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Pubdate: Tue, 20 Jan 2004
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Calgary Sun
Author: Alan Cairns


Documents detail alleged corruption

TORONTO -- The scope of alleged corruption within a Toronto Police drug
squad appeared to widen yesterday with the release of previously sealed
court documents.

Information contained in police affidavits suggests allegations go far
beyond criminal charges laid against six former drug cops 13 days ago and
also appears to contradict Chief Julian Fantino's statement that the scandal
is "isolated" and has been dealt with appropriately.

The affidavits, released by the Ontario court of appeal, contain a statement
by RCMP Chief Supt. John Neily, head of the probe, that "evidence of
criminal activity exists against 17 members" of the Central Field Command.

In another affidavit, Neily stated 12 were involved in "serious criminal

"I am attempting to identify only those who are alleged to have committed
the most serious offences," Neily wrote.

The affidavits contain allegations officers were involved in the theft of
"large quantities of drugs and the later resale of drugs" to "significant
drug criminals and organized crime figures, including outlaw motorcycle gang

One officer is alleged to have been "actively involved" in drug trafficking
in recent months.

Toronto lawyer Edward Sapiano, whose April 1999 complaints prompted Fantino
to appoint Neily to head a 25-man task force to probe the squad, said the
new revelations bolster his call for a public inquiry and "foreshadow the
nature of the evidence we can anticipate at the criminal trial.

Charged are six former drug squad cops: Staff-Sgt. John Schertzer and
Detectives Steve Correia, Joseph Miched, Raymond Pollard, Richard Benoit and
Ned Maodus.

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Highlights of the affidavits ordered released by the Ontario court of appeal

* Toronto Police Staff-Sgt. John Schertzer's squad allegedly hid use of a
drug dealer in Simon Yeung's arrest and trial.

* Similar allegations against members of Schertzer's team have been made in
other cases.

* RCMP Chief Supt. John Neily reported that 83% of 1,131 drug charges laid
by Schertzer's crew in 286 cases were stayed or withdrawn.

* Preliminary analysis of bank records of Schertzer, Correia, Raymond
Pollard and Joseph Miched "suggest sources of funds that are not from

* It is claimed that police received tips alleging Det.-Const. Ned Maodus
stole drugs and weapons and is believed to have sold them to mobsters and
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