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Pubdate: Tue, 07 Mar 2006
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
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Author: Cameron Jahn, Bee Staff Writer
Cited: Steve Kubby
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Strapped for jail beds, Placer County authorities on Monday released
Steven Wynn Kubby, the medical marijuana activist who said he would
die in custody if denied medical marijuana to battle his adrenal cancer.

Kubby, who had served nearly a third of his 120-day sentence for a
2000 drug conviction, could not be reached for comment.

While in custody, Kubby was a model prisoner and caused no
problems, said sheriff's Lt. George Malim.

Last month Kubby wrote a letter to jail staff telling them he was
impressed by their professionalism and apologizing for any problems he
may have caused, Malim said.

"He felt he got very good care in jail, and he came to respect the
professionalism of the staff," Malim said. "It was very nice of him to
write it but, hey, that's not the determining factor in his release.
It's his criminal history, his behavior and our need for the bed space."

The jail is under federal order to stay below 90 percent capacity,
Malim said.

Kubby was convicted in 2000 for possession of psilocyn and mescaline.
A judge ordered him to serve 120 days in jail and complete three
years' probation.

Kubby, who fled to Canada, was deported in January.

While jailed, Kubby took Marinol, a prescription drug that contains a
synthetic form of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Kubby's
lawyers said last week he had lost 25 pounds.

He is due in court March 14 to face a probation violation charge
relating to his Canadian stay. 
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