Sarasota Herald-Tribune _FL_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2021
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151 US FL: PUB LTE: A Sensible Marijuana PolicySun, 12 Jun 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Lewis, Kathy Area:Florida Lines:59 Added:06/13/2005
152 US FL: LTE: Society Is Safer With Criminals In JailSun, 29 May 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Bowers, Richard Area:Florida Lines:49 Added:05/29/2005
153 US FL: Editorial: Meth ControlTue, 17 May 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:67 Added:05/17/2005
154 US: U.S. Arrests Reputed Afghan Drug LordTue, 26 Apr 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Hays, Tom Area:United States Lines:75 Added:04/27/2005
155 US FL: Green Day Highlights Marijuana IssuesMon, 18 Apr 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Heisler, Steve Area:Florida Lines:154 Added:04/19/2005
156 US FL: Column: When a Teacher's Firing Is a Slam Dunk, FreeSun, 10 Apr 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:84 Added:04/11/2005
157 US FL: Monday, Tuesday, 'Green Day'Sun, 20 Mar 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Heisler, Steve Area:Florida Lines:143 Added:03/20/2005
158 US FL: LTE: Private Prisons Saving MoneySat, 12 Feb 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:LoBue, Michael Area:Florida Lines:50 Added:02/13/2005
159 US FL: Column: What Legalization Could DeliverMon, 03 Jan 2005
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Peirce, Neal Area:Florida Lines:118 Added:01/03/2005
160 US FL: PUB LTE: Let Pain-Sufferers Have MarijuanaFri, 10 Dec 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Orcutt, Nancy Area:Florida Lines:30 Added:12/10/2004
161 US FL: Extradited Colombian Drug Kingpin Says He's Innocent Of ChargesSun, 05 Dec 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Molinski, Dan Area:Florida Lines:87 Added:12/06/2004
162 US FL: Charlotte's Sheriff Says Heroin Use Is Increasing In CountyFri, 12 Nov 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Scarcella, Michael A. Area:Florida Lines:79 Added:11/12/2004
163 US FL: Cops To Cut Down Tree That Draws CrimeWed, 25 Aug 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:, Area:Florida Lines:59 Added:08/28/2004
164 US FL: LTE: Why Students Support Drug TestTue, 20 Jul 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Vets, Jessica Area:Florida Lines:50 Added:07/20/2004
165 US FL: LTE: Drug Tests Are Part Of 'Real World'Sun, 11 Jul 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Beckner, Susan Area:Florida Lines:35 Added:07/13/2004
166 US FL: Drug Testing For All Students May Be Destructive ForTue, 06 Jul 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Lyons, Tom Area:Florida Lines:93 Added:07/08/2004
167 US FL: Value Of School Drug Testing Still Being Hotly DebatedSun, 23 May 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Denardo, Christina Area:Florida Lines:174 Added:05/25/2004
168 US FL: PUB LTE: Drug Testing And FCAT ScoresFri, 14 May 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Perrella, Vikki Area:Florida Lines:47 Added:05/19/2004
169 US FL: Column: Schools Should Stick To What They Do Best AndSun, 16 May 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Ernst, Eric Area:Florida Lines:83 Added:05/17/2004
170 Colombia: UN: Colombia Is Humanitarian CatastropheMon, 10 May 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Lederer, Edith M. Area:Colombia Lines:70 Added:05/12/2004
171 US FL: Palm Beach County Schools Using Drug Detection KitsFri, 05 Mar 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:, Area:Florida Lines:49 Added:03/06/2004
172 US FL: Herald-Tribune Analyzes '02 Teen Drug Use SurveySun, 11 Jan 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Davis, Chris Area:Florida Lines:140 Added:01/11/2004
173 US FL: PUB LTE: Ban On Ephedra Appears SelectiveMon, 05 Jan 2004
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Barnett, Danee Area:Florida Lines:31 Added:01/07/2004
174 US FL: Paper: Prescription Drug Deaths RiseSun, 30 Nov 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:129 Added:12/01/2003
175 US CA: L.A. Judge Rules No Prison for Three Medical Marijuana Center WorkersTue, 25 Nov 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Nguyen, Daisy Area:California Lines:94 Added:11/25/2003
176 US FL: Editorial: Better Policy For PrisonsMon, 24 Nov 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:62 Added:11/24/2003
177 US FL: Drug-Dose Suspect Has Record Of AbuseSun, 09 Nov 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Allen, Jenny Lee Area:Florida Lines:141 Added:11/15/2003
178 US FL: LTE: Revealing Undercover Work Is BadThu, 30 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Schwartz, Tom Area:Florida Lines:44 Added:10/31/2003
179 US FL: Editorial: Treat Inmates' AddictionsMon, 20 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:62 Added:10/20/2003
180 US FL: Editorial: Rush's TreatmentTue, 14 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:45 Added:10/14/2003
181 US FL: Father Sues DEA, FBI Over Fatal Shooting Of Jacksonville SonSun, 12 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:44 Added:10/12/2003
182 US FL: Editorial: Sarasota StingsSat, 11 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:64 Added:10/11/2003
183 US FL: Limbaugh Says He's Addicted To Painkillers, Will CheckSat, 11 Oct 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Barton, Jill Area:Florida Lines:128 Added:10/11/2003
184 US FL: Column: FSU Economists SpeakMon, 29 Sep 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Peirce, Neil Area:Florida Lines:109 Added:10/01/2003
185 US FL: Woman Freed By Clinton To SpeakSat, 16 Aug 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Allen-Jones, Patty Area:Florida Lines:106 Added:08/18/2003
186 US FL: LTE: See How Adult Rehab Center WorksTue, 12 Aug 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Stewart, Emanuel Area:Florida Lines:47 Added:08/13/2003
187 US FL: Youth 'Pot' Use On The Rise Despite RisksThu, 17 Jul 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Awosika, Mary Area:Florida Lines:245 Added:07/23/2003
188 US FL: Panel Backs Sheriff's RequestTue, 08 Jul 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Dunlelberger, Lloyd Area:Florida Lines:123 Added:07/15/2003
189 US CA: Medical Marijuana Doctor Facing Revocation of LicenseSun, 13 Jul 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Maeda, Toshi Area:California Lines:103 Added:07/14/2003
190 US FL: OxyContin Still Leads In Prescription Drug AbuseFri, 04 Jul 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Kong, L.W. Area:Florida Lines:143 Added:07/04/2003
191 US FL: PUB LTE: Yes to Holistic Program for AddictsThu, 19 Jun 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Degennaro, Sherrye Area:Florida Lines:36 Added:06/21/2003
192 US FL: In Drug Court, 'Get Well or Go to Jail'Sun, 01 Jun 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Patrick, Robert Area:Florida Lines:135 Added:06/02/2003
193 US FL: Schools To Consider Drug TestingSun, 30 Mar 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Manfuso, Jamie Area:Florida Lines:135 Added:03/30/2003
194 US FL: Miami Police Corruption Trial Headed to JurySun, 16 Mar 2003
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Wilson, Catherine Area:Florida Lines:121 Added:03/16/2003
195 US: US Officials Reject Drug War ClaimsThu, 12 Dec 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Guggenheim, Ken Area:United States Lines:74 Added:12/12/2002
196 US WA: SF Researcher Says No To War On DrugsTue, 03 Dec 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:Washington Lines:31 Added:12/07/2002
197 US CA: Judge Orders Cops To Return Pot To Medical MarijuanaWed, 04 Dec 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL)          Area:California Lines:57 Added:12/05/2002
198 US FL: Officials Discuss Drug PolicySat, 23 Nov 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Scarcella, Michael A. Area:Florida Lines:88 Added:11/24/2002
199 US FL: Stockbroker Using Uncle Sam's Medical Marijuana for 20 YearsWed, 20 Nov 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Sainz, Adrian Area:Florida Lines:125 Added:11/23/2002
200 US FL: Ex-City Worker Gets 2nd ChanceWed, 20 Nov 2002
Source:Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL) Author:Scarcella, Michael A. Area:Florida Lines:62 Added:11/22/2002

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