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101 US IL: 700 Turn Out To Talk About DrugsWed, 30 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Burnett, Sara Area:Illinois Lines:112 Added:01/30/2002
102 US IL: LTE: Make Commitment To Fighting Drug AbuseSun, 27 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Birkett, Joseph E. Area:Illinois Lines:61 Added:01/28/2002
103 US IL: Editorial: Time For Community To Fight DrugsMon, 28 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:71 Added:01/28/2002
104 US IL: LTE: Put More Emphasis On Treating Drug AddictionMon, 07 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Tews, David Area:Illinois Lines:59 Added:01/07/2002
105 US IL: Editorial: Resolve To Take ResponsibilityMon, 31 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:65 Added:12/31/2001
106 US IL: Editorial: Teen Drug Survey Shows Progress And ChallengeWed, 26 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:12/26/2001
107 US IL: LTE: We Must Find Solution To Stop Heroin's TollTue, 18 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Hawkins, Trisha Area:Illinois Lines:50 Added:12/18/2001
108 US IL: Editorial: Terrorism War Is Hurting Drug WarSat, 15 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:56 Added:12/15/2001
109 US IL: LTE: Drug Story Gave Kids Too Much InformationvTue, 11 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Zasadny, Donald Area:Illinois Lines:37 Added:12/12/2001
110 US IL: LTE: What Is So Wrong With These Kids' Lives?Sun, 09 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Krieg, Eric Area:Illinois Lines:39 Added:12/10/2001
111 US IL: PUB LTE: Treatment, Not Jail, Is Solution To Drug AbuseSat, 08 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McGowen, Paula Area:Illinois Lines:27 Added:12/09/2001
112 US IL: Editorial: No Easy Answer, But Parents Must Face DrugThu, 06 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:93 Added:12/06/2001
113 US IL: Series: Part 3 - Life After A Club Drug DeathWed, 05 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Doubek, Madeleine Area:Illinois Lines:343 Added:12/05/2001
114 US IL: Series: Part 3 - When The Party's OverTue, 04 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Burnett, Sara Area:Illinois Lines:425 Added:12/05/2001
115 US IL: Series: Part 2 - Hooked On HeroinMon, 03 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Fabbre, Alicia Area:Illinois Lines:336 Added:12/03/2001
116 US IL: Series: Part 1 - The Hidden ScourgeSun, 02 Dec 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Doubek, Madeleine Area:Illinois Lines:243 Added:12/03/2001
117 US IL: LTE: We Should Be Aware Of Horrors Of HeroinThu, 27 Sep 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Marcusson, Darlene Area:Illinois Lines:72 Added:09/28/2001
118 US IL: LTE: Drug Users Are Helping Drive Up The Crime RateMon, 10 Sep 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Wheat, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:36 Added:09/10/2001
119 US IL: LTE: Ryan's Stand Against Drugs AppreciatedSun, 09 Sep 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Parmenter, Priss Area:Illinois Lines:44 Added:09/09/2001
120 US IL: Editorial: Fire-Related Murder Charge A Scary StretchSat, 01 Sep 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:38 Added:09/01/2001
121 US IL: LTE: Truth Is Best Defense Against Drug AbuseWed, 29 Aug 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Strozewski, Susan Area:Illinois Lines:40 Added:08/30/2001
122 US IL: DEA Chief - Adults Need Drug Education TooThu, 23 Aug 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Kazak, David R. Area:Illinois Lines:113 Added:08/23/2001
123 US IL: Editorial: State Of Emergency In Drug AbuseFri, 27 Jul 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:61 Added:07/28/2001
124 US IL: PUB LTE: Thinning The Ranks By Having No Compassion?Tue, 05 Jun 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Schoenbeck, Don Area:Illinois Lines:50 Added:06/06/2001
125 US IL: PUB LTE: Supreme Court OKs Cruelty To VulnerableTue, 22 May 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Hough, Austin Area:Illinois Lines:59 Added:05/23/2001
126 US IL: Editorial: Isn't There A Broader Way To Battle Drugs?Mon, 14 May 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:36 Added:05/14/2001
127 US IL: One Man's Battle With Property Seizure LawWed, 09 May 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Gutowski, Christy Area:Illinois Lines:175 Added:05/10/2001
128 US IL: Editorial: Peer Messages On Drugs Worth A Try InWed, 25 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:39 Added:04/25/2001
129 Peru: US Saw Peru Jets Shoot Down MissionariesSun, 22 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Peru Lines:123 Added:04/23/2001
130 US IL: LTE: This Mother Supports The DARE ProgramFri, 20 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Wilson, Susan Area:Illinois Lines:37 Added:04/20/2001
131 US IL: PUB LTE: Conceal And Carry Might Have Saved A LifeWed, 11 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Bast, Diane Carol Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:04/11/2001
132 US IL: PUB LTE: End Funding Of Dare Failure, Save MoneyTue, 10 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Noverini, John Area:Illinois Lines:60 Added:04/10/2001
133 US IL: LTE: Weak Laws And Judges Encourage CriminalsMon, 09 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McGowan, Hugh A. Area:Illinois Lines:32 Added:04/10/2001
134 US IL: PUB LTE: Fund Jail Alternatives In Anti-Drug FightMon, 02 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Church, Sue Area:Illinois Lines:49 Added:04/03/2001
135 US IL: Are We Too Tough On Crime?Sun, 01 Apr 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Patterson, John Area:Illinois Lines:108 Added:04/01/2001
136 US: Study Debunks 'Crack Babies'Wed, 28 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:United States Lines:94 Added:03/29/2001
137 US DC: Marijuana Advocates Get Hostile WelcomeWed, 28 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:77 Added:03/29/2001
138 US: Cannabis Club Goes Before High CourtMon, 26 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:United States Lines:118 Added:03/27/2001
139 US IL: Editorial: Find New Strategy For War On DrugsSun, 25 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:73 Added:03/25/2001
140 US IL: LTE: Make Arrestee Prove Note's Validity In CourtThu, 08 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Andrews, Eric Area:Illinois Lines:80 Added:03/08/2001
141 US IL: Court Drops Drug Case Against Man Dying With CancerFri, 02 Mar 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Hamill, Sean D. Area:Illinois Lines:126 Added:03/02/2001
142 US IL: After Relying on Marijuana for Pain, Cancer Patient isSun, 25 Feb 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Hamill, Sean D. Area:Illinois Lines:208 Added:02/25/2001
143 US IL: Editorial: Secrets Of Raising TeenagersFri, 23 Feb 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:62 Added:02/23/2001
144 US IL: OPED: Creative Ideas Needed To Stem Use Of DrugsWed, 31 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Simon, Paul Area:Illinois Lines:104 Added:01/31/2001
145 US IL: Roselle Police Pounce On Herbal SmokesTue, 23 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Sneller, Beth Area:Illinois Lines:122 Added:01/24/2001
146 US IL: Editorial: Untold Damage From A LieWed, 17 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:63 Added:01/20/2001
147 US IL: LTE: Half-Truths On AshcroftWed, 17 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Watts, Ken Area:Illinois Lines:44 Added:01/18/2001
148 US IL: Editorial: Penalties Alone Won't WorkWed, 17 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:57 Added:01/18/2001
149 US IL: Tough Laws Against 'Club Drugs' ProposedSat, 13 Jan 2001
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Gutowski, Christy Area:Illinois Lines:119 Added:01/14/2001
150 US IL: PUB LTE: Detrimental Drug LawsSun, 24 Dec 2000
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:56 Added:12/25/2000

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