read the House measure, go to and search for hf655. 
To read the Senate measure, go to and search for sf345. 
You can also watch the Senate debate, which will start soon after 11 
a.m. today, from the Senate site if you click "Watch Live Video." 
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