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Pubdate: Wed, 24 May 2000
Source: Grand Forks Gazette, The (CN BC)
Contact:  +1-250-442-3336
Author: Michael Chouinard


While the deadline is next month to apply to Health Canada for the 
five-year licence to supply medical marijuana for testing, it may take a 
bit longer for the bidders to find out if they're successful.

Former mayor Brian Taylor and his company, the Cannabis Research Institute, 
will be among those applying to Health Canada and awaiting a decision.

"They've left 240 days open," he says.

Taylor expects the decision could come before the nine months though, after 
the government has checked the backgrounds of various applicants. More than 
100 application packages were picked up, but he expects there will be a 
shortlist before long that will eliminate many. Some people, he's heard, 
are just sending resumes and even samples to federal health officials. The 
issue is attracting attention from Maclean's magazine and other media 

To apply, bidders must complete a detailed business plan, filling out about 
40 sections that cover questions such as bonding and how capital will be 

Taylor does not think Grand Fork's proximity to the U.S. border will 
present an additional security issue, as he says theft would be of more 
concern in an urban setting where culprits have more avenues to flee. This 
city, he says, only has a few ways in and out, and thieves are not likely 
to head for armed border crossings.

In the meantime while he waits, Taylor will be meeting in Grand Forks with 
others involved in the medicinal marijuana campaign. The Canadian Cannabis 
Coalition plans to meet here from June 9 to 11.
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