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151 UK: Wire: Thousands March In Britain For Legal CannabisSat, 04 May 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:56 Added:05/05/2002
152 Italy: Wire: Italian Region Backs Medical MarijuanaWed, 01 May 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Lorenzi, Rosella Area:Italy Lines:40 Added:05/03/2002
153 Japan: Wire: Japan to Outlaw Sales of Magic Mushrooms in JuneFri, 26 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Japan Lines:54 Added:04/27/2002
154 US: Wire: Republican Wages Lone Battle to Legalize DrugsThu, 25 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Elsner, Alan Area:United States Lines:108 Added:04/25/2002
155 US: Wire: 'Huffed' Solvents Act Like Cocaine on Brain-StudyTue, 16 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Fox, Maggie Area:United States Lines:73 Added:04/16/2002
156 Afghanistan: Wire: Karzai Steps Up Fight Against Afghan PoppyThu, 04 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Yackley, Ayla Jean Area:Afghanistan Lines:61 Added:04/04/2002
157 Colombia: Wire: Colombia Leader To Seek Anti-Rebel AidWed, 03 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Stewart, Phil Area:Colombia Lines:71 Added:04/04/2002
158 Germany: Wire: Marijuana Chemical Eases Tourette's SymptomsTue, 02 Apr 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Cleaver, Hannah Area:Germany Lines:73 Added:04/04/2002
159 Spain: Wire: Spanish Police Seize Big Cocaine Haul In AtlanticSat, 30 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Spain Lines:40 Added:03/31/2002
160 Peru: Wire: Andean Trade Deal Seen Key For US War On DrugsWed, 27 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Ryan, Missy Area:Peru Lines:80 Added:03/30/2002
161 UK: Wire: Drugs War Has Failed, Report SaysThu, 28 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:60 Added:03/28/2002
162 Netherlands: Wire: There's No Business Like Dutch 'Cannabizness'Wed, 27 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Gallagher, Paul Area:Netherlands Lines:116 Added:03/27/2002
163 France: Wire: Whiff Of Cannabis Stirs French President RaceTue, 26 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:John, Mark Area:France Lines:64 Added:03/26/2002
164 US: Wire: High Court Upholds Housing Eviction LawTue, 26 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Vicini, James Area:United States Lines:81 Added:03/26/2002
165 US: Wire: US Wants To Restart Drug Flights Over PeruSun, 24 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Entous, Adam Area:United States Lines:87 Added:03/24/2002
166 Colombia: Wire: Colombia Rebel Foes Make War In Online VideoSun, 24 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Stewart, Phil Area:Colombia Lines:85 Added:03/24/2002
167 Bolivia: Wire: Bolivia Seeks US Help, Not Criticism, On DrugsSat, 23 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Bolivia Lines:43 Added:03/24/2002
168 Cambodia: Wire: Cambodia Now A Major Heroin Smuggling Route ToFri, 22 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Doyle, Kevin Area:Cambodia Lines:73 Added:03/23/2002
169 US TX: Wire: Bush Offers Border Security Plan For U.S.-MexicoThu, 21 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Holland, Steve Area:Texas Lines:110 Added:03/22/2002
170 UK: Wire: Londoners Embrace Soft Police Touch On Soft DrugsThu, 21 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Harrison, Pete Area:United Kingdom Lines:53 Added:03/21/2002
171 UK: Wire: Alcohol Said To Impair Driving More Than CannabisWed, 20 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:31 Added:03/21/2002
172 UK: Wire: Spliff Beats Drink For DriversWed, 20 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:31 Added:03/20/2002
173 UK: Wire: Gay UK Policeman Removed From Job After Drug ClaimMon, 18 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Holden, Michael Area:United Kingdom Lines:71 Added:03/19/2002
174 Japan: Wire: Japan To Tighten Loophole Allowing Magic MushroomsSun, 17 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Japan Lines:51 Added:03/18/2002
175 UK: Wire: UK Set To Class Cannabis Among Least Harmful DrugsThu, 14 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:67 Added:03/16/2002
176 UK: Wire: One In Three British Teens Smokes CannabisFri, 15 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:59 Added:03/15/2002
177 UK: Wire: One in Three British Teens Smokes MarijuanaFri, 15 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:58 Added:03/15/2002
178 US: Wire: Inhalant Abuse Widespread Among US TeensThu, 14 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Zwillich, Todd Area:United States Lines:57 Added:03/14/2002
179 Italy: Court Says Italy Must Pay For Pot-Based MedicineWed, 13 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Lorenzi, Rosella Area:Italy Lines:57 Added:03/14/2002
180 Mexico: Drug Traffickers' Feud In Mexico Leaves Five DeadWed, 13 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Mexico Lines:39 Added:03/13/2002
181 UK: Wire: British Hemp Industry Sees Bright Future -- At LastTue, 05 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Bullough, Oliver Area:United Kingdom Lines:123 Added:03/06/2002
182 US: Wire: Marijuana Linked To Brain ProblemsTue, 05 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:203 Added:03/05/2002
183 Lebanon: Wire: Lebanon Destoys Opium Fields, ArrestsSat, 02 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Lebanon Lines:32 Added:03/02/2002
184 Afghanistan: Wire: Afghan Officials Vow To Cut Opium DespiteSat, 02 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Marshall, Andrew Area:Afghanistan Lines:63 Added:03/02/2002
185 Colombia: Wire: US To Omit Colombian Coca Figure From DrugFri, 01 Mar 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Wright, Jonathan Area:Colombia Lines:98 Added:03/02/2002
186 US CA: Wire: Illegal Calif Needle Exchange Operates In ShadowsThu, 28 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Elsner, Alan Area:California Lines:123 Added:02/28/2002
187 UN: Wire: UN Watchdog Says Drug Sales Booming In CyberspaceWed, 27 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Charbonneau, Louis        Lines:69 Added:02/27/2002
188 Afghanistan: Wire: Afghan Farmers Have Few Alternatives ToTue, 26 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Marshall, Andrew Area:Afghanistan Lines:106 Added:02/26/2002
189 UK: Wire: Pot Pain-Killer Under Consideration For BritonsMon, 18 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:65 Added:02/19/2002
190 UK: Wire: Pain Patients Greet Cannabis News With ReliefMon, 18 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:54 Added:02/19/2002
191 US FL: Wire: Bob Marley's Sons Caught With 'Big Joints'Fri, 15 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Florida Lines:38 Added:02/16/2002
192 US CA: Wire: Agents Raid Calif Medical Marijuana ClubTue, 12 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Quinn, Andrew Area:California Lines:101 Added:02/13/2002
193 US CA: Wire: U.S. Agents Raid Calif. Medical Marijuana ClubTue, 12 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Quinn, Andrew Area:California Lines:95 Added:02/13/2002
194 Jamaica: Wire: Jamaica Parliament To Debate Marijuana StatusTue, 12 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Jamaica Lines:43 Added:02/12/2002
195 UK: Legal Cannabis Hopes Of UK Union Women DashedFri, 08 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:25 Added:02/09/2002
196 CN BC: Wire: Cannabis Keeping Canada Snowboard Champ Out Of USTue, 05 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:British Columbia Lines:53 Added:02/05/2002
197 US: Wire: US Seeks Funds For 2nd Drug Brigade In ColombiaMon, 04 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:44 Added:02/04/2002
198 US: Wire: Onfield Thriller Overshadows Super Bowl AdsMon, 04 Feb 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Pasick, Adam Area:United States Lines:118 Added:02/04/2002
199 Colombia: Wire: Colombian FARC Rebels Fired On U.S. HelicopterWed, 23 Jan 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:62 Added:01/24/2002
200 Afghanistan: Wire: Fields Of Poppies Planted, Afghan OpiumThu, 24 Jan 2002
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Fullerton, John Area:Afghanistan Lines:107 Added:01/24/2002

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