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Monday, October 19 at 11:29 AM:
John Steadman from washington state wrote:
"I'm sorry for the family of this boy. This is another example of how our government needs to be corraled in. I don't think that any military group should be involved in border action such as this. Simply enforce the laws that are needed, don't send out death groups to kill the innocent."

Wednesday, October 14 at 01:18 PM:
Mark cortez from grand jct. colorado wrote:
"the marines are highly trained for combat to kill and to die at any cost shoot to kill is how a marine is trained to stay alive the sad part is this was not a combat zone this was a back yard in the us we can't have the military as police thay are not trained for this. to Hernandez may god go with you "

Monday, October 12 at 11:15 PM:
M Allen from New Mexico wrote:
"Murdering a boy is suppose to be an intollerable offence. Until the day Banualos is tried, convicted, and strung up by his worthless murdering neck until he is dead, there will be no justice in this matter. "

Saturday, October 10 at 10:48 AM:
John Abbott from Louisville, KY wrote:
"What a deplorable act of cowardice. Were those some of the "few good men" the marines have found? I can only hope that justice is served, and this is treated as 1st Degree Murder. "

Tuesday, October 6 at 11:20 PM:
Matthew Stidham from Bowling Green, Kentucky wrote:
"This was certainly a tragedy. Esequiel is a casaulty of those who would try to impose their morality on others. He had to pay with his life in a war that the politicians will never win but will continue to fight. They will continue to fight even though the war is lost, under the pretense of morality, simply because there is too much money to be made from it. The drug dealers aren't the only ones who are profiting from the war but the government agencies who are involved in the drug war are making tremendous amounts of money from tax dollars, cash seizures, and property forfeitures. How many more will the government kill to fill their greedy pockets and how many more rights will we lose? The people are paying too high a price - our rights, our property, and our children's lives."

Monday, September 21 at 05:12 PM:
Jeffrey M. Garcilazo, Ph.D. from UC-Irvine, California wrote:
"Brother Esequiel. My heart goes out to your familia and to those who loved you. As a professor of history, it is ironic that you were killed by the U.S. military, the same military that invaded and conquered this land 150 years ago. A greater, and sadder irony is that young Chicanos like Clemente Banuelos have few choices in our society than to join the military in order to prove their manhood and their loyalty as "real" Americans. The war of 1848 ended long ago, but the hostility along the border will unfortunately continue well into the next century. "

Tuesday, September 15 at 06:03 PM:
Donald L. Wescott from freeport, Il. wrote:
"How incredibly tragic and Ironic. A young man gunned down in his prime, by another young man who but for the Grace of God may have been in Esquiel's shoes. Two lifes, no myriad lives forever changed because of our governments heinous "War on Drugs" When will we heed the words of John Lennon and give peace a chance? "

Friday, September 11 at 08:44 PM:
Michael K. Breen from San Diego CA wrote:
"Tragedy piled upon tragedy. Will the US government ever learn that the drug war is a futile cause? Will my children die by the hand of our own troops? Did Sr. Hernandez think he would have to bury his son under these conditions? Stop the drug war now. Innocents die daily in our country by the hand of the police and abroad by the hands of many sanctioned groups. I live on the front lines, in San Diego California."

Friday, September 4 at 08:54 AM:
Vince Prygoski from Planet Earth wrote:
"The United Snakes of Amerikkka...where liberty is a statue. The United Snakes of Amerikkka...no different from the Old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. Shame on the United Snakes, and shame on us all for putting up with this crap. "

Saturday, August 22 at 08:38 PM:
bethany gillenwater from idaho wrote:
"i think that this is sad and very uncalled for and i cant believe the us government allows this junk to happen."

Wednesday, August 12 at 08:15 AM:
Jim Incollingo from New Jersey wrote:
"Our government is composed of liars and killers. Wake up and smell the terror. Act accordingly. "

Sunday, July 26 at 10:35 AM:
Kiara Skidmore from Pennsylvania wrote:
"Have we totally lost our connection with the natural cycles? Birth and death are sacred and timeless. We can remember our brother Hernandez in every moment, by maintaining our connection with the earth. Modern culture needs a lot of healing. We can go barefoot on the earth, nurse our babies, give birth at home. We we can learn to use technology with resposability and revrence for life. "

Friday, January 16 at 08:54 AM:
David Fink from Texas wrote:
"This is an outrage,what is our government thinking,Whom ever gave the order to shoot should be taken out and shout! Our gov. is going overboard just because of a little pot what is the big deal. What has to happen next. Just because there isn't any war does that give the military the right to shoot an innocent farm boy. I am livid,and I am ashamed to be called am American. "

Thursday, January 1 at 10:45 AM:
J. Ochieng from Los Angeles wrote:
"How sad and ironic that Mr. Hernandez was killed by one of his Latino brethren, who was merely a pawn for the policy makers of this country. They use the young men and women of our military to wage war on the "enemy." If they take out a few innocents, so what? Be very afraid."

Sunday, December 21 at 05:06 AM:
Kevin Southwick from DPFT Board Member - Houston, Texas wrote:
"Excellent piece of photo journalism highlighting the dire consequences not only of the war on people in the name of a "war on drugs," but of the dangerous and unconstitutional policy of using military troops to police civilians. I liken Hernandez's killing to the killings of men, women, and children by government officials in Ruby Ridge and Waco. Yet one more rallying cry for drastic reform."

Saturday, December 20 at 10:22 PM:
John F. Wilson from Waco, Texas wrote:
"Our hearts go out to the Hernandez family, Zeke will not be forgotten. America's current drug policy will be tolerated no longer. You shall call your friends, write your representatives and your local newspapers: War is Over!"

Saturday, December 20 at 04:26 PM:
Peter Meyer from Serendipity wrote:
"Esequiel was a victim of a process which, if carried to its logical conclusion, will result in the annihilation of all drug users. (Persuasive evidence is given in R. L. Miller's recent book, "Drug Warriors and Their Prey".) This process can still be stopped if enough Americans are willing to confront the drug warriors and, hopefully by democratic political means, remove the power they have grabbed for themselves. For further comment please see http://serendipity.nofadz.com/wod.html"

Thursday, December 11 at 10:41 AM:
Odus Green from Nashville, Tennessee wrote:
"Please, place the blame where it belongs. It is the politicians who deployed the military in our own country that must be held accountable for the death of this young man. You cannot blame the young Marine who actually pulled the trigger. To be a Marine, and be told what he was told about that area, is to do exactly what he did. He will suffer for this death the rest of his life, and it is the fault of politicians. That the "Drug War" is bad policy is an understatement. Unless the American people wake up and see how they are being manipulated by the "Drug War" hysteria, it is going to get worse before it gets better. The profit being made on drugs being illegal will keep them illegal, until we realize that those keeping this "war" alive are the one's making these huge profits. That "The People" haven't realized this is a sad fact. "

Tuesday, December 9 at 10:35 AM:
Kevin B. Zeese from Common Sense for Drug Policy wrote:
"Esequiel's death should not be forgotten. Each of us can remember him by working to ensure this does not happen to anyone else. We need to end the senseless war on people who use drugs in the United States. Esequiel is one of many casualities. If we do not act to change drug policy we are silent partners of the future abuses that occur in the name of the drug war."

Monday, December 8 at 04:38 PM:
Al Robison from DPFT in Houston wrote:
"The display is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to everyone who had anything to do with it. I thought it was extremely well done."

Saturday, November 29 at 01:30 PM:
Robert Humphreys from Raleigh. NC wrote:
" Zeke, from all accounts you were such a kind and gentle young man. Your death is truly a loss to our nation, and our government's continued deception only compounds the pain. No rational person believes you knew there were four heavily-armed Marines hiding in the bushes that day. Why didn't they just inform you of who they were? May God bless your family as they seek justice. I am sure your friends and loved ones will not give up the fight. Let us join hands to end this costly and ridiculous War on Drugs."

Tuesday, November 25 at 06:32 PM:
Ashley Clements from Atlanta Georgia wrote:
"Esequiel is an innocent American caught in the crossfire of this insane war on drugs. We must work together to prevent more innocent victims, more grieving families and more lives destroyed by prohibition and its many unintended consequenses. "

Tuesday, November 25 at 04:42 PM:
Matthew Elrod from British Columbia wrote:
"Rest in Peace."

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