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51 UK: Justice, Belfast-Style, for Drug DealerWed, 29 Aug 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Erwin, Alan Area:United Kingdom Lines:86 Added:09/01/2007
52 UK: Drug-Dealing Convictions Up But Less Serve Time In JailSat, 01 Sep 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Peev, Gerri Area:United Kingdom Lines:38 Added:09/01/2007
53 UK: Editorial: Drugs Are Everyone's ProblemFri, 31 Aug 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:59 Added:08/31/2007
54 UK: Sheriff Shows Mercy To Retired Pro-Boxer Who Grew CannabisFri, 31 Aug 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:37 Added:08/31/2007
55 UK: Drug Fatalities Leap 37% With at Least One Death Every DayFri, 31 Aug 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:MacDonell, Hamish Area:United Kingdom Lines:176 Added:08/31/2007
56 UK: OPED: Putting People First Is the Way to Tackle Scourge ofFri, 31 Aug 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:MacDonell, Hamish Area:United Kingdom Lines:94 Added:08/31/2007
57 UK: Treatment For Drugs Plan To Be ExtendedWed, 11 Jul 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:33 Added:07/11/2007
58 UK: Campaign Shows How to Spot Teen Drug AbuseMon, 09 Jul 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Rose, Gareth Area:United Kingdom Lines:91 Added:07/10/2007
59 UK: Cannabis Hospital Admissions Rise By 85%Fri, 08 Jun 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Kirby, Jane Area:United Kingdom Lines:42 Added:06/10/2007
60 UK: 'Jail Should Be Kept For Long-Term, Serious Criminals'Thu, 07 Jun 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:MacDonell, Hamish Area:United Kingdom Lines:335 Added:06/07/2007
61 UK: Dancing With Danger As Crystal Meth Use On RiseMon, 21 May 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:McEwen, Alan Area:United Kingdom Lines:105 Added:05/22/2007
62 Afghanistan: Call To Declare War On Afghan Poppy FieldsTue, 22 May 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Thompson, Tanya Area:Afghanistan Lines:173 Added:05/22/2007
63 UK: 'Every Last Gram Of Cocaine Is Soaked With Innocent Blood'Mon, 14 May 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Micahel Area:United Kingdom Lines:221 Added:05/14/2007
64 UK: OPED: How Cannabis Led My Boy to Become a Heroin AddictMon, 09 Apr 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howden, Sarah Area:United Kingdom Lines:224 Added:04/12/2007
65US CA: California in Bid to Impose 7.25% Sales Tax on CannabisMon, 09 Apr 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Craig Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:04/09/2007
66 UK: 'Moral Panic' Of Drug Laws Isolates Users And Fuels CrimeFri, 09 Mar 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:132 Added:03/12/2007
67 UK: Bush Takes On Backyard FoesThu, 08 Mar 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:McDermott, Jeremy Area:United Kingdom Lines:118 Added:03/08/2007
68 Colombia: Where Cocaine Is King: The Land Of Contraband That Drives UK's TradeMon, 26 Feb 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:McDermott, Jeremy Area:Colombia Lines:144 Added:02/26/2007
69 UK: Police Warn Of Growing Epidemic Of Cocaine Use In ScotlandWed, 24 Jan 2007
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:52 Added:01/24/2007
70 UK: Heroin-Rich Prison Is Supermarket For Junkies, Court HearsTue, 12 Dec 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Thompson, Tanya Area:United Kingdom Lines:94 Added:12/12/2006
71 India: Sex Life Of Call Centre Workers Fascinates IndiaMon, 13 Nov 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Allen, Jonathan Area:India Lines:124 Added:11/13/2006
72 UK: Call To Help Middle-Class Cocaine AddictsTue, 10 Oct 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Harrell, Eben Area:United Kingdom Lines:85 Added:10/10/2006
73 UK: Call To Decriminalize DrugsTue, 19 Sep 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:39 Added:09/20/2006
74 UK: Production Of Heroin On The Rise In British Forces' AreaThu, 31 Aug 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Kirkup, James Area:United Kingdom Lines:66 Added:09/02/2006
75 UK: One In Seven Drug Deaths From CocaineFri, 01 Sep 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:108 Added:09/01/2006
76 UK: Drug Deaths Spark Warning Over Cocaine's 'Sexy' ImageThu, 31 Aug 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:47 Added:09/01/2006
77 UK: Deaths From Cocaine Double and Toll Is Set to GrowThu, 31 Aug 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:311 Added:08/31/2006
78 UK: PUB LTE: Anti-Cannabis CrusadeFri, 04 Aug 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:United Kingdom Lines:39 Added:08/04/2006
79 UK: Roadside Drug Tests in Two YearsThu, 03 Aug 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:98 Added:08/02/2006
80 UK: MPs Call For Drugs To Be Classified On Basis Of RisksMon, 31 Jul 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Tapsfield, James Area:United Kingdom Lines:64 Added:07/31/2006
81 UK: Anger At Move To Stop Drug Users Having ChildrenMon, 10 Jul 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Macdonell, Hamish Area:United Kingdom Lines:100 Added:07/10/2006
82 UK: OPED: There's No Easy Fix For Drugs ProblemFri, 30 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Vickers, Judy Area:United Kingdom Lines:282 Added:07/01/2006
83 UK: Editorial: Hundreds Of Children Are Being Robbed Of TheirMon, 26 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:61 Added:06/29/2006
84 UK: Cannabis As Bad As Heroin, Warns UN Drugs WatchdogTue, 27 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Peev, Gerri Area:United Kingdom Lines:82 Added:06/27/2006
85 UK: Tsar Admits: We've Lost The War On DrugsSun, 18 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Mega, Marcello Area:United Kingdom Lines:126 Added:06/22/2006
86 UK: Fears Over Million Missing NeedlesSat, 10 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Howie, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:123 Added:06/11/2006
87 UK: Lost Needles Spark Fears Of Hepatitis CSat, 10 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:36 Added:06/11/2006
88 UK: Reid Vows to Get Tough on Drug UsersWed, 07 Jun 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:46 Added:06/08/2006
89 UK: Talking Is Greatest Weapon in Tackling the Topic of DrugsTue, 30 May 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Mather, Adrian Area:United Kingdom Lines:186 Added:05/30/2006
90 UK: Curfew And Tag For Schoolgirl Drug DealerWed, 19 Apr 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Roberts, Laura Area:United Kingdom Lines:57 Added:04/20/2006
91 UK: Addicts Face Drug Tests To See If They Can Care For Their ChildrenTue, 21 Mar 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:MacDonald, Hamish Area:United Kingdom Lines:55 Added:03/21/2006
92 UK: PUB LTE: Czechs Winning On DrugsWed, 15 Mar 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:United Kingdom Lines:38 Added:03/20/2006
93 UK: Editorial: If Anyone Is Winning the Drugs War, It Is Not the PoliticiansMon, 06 Mar 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:84 Added:03/06/2006
94 UK: Open Warfare As Gangs Clash In CityFri, 03 Mar 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Mcewen, Alan Area:United Kingdom Lines:177 Added:03/05/2006
95 UK: New Tory Book Says Legalising Drugs Is The Way AheadMon, 27 Feb 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Macmahon, Peter Area:United Kingdom Lines:41 Added:03/02/2006
96 UK: GW Wins U.S. Okay for Pivotal Cannabis Drug StudyWed, 04 Jan 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Hirschler, Ben Area:United Kingdom Lines:71 Added:01/06/2006
97 UK: Tory Call For Drug Rehab DirectoryMon, 02 Jan 2006
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:51 Added:01/03/2006
98 UK: Horse Tranquilliser Used By Clubbers Is Added To BannedThu, 29 Dec 2005
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Ross, Shan Area:United Kingdom Lines:94 Added:12/29/2005
99 UK: Bolivian Election Results Makes US AnxiousTue, 20 Dec 2005
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:McDermott, Jeremy Area:United Kingdom Lines:135 Added:12/21/2005
100 Bolivia: Defiant Bolivia Clashes With US Over Coca CropsFri, 16 Dec 2005
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Daniels, Alfonso Area:Bolivia Lines:72 Added:12/16/2005

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