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Pubdate: Sat, 09 Sep 2017
Source: Moose Jaw Times-Herald (CN SN)
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Preparing for the legalization of marijuana nationwide next July, the
Government of Saskatchewan is looking to gain public input.

The provincial government will be conducting an online consultation
survey from Sept. 8 to Oct. 6 with the goal of gauging public opinion
on parts of the federal legislation that has been left up to the provinces.

"The legalization of cannabis represents a big change," said Don
Morgan, justice minister and attorney general.

"We want to take the time to listen to and consult with the people of
this province to ensure we implement the parts of this legislation
that are under our control in a way that works for

Topics in the survey include parts of the federal legislation that
have been left up to the provinces, such as: * age limits on cannabis
sales; * public consumption; * taxation on cannabis sales; *
distribution and wholesaling; * potential retails models, locations
and rules; * regulatory compliance; and the enforcement of the
modified impaired driving laws. According to a government press
release, the survey results will provide valuable information to help
guide Saskatchewan's ongoing approach to cannabis legalization.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and a resident of Saskatchewan
can participate in the anonymous survey at

facebook feedback

What do you think of plans to legalize marijuana?

Lisa Johnson: It definitely should be legal. It is proven to help many 
ailments. It has proven to help states get out of debt. Never hear of 
someone smoking a joint n going out driving like a mad man killing 
people like with alcohol. Could also help get the hard drugs off the 

Charlotte Blondeau: Legalise it. Why not? Alcohol is legal and kills far 
more people than marijuana and cannabis ever has. Plus if it's regulated 
by the gov than we don't have to worry about it being cut with dangerous 

Jessie Tyler Halvorsen: It really depends who/how/where someone uses it. 
If they are using it for the thing it's being legalized for then sure, 
just keep it away from me. If they are gonna be stupid with it and act 
like they own the place and think they're cool... I certainly think not. 
Driving is another thing but I'll leave that one with the police. As for 
age limits thank god. I don't even wanna imagine how much the cocky 
teenager population would increase if it was legal to all ages. Some are 
already really cocky enough without it and would be even less mature 
with it.

Hayli Gueffroy'Pomeroy: I'm all for the legalization of marijuana it 
helps with many medical ailments is safer than prescription or over the 
counter drugs slim to none on the side of side effects the most common 
side effects of marijuana are munchies and feeling calm and relaxed 99% 
of the time the only thing in danger is food when someone is high the 
other 1% was usually laced with another drug legalization of marijuana 
and certified dispenseries will drastically decrease the risk of 
obtaining laced marijuana and becoming part of that 1% margin of bad 
reactions, actions, and outcomes of consuming/smoking marijuana I would 
rather deal with a group of people high on pot then a group of drunk 
people and in my opinion the age of being able to use and purchase 
marijuana should be 18 just like purchasing cigarettes

Marie Dodman: it should definatly be legal

Jason Dessert: I am all for it!!...many many positives to it!! Kauri-Lee 
Malo: Legalize it
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