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Pubdate: Fri, 05 Aug 2011
Source: Richmond News (CN BC)
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Author: Sean Sullivan, Postmedia News 


Lead Cop in Failed Ecstasy Case Allegedly Obstructed

An RCMP officer charged in relation to the Surrey Six slaying was
responsible for a botched 2007 investigation that led a B.C. judge to
toss out all evidence seized from a Richmond ecstasy lab, a recent
judgment shows.

Cpl. Danny Michaud was one of four officers suspended with pay in 2010
following an Ontario Provincial Police probe into allegations that one
of the Surrey Six officers had an inappropriate relationship with a

It came to light last week that Michaud led a separate investigation
into an ecstasy lab that "ignored" the Charter rights of five
suspects, leading the judge to exclude evidence such as ecstasy
tablets, methamphetamine, ketamine powder and empty pill bottles.

"The RCMP officer in charge of the investigation was Cpl. Michaud and
he must accept the responsibility for leading an investigation that
ignored and flaunted the accused's Charter of Rights, and did so
consistently over a 14- month period," Judge Paul R. Meyers wrote in
the June 21 ruling, which was released last week.

"One might have thought that the investigation took place before the
Charter of Rights had been enacted," he continued.

Michaud was charged in June with breach of trust, obstruction of
justice and attempting to mislead Ontario police investigators in
relation to the Surrey Six investigation.

Six men were executed with gunshots to the head in the October 2007
gangland slaying at an apartment in Surrey's Balmoral Tower.

Sgt. Rob Vermeulen confirmed Wednesday that Michaud continues to
receive a paycheque from the RCMP.

Sgt, Derek Brassington, Staff-Sgt. David Attew and Cpl. Paul Johnston
are also charged in relation to the Surrey Six investigation, and are
also suspended without pay.

In all, the four men face 20 criminal charges. 
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