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Terway, DannyUS AR: War On Drugs Is Not RightLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Sun, 28 Feb 1999
Terway, DannyUS AR: War On Drugs Is Not RightLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 1 Mar 1999
Givens, RedfordUS AR: Drug Prohibition Damages SocietyLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 19 Jun 2000
DeRosa, JamesUS AR: Drug Testing Is UnconstitutionalLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 19 Jun 2000
Sharpe, RobertUS AR: Drug Policy Is Not ProductiveLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Thu, 08 Feb 2001
Bowers, JoyceUS AR: Drug-Testing Policy Is UnfairLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Wed, 07 Feb 2001
Hollingsworth, Myron VonUS AR: What's Wrong With Drug TestingLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Fri, 16 Feb 2001
Stewart, Patrick A.US AR: Desired Effect UnrealizedLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 26 Feb 2001
Randell, AlanUS AR: Legalize Drugs To Help SocietyLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 23 Jul 2001
Lasowski, AnneUS AR: Be informed on drug testingLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Wed, 25 Jul 2001
Plopper, Bruce L.US AR: School Should Delay Drug TestsLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Sun, 29 Jul 2001
Shock, CarisaUS AR: Drug Testing CounterproductiveLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Sun, 12 Aug 2001
Plopper, BruceUS AR: Be Cautious With Drug TestsLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Thu, 18 Oct 2001
Merkin, RobertUS AR: Testing Targets Wrong StudentsLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Tue, 16 Jul 2002
Shelton, CathyUS AR: Parents Need To Watch ChildrenLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Sun, 04 Aug 2002
Conine, MichaelUS AR: Drug Tests Will Solve NothingLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 05 Aug 2002
Lane, DavidUS AR: Drug Testing is for FascistsLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 05 Aug 2002
Mirken, BruceUS AR: PUB LTE Be Skeptical Of Drug TestingLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Thu, 08 Aug 2002
Goldberg, LinnUS AR: Testing Not Proven To WorkLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Fri, 16 Aug 2002
Plopper, BruceUS AR: Research Doesn't Validate TestingLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 19 Aug 2002
Servedio, FrankUS AR: Drug Testing Is Loss Of FreedomLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Mon, 26 Aug 2002
Hutchins, Darrell K.US AR: Drug Testing Has Little ValueLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Fri, 13 Sep 2002
Conine, MichaelUS AR: Drug Use Is DecliningLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Tue, 01 Oct 2002
Plopper, BruceUS AR: Paper Should Defend RightsLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Wed, 13 Nov 2002
Gosnell, JeremyUS AR: Proposed Rave Act Goes Too FarLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Thu, 14 Nov 2002
Plopper, BruceUS AR: Drug Testing Should StopLog Cabin Democrat (AR)Thu, 29 May 2003

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