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Plylar, MikeUS MD: 3 US Drug PolicyBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 05 Jun 2002
Muse, KirkUS MD: 'Lockstep, Blind Politicians'Baltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 01 May 2002
Kaufman, A. RobertUS MD: An Open Letter To The SunBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 03 Jul 2002
Plylar, MikeUS MD: Drug War And MediaBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 02 May 2001
Silvert, Marty A.US MD: End War On DrugsBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 03 Jan 2001
Kaufman, A. RobertUS MD: Lockstep Blind PoliticiansBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 03 Apr 2002
Green, David G. S.US MD: Nader And DrugsBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 04 Oct 2000
Green, DavidUS MD: Nader And DrugsBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 04 Oct 2000
White, StanUS MD: No SWAT Teams Entering Private HomesBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Sat, 10 Feb 2007
Eisenstein, LeeUS MD: Opposes PCBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Sat, 01 Sep 2001
Plylar, MikeUS MD: Press CensorshipBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 01 Aug 2001
Mirken, BruceUS MD: Public Supports Medical Use of MarijuanaBaltimore Chronicle (MD)Wed, 06 Feb 2002

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