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Krawitz, MichaelUS VA: Assess Drugs By Their EffectsRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 30 Jun 1999
Krawitz, MichaelUS VA: Assess Drugs By Their EffectsRoanoke Times (VA)Thu, 08 Jul 1999
Lewin, PaulUS VA: Drug Arrest Sends A Chilling MessageRoanoke Times (VA)Sat, 11 Sep 1999
Knestrick, ChrisUS VA: War On Drugs Is Driven By HypocrisyRoanoke Times (VA)Sat, 11 Sep 1999
Williams, Reagan D.US VA: Drug Policy Needs To Be ChangedRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 15 Sep 1999
Krawitz, MichaelUS VA: Drug War's 'Truth' Isn't Beyond DisputeRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 19 Sep 1999
Krawitz, MichaelUS VA: Drug War's 'Truth' Isn't Beyond DisputeRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 04 Oct 1999
Brady, ChrisUS VA: Drug Addiction Is A Medical ProblemRoanoke Times (VA)Tue, 05 Oct 1999
Solomon, JamesUS VA: If Marijuana Had Been Legal, Those EightRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 10 Nov 1999
Knestrick, ChrisUS VA: War On Drugs Lays Waste To FactsRoanoke Times (VA)Fri, 18 Feb 2000
Currie, VirginiaUS VA: Get To The Root Of Colombia's ProblemRoanoke Times (VA)Thu, 27 Jul 2000
Snell, KarenUS VA: Sentencing Disparities Shock And OutrageRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 09 Apr 2001
Lee, E. DuaneUS VA: America Must Get Serious About DrugsRoanoke Times (VA)Tue, 10 Jul 2001
Douglas, Curtis E.US VA: Raise The White Flag In The Drug WarRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 20 Aug 2001
Nichols, BrianUS VA: TV Coverage Highlights Inequity Of JusticeRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 26 Aug 2001
Beard, PennyUS VA: Marijuana Could Do Wonders For AmericansRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 22 Aug 2001
Collins, AlanUS VA: Treat Drug Users And Mentally Ill BeforeRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 20 Nov 2002
Faw, D. EddyUS VA: Cost-Cutting Idea: Prisoner ReleaseRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 09 Mar 2003
Steadman, AliciaUS VA: Politics Plays Into Methadone ProtestRoanoke Times (VA)Fri, 03 Oct 2003
McCaffery, JenUS VA: Don't Take Credit For Dr. Ball's SuccessRoanoke Times (VA)Tue, 14 Oct 2003
Lewis, Adrian N.US VA: Put a Methadone Clinic at Orange and KimballRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 10 Nov 2003
Ridenhour, DonUS VA: Help, Don't Hinder,The Recovery Of Drug AddiRoanoke Times (VA)Tue, 18 Nov 2003
Clair, Kathryn A. St.US VA: In The Clinic Debates, What Would Jesus Do?Roanoke Times (VA)Sun, 23 Nov 2003
Davis, BenUS VA: NIMBYism Is the Problem - Not the ClinicRoanoke Times (VA)Sat, 27 Dec 2003
Morgan, James K.US VA: Shine The Light On ProsecutorsRoanoke Times (VA)Thu, 15 Jan 2004
Sutphin, JosephUS VA: OxyContin Fiasco Has Hurt Patients In PainRoanoke Times (VA)Sat, 22 May 2004
Milliron, RobertUS VA: No One Could Believe Such HyperboleRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 19 Sep 2005
Muse, KirkUS VA: Vested Interests Keep The Drug War GoingRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 16 Apr 2008
White, StanUS VA: God Thinks Well Of MarijuanaRoanoke Times (VA)Thu, 02 Dec 2010
Givens, RalphUS VA: Marijuana Smokers Have Harmed No OneRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 12 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS VA: Make Marijuana Legal, Safe, TaxableRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 16 Feb 2011
Muse, KirkUS VA: Marijuana Busts Give Weed Added ValueRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 28 Mar 2011
Wooldridge, HowardUS VA: Meth Makers Are The Bootleggers Of Our DayRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 05 Oct 2011
Sharpe, RobertUS VA: Prohibition Doesn't WorkRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 30 Jul 2012
Hall, Matt ColtUS VA: Support Medical MarijuanaRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 04 May 2014
Sharpe, RobertUS VA: End Prohibition Of MarijuanaRoanoke Times (VA)Thu, 05 Jun 2014

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