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51 US IL: Geneva May Drop Dare, Add Another Police OfficerWed, 28 Jan 2004
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Ordower, Garrett Area:Illinois Lines:67 Added:01/30/2004
52 US IL: PUB LTE: The War On Drugs Is CounterproductiveSat, 20 Dec 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Turuc, Jason Area:Illinois Lines:52 Added:12/27/2003
53 US IL: Naperville Schools Scrapping DARE ProgramSat, 06 Dec 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McCammon, Sarah Area:Illinois Lines:63 Added:12/07/2003
54 US IL: PUB LTE: Change DARE And Antidrug LawsFri, 05 Dec 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Illinois Lines:46 Added:12/05/2003
55 US IL: St. Charles Schools Rethinking DAREMon, 01 Dec 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Smith, Lisa Area:Illinois Lines:100 Added:12/02/2003
56 US IL: PUB LTE: Why Keep Fighting Pointless Drug War?Sun, 13 Jul 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Rawlings, Richard J. Area:Illinois Lines:32 Added:07/14/2003
57 US IL: PUB LTE: Effectiveness of DEA Must Be QuestionedFri, 04 Jul 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Mirken, Bruce Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:07/09/2003
58 US IL: Marijuana Ruling Will Be AppealedTue, 24 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Gordon, Tony Area:Illinois Lines:86 Added:06/25/2003
59 US IL: LTE: Needle Exchange Is a Safer IdeaSun, 15 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Chmela, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:51 Added:06/15/2003
60 US IL: Judge Says Drug Wasn't A Medical NecessityTue, 10 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Gordon, Tony Area:Illinois Lines:71 Added:06/10/2003
61 US IL: How Needle Bill Could Change Heroin AddictionSat, 07 Jun 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Vitello, Barbara Area:Illinois Lines:202 Added:06/08/2003
62 US IL: Review: War On Drugs Scarificed Civil Liberties, Schaumburg Author ArguesSun, 18 May 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McDougall, Gene Area:Illinois Lines:57 Added:05/19/2003
63 US IL: Dare To Drop DARE?Wed, 09 Apr 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Fuller, James Area:Illinois Lines:98 Added:04/09/2003
64 US IL: Editorial: Reaping What You Sow:Sat, 08 Feb 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:23 Added:02/08/2003
65 US IL: Wheaton Drug Forum This WeekSun, 26 Jan 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Pierce, Victoria Area:Illinois Lines:59 Added:01/27/2003
66 US IL: Parents Of Addicts Try To End StigmaSun, 26 Jan 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Clair, Stacy St. Area:Illinois Lines:118 Added:01/27/2003
67 US IL: House In Drug Bust Could Be SeizedFri, 24 Jan 2003
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Haschak, Gene Area:Illinois Lines:78 Added:01/24/2003
68 US IL: PUB LTE: Harshly Punitive Steps Don't Deter Drug UseTue, 17 Dec 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:33 Added:12/19/2002
69 US IL: Illness No Excuse For Use of Medicinal Marijuana, CourtThu, 12 Dec 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Gordon, Tony Area:Illinois Lines:71 Added:12/13/2002
70 US IL: Drug Law Could Be Taking New, Tougher DirectionMon, 02 Dec 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Orrick, Dave Area:Illinois Lines:163 Added:12/03/2002
71 US IL: What Will Stop Teen Drug Abuse? Scare Tactics Or GoodWed, 30 Oct 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Mask, Teresa Area:Illinois Lines:106 Added:10/30/2002
72 US IL: Editorial: New Hope For Breaking Addiction To DrugsThu, 10 Oct 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:73 Added:10/13/2002
73 US IL: Red Ribbons Honor Agent Tortured By Drug DealersThu, 10 Oct 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Corr, Suzanne Area:Illinois Lines:60 Added:10/12/2002
74 US IL: LTE: Help To Overcome Drug Addiction Is Out ThereThu, 10 Oct 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Aikenhead, Kristine Area:Illinois Lines:44 Added:10/12/2002
75 US IL: PUB LTE: Time to Halt the Failed War Against MarijuanaSun, 22 Sep 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Brickner, Bryan Area:Illinois Lines:55 Added:09/23/2002
76 US IL: Blagojevich Acknowledges Smoking Marijuana TwiceTue, 17 Sep 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Patterson, John Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:09/22/2002
77 US IL: Hotel Drug Sweep Surprises Drug Treatment ExpertsSun, 15 Sep 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Orrick, Dave Area:Illinois Lines:110 Added:09/17/2002
78 US IL: LTE: Policies Don't Make Any School Drug-FreeFri, 30 Aug 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Maenpaa, Meg Area:Illinois Lines:41 Added:08/30/2002
79 US IL: Editorial: Latest Hypocrisy On Subject Of DrugsWed, 21 Aug 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:61 Added:08/21/2002
80 US IL: Editorial: Meet The New Drug - Same As The Old DrugMon, 29 Jul 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:37 Added:07/30/2002
81 US IL: Editorial: Stop The Spread Of Wicked MethFri, 26 Jul 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:66 Added:07/27/2002
82 US IL: PUB LTE: Others Are Banned, But Worst Drug Sold LegallyFri, 19 Jul 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McHugh, Evelyn Area:Illinois Lines:27 Added:07/21/2002
83 US IL: Editorial: Evidence Of Worth Of Drug CourtsSun, 07 Jul 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:64 Added:07/08/2002
84 US IL: Drug War Helped Tri-Cities Crime Dip, Police SaySun, 30 Jun 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Fabbre, Alicia Area:Illinois Lines:65 Added:06/30/2002
85 US IL: OPED: Shift Emphasis From Drug War To War On TerrorismMon, 24 Jun 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Tucker, Cynthia Area:Illinois Lines:76 Added:06/29/2002
86 US IL: LTE: Columnist Is Wrong About War On DrugsThu, 27 Jun 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Reimers, John Area:Illinois Lines:48 Added:06/29/2002
87 US IL: PUB LTE: Tough Sentences Don't Solve Heroin ProblemSun, 26 May 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Bigg, Dan Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:05/28/2002
88 US IL: Editorial: Hurt Dealers, But Get Help To UsersThu, 09 May 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:65 Added:05/13/2002
89 US IL: Lawmakers Want To Make Heroin Penalty Much StifferWed, 08 May 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Hixson, Heath Area:Illinois Lines:51 Added:05/08/2002
90 US IL: LTE: Biographical Stories Dispel Drug MythsSun, 05 May 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Schuppe, Mike Area:Illinois Lines:34 Added:05/06/2002
91 US IL: LTE: No Early Release Of Drug OffendersSun, 28 Apr 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Devine, Richard A. Area:Illinois Lines:42 Added:04/29/2002
92 US IL: LTE: The Role Of Drugs In Interpersonal RelationsTue, 26 Mar 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Reyes, James Area:Illinois Lines:30 Added:03/26/2002
93 US IL: PUB LTE: Count The Casualties Caused By War On DrugsThu, 14 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Cullen, Richard J. Area:Illinois Lines:61 Added:02/15/2002
94 US IL: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Would Solve ProblemsThu, 14 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Altrichter, Charlene Area:Illinois Lines:38 Added:02/15/2002
95 US IL: OPED: Drugs Are Part Of The Problem Another Problem IsMon, 11 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Young, Stephen Area:Illinois Lines:95 Added:02/11/2002
96 US IL: Editorial: Do More To Close Drug Treatment GapSun, 10 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:65 Added:02/11/2002
97 US IL: LTE: Let's Work Together To Fight Drug ProblemsSun, 10 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Marcusson, Darlene Area:Illinois Lines:64 Added:02/10/2002
98 US IL: LTE: Comprehensive Drug Program Is OverdueSun, 03 Feb 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:McGowen, Paula Area:Illinois Lines:52 Added:02/03/2002
99 US IL: Editorial: Battle Drugs With CommunicationThu, 31 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL)          Area:Illinois Lines:72 Added:01/31/2002
100 US IL: LTE: Heroin Use By Teens Is Simply Not 'Normal'Thu, 31 Jan 2002
Source:Daily Herald (IL) Author:Koehl, Philip C. Area:Illinois Lines:49 Added:01/31/2002

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