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151 US SC: Ex-USC Player Ready To Get On With His LifeWed, 25 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Person, Joseph Area:South Carolina Lines:106 Added:06/25/2003
152 US TX: Officer's Lies Sent Blacks To PrisonMon, 23 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hastings, Deborah Area:Texas Lines:156 Added:06/25/2003
153 US SC: MUSC Research Offers Help For Cocaine AddictsSat, 21 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Lamb, Linda H. Area:South Carolina Lines:126 Added:06/21/2003
154 US SC: County Picks New Drug CounselorFri, 13 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Flach, Tim Area:South Carolina Lines:62 Added:06/19/2003
155 US TX: Texas Doctor Under Investigation In 11 Patient DeathsWed, 18 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Falkenberg, Lisa Area:Texas Lines:112 Added:06/19/2003
156 US: Supreme Court Won't Hear Drug-Test AppealTue, 17 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Holland, Gina Area:United States Lines:76 Added:06/19/2003
157 US SC: Upstate Sheriffs Fight Over MillionsTue, 10 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Collins, Jeffrey Area:South Carolina Lines:100 Added:06/14/2003
158 US SC: Sad Ending for Joyful AlternativeSun, 01 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Collier, Joe Guy Area:South Carolina Lines:99 Added:06/07/2003
159 US: Ex-USC President To Fight ChargesTue, 03 Jun 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Stensland, Jeff Area:United States Lines:82 Added:06/04/2003
160 US SC: Woman Wants Court To Overturn Fetus KillingWed, 28 May 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:65 Added:05/29/2003
161 US SC: Painkiller Probe Snares Appalachian DoctorsMon, 12 May 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Alford, Roger Area:South Carolina Lines:108 Added:05/15/2003
162 US SC: LTE: Recent Race Points Up Libertarians' ProblemTue, 06 May 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Livingston, Jim Area:South Carolina Lines:36 Added:05/08/2003
163 US SC: Editorial: Housecleaning At Drug Agency Shows Strength OfThu, 01 May 2003
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:67 Added:05/02/2003
164 US SC: Hey, Mom/Dad, Did You Ever ... (Have Sex, Drink, DoSat, 19 Apr 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Ward, Alyson Area:South Carolina Lines:133 Added:04/20/2003
165 US SC: Column: There Is A Better, Cheaper Way Than Locking UpSun, 06 Apr 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Warthen, Brad Area:South Carolina Lines:117 Added:04/13/2003
166 US SC: South Leads Nation In Locking People Up, Study FindsSat, 05 Apr 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Breed, Allen G. Area:South Carolina Lines:147 Added:04/06/2003
167 US TN: Meth-Making Parents In Tennessee Losing ChildrenWed, 12 Mar 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Poovey, Bill Area:Tennessee Lines:84 Added:03/14/2003
168 US SC: Adding Drug Charge to Fetus Case WeighedWed, 05 Feb 2003
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:31 Added:02/07/2003
169 US SC: Mother's Conviction UpheldTue, 28 Jan 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:75 Added:01/29/2003
170 US SC: Orangeburg Sheriff Disputes Knotts' ChargesWed, 22 Jan 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Lewis, Kimathi Area:South Carolina Lines:86 Added:01/28/2003
171 US SC: Drug-Testing Case To Go To High Court -- AgainWed, 15 Jan 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Smith, Bruce Area:South Carolina Lines:59 Added:01/19/2003
172 US SC: 'Go' Pill Tightly Controlled At ShawMon, 13 Jan 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Crumbo, Chuck Area:South Carolina Lines:103 Added:01/17/2003
173 US SC: Drug Court Helps Addicts Regain Control Of LivesSat, 04 Jan 2003
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hines, Lora Area:South Carolina Lines:167 Added:01/04/2003
174 US OR: Study Suggests School Drug Tests Are EffectiveMon, 30 Dec 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:Oregon Lines:33 Added:12/30/2002
175 US SC: Drug Ring Kingpin Dies From Gun WoundFri, 20 Dec 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hines, Lora Area:South Carolina Lines:70 Added:12/25/2002
176 US SC: Column: Smoking, Drinking, Drugs Are Down -- Is AnyoneSat, 21 Dec 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Eisner, Jane Area:South Carolina Lines:94 Added:12/25/2002
177 US SC: Some Meth Cooks Face More Serious ChargesSun, 17 Nov 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hines, Lora Area:South Carolina Lines:91 Added:11/19/2002
178 US: Pot Advocates Regroup After Election DefeatsMon, 11 Nov 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Mendoza, Martha Area:United States Lines:76 Added:11/12/2002
179 US: U.S. Arrests Four In Drugs-For-Arms PlotWed, 06 Nov 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Finley, Ben Area:United States Lines:83 Added:11/07/2002
180 US SC: Women Didn't OK Drug Tests, Court SaysFri, 18 Oct 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:51 Added:10/21/2002
181 US SC: Pharmaceutical Issues Divide CandidatesTue, 15 Oct 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Sheinin, Aaron Area:South Carolina Lines:97 Added:10/18/2002
182 US GA: Officer, Informant Deny ChargesSun, 22 Sep 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:Georgia Lines:45 Added:09/28/2002
183 US: Study Finds Ecstasy Might Damage BrainFri, 27 Sep 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Mcneil, Donald G. Jr. Area:United States Lines:48 Added:09/27/2002
184 Central Asia: Multinational Drug Sweep Nets Thousands ofTue, 27 Aug 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:Asia Lines:55 Added:08/29/2002
185 US: Record 6.6 Million In U.S. Prison SystemTue, 27 Aug 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Salant, Jonathan D. Area:United States Lines:69 Added:08/28/2002
186 US SC: OPED: Illegal Prescription Use Should Not Endanger AidThu, 15 Aug 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Edge, Tracy Area:South Carolina Lines:95 Added:08/17/2002
187 US SC: Drug Ring Defendant Gets Life In PrisonTue, 13 Aug 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hines, Lora Area:South Carolina Lines:51 Added:08/13/2002
188 US SC: Wiretaps Crucial to Drug Ring ArrestsTue, 06 Aug 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:LeBlanc, Clif Area:South Carolina Lines:90 Added:08/10/2002
189 US SC: Column: On Police Searches, Court's View UnrealFri, 26 Jul 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Kilpatrick, James Area:South Carolina Lines:91 Added:07/26/2002
190 US SC: PUB LTE: After-School Activities Help Troubled TeensWed, 17 Jul 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Anderson, Wyndi Area:South Carolina Lines:36 Added:07/19/2002
191 US SC: Private Methadone Center QuestionedFri, 05 Jul 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:68 Added:07/10/2002
192 US SC: Oxycontin Abuse Hits Region HardMon, 08 Jul 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Cenziper, Debbie Area:South Carolina Lines:212 Added:07/09/2002
193 US SC: McMaster Beats Richter In RunoffWed, 26 Jun 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:LeBlanc, Clif Area:South Carolina Lines:76 Added:06/27/2002
194 US SC: Column: Marijuana Use Might Not Preclude FBI JobMon, 24 Jun 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:46 Added:06/26/2002
195 US SC: Substance To Beat Drug Testing At Heart Of CaseMon, 24 Jun 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:71 Added:06/25/2002
196 US SC: Raleigh Plan A Model To Aid HomelessSun, 02 Jun 2002
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:77 Added:06/05/2002
197 US SC: Attorney General Hopefuls Plan ChangesMon, 27 May 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:124 Added:05/27/2002
198 Colombia: Colombians Elect President Amid ViolenceMon, 27 May 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Ferriss, Susan Area:Colombia Lines:76 Added:05/27/2002
199 US SC: Law Enforcement Agencies Get GrantsWed, 22 May 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:LeBlanc, Clif Area:South Carolina Lines:50 Added:05/26/2002
200 US SC: Safety Officers Reach Out To CommunityTue, 21 May 2002
Source:State, The (SC) Author:LeBlanc, Clif Area:South Carolina Lines:109 Added:05/25/2002

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