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51 Colombia: Wire: Colombia Drops Plan to Fumigate Drug CropsFri, 26 Mar 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:69 Added:03/27/2004
52 Australia: Wire: Cannabis Use DecriminalisedMon, 22 Mar 2004
Source:Australian Associated Press (Australia Wire)          Area:Australia Lines:48 Added:03/22/2004
53 US TX: Wire: $5m Settlement Reached in Tulia Drug CaseThu, 11 Mar 2004
Source:Associated Press Author:Blaney, Betsy Area:Texas Lines:86 Added:03/11/2004
54 North Korea: Wire: North Korea Denounces US Drug TraffickingFri, 05 Mar 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Korea Lines:72 Added:03/09/2004
55 Thailand: Wire: Thai PM Upset Over US Criticism Of HumanFri, 27 Feb 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Thailand Lines:63 Added:02/29/2004
56 Spain: Wire: Spanish Police Seize 10 Tons Of CocaineFri, 13 Feb 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Spain Lines:24 Added:02/14/2004
57 China: Wire: Rising Drug Addiction Costing China BillionsThu, 12 Feb 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:China Lines:49 Added:02/13/2004
58 US AL: Wire : Marijuana Advocate Convicted On Drug Charge, Plans AppealThu, 12 Feb 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Alabama Lines:49 Added:02/12/2004
59 US: Wire: Appeals Court Rejects DEA Bid to Outlaw Hemp FoodsFri, 06 Feb 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Chea, Terence Area:United States Lines:60 Added:02/06/2004
60 Singapore: Wire: Singapore Slams Amnesty Intl For Death Penalty ReportFri, 30 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Singapore Lines:52 Added:01/30/2004
61 US: Wire: Gov't To Overhaul Employee Drug TestsWed, 14 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Geller, Adam Area:United States Lines:134 Added:01/14/2004
62 US SC: Wire: S.C. Principal Criticized For Drug Sweep ResignsMon, 05 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:South Carolina Lines:33 Added:01/05/2004
63 Denmark: Wire: Denmark Enclave Tears Down Hashish StandsSun, 04 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Olsen, Jan M. Area:Denmark Lines:59 Added:01/05/2004
64 US CO: Wire: Colo. Man Seeks Seized Medical MarijuanaWed, 31 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Colorado Lines:45 Added:01/03/2004
65 US WI: Wire: Wis. Rep. Supports Medical Marijuana BillFri, 02 Jan 2004
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Wisconsin Lines:63 Added:01/03/2004
66 Canada: Wire: Canada Court to Keep Marijuana IllegalTue, 23 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Brautigam, Tara Area:Canada Lines:75 Added:12/23/2003
67 US: Wire: Al Gore's Son Arrested for Pot PossessionSat, 20 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:40 Added:12/21/2003
68 Peru: Wire: US Journalist Probing Peru's Cocaine EradicationWed, 17 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press          Area:Peru Lines:46 Added:12/21/2003
69 Canada: Wire: Canada Promises To Revive Bill To Decriminalize Pot PossessionThu, 18 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Canada Lines:45 Added:12/19/2003
70 US: Wire: Medical Marijuana Decision Doesn't Sanction Pot Sales To The SickThu, 18 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Kravets, David Area:United States Lines:87 Added:12/18/2003
71 US LA: Wire: Advil Expulsion May Prompt Board To Revamp Zero-Tolerance Drug PoliMon, 15 Dec 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Louisiana Lines:78 Added:12/16/2003
72 US CA: Wire: Oakland's Pot Club Growth May Spur New RegulationsFri, 28 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Fouhy, Beth Area:California Lines:101 Added:11/28/2003
73 Myanmar: Wire: UN Agency Gives Rice to Former Poppy Growers inThu, 20 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)                 Lines:49 Added:11/22/2003
74 Myanmar: Wire: Myanmar Denounces US Tsy Dept Action Vs BankingFri, 21 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)                 Lines:57 Added:11/22/2003
75 US MT: Wire: Students Attending Council Oppose Random Drug TestingThu, 13 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Montana Lines:45 Added:11/13/2003
76 US SC: Wire: State Investigating High School Drug SweepSat, 08 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:South Carolina Lines:91 Added:11/13/2003
77 Colombia: Wire: Brazil Official: US May 'Occupy' ColombiaMon, 10 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press          Area:Colombia Lines:52 Added:11/12/2003
78 US: Wire: States Starting to Reverse Get-Tough PrisonTue, 11 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Hall, Wiley Area:United States Lines:88 Added:11/11/2003
79 US: Wire: New Jersey Leads Nation in Drug-Incarceration RateWed, 05 Nov 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:100 Added:11/05/2003
80 US: Wire: Bush Renews Faith-Based Initiative PushWed, 29 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:71 Added:10/30/2003
81 Colombia: Wire: Report: Miscommunication Hurts US Drug Effort In ColombiaThu, 23 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:87 Added:10/24/2003
82 US: Wire: Parents Told To Discuss Ecstasy With KidsThu, 16 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Kerr, Jennifer C. Area:United States Lines:62 Added:10/18/2003
83 US: Wire: Grandparents Act As Grandkids' CaregiversFri, 17 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Armas, Genaro C. Area:United States Lines:95 Added:10/17/2003
84 US: Wire: Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Marijuana CaseTue, 14 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Holland, Gina Area:United States Lines:86 Added:10/14/2003
85 Mexico: Wire: Anti-Drug Official Cites 'New Era' In MexicoThu, 09 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Mexico Lines:59 Added:10/10/2003
86 US CA: Wire: Schwarzenegger Inherits Fights Between California And White HouseFri, 10 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Mendoza, Martha Area:California Lines:120 Added:10/10/2003
87 Canada: Wire: Canadian Appeals Court Eases Medical MarijuanaTue, 07 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Cohen, Tom Area:Canada Lines:61 Added:10/07/2003
88 US: Wire: More Trouble For Rush: Drug Allegations SurfaceThu, 02 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:57 Added:10/03/2003
89 Switzerland: Wire: Swiss Prescribe Heroin But Say Pot Should Stay IllegalWed, 01 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Nullis, Clare Area:Switzerland Lines:123 Added:10/02/2003
90 Netherlands: Wire: Examples Of European Policy On Cannabis UseWed, 01 Oct 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Europe Lines:69 Added:10/01/2003
91 US: Wire: House Approves Five-Year Extension Of White House Anti-Drug OfficeTue, 30 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Abrams, Jim Area:United States Lines:63 Added:09/30/2003
92 US AK: Wire: Judge Orders Leman to Reconsider Marijuana InitiativeThu, 25 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Chambers, Mike Area:Alaska Lines:92 Added:09/28/2003
93 US TX: Wire: Undercover Agent Defends Texas Drug BustsSat, 27 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Blackistone, Kevin Area:Texas Lines:62 Added:09/28/2003
94 Switzerland: Wire: Swiss Parliament Blocks Moves To Decriminalize MarijuanaThu, 25 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Switzerland Lines:71 Added:09/26/2003
95 Bahamas: Wire: PM Invites Bush To Expand Military Presence In BahamasWed, 24 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Bahamas Lines:85 Added:09/26/2003
96 US CO: Wire: Tangle Of Laws Muddy Medical Pot UseMon, 22 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Colorado Lines:68 Added:09/25/2003
97 US IL: U.S. Senate Candidate Says He Smoked Pot Twice In CollegeWed, 24 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Illinois Lines:32 Added:09/24/2003
98 US: Wire: Patients Lobby to Ease Laws on Medical MarijuanaTue, 23 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Baldor, Lolita C. Area:United States Lines:69 Added:09/24/2003
99 Colombia: Wire: US Drug-Spraying Plane Crashes In Colombia Cause ProbedSun, 21 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:36 Added:09/23/2003
100 US AK: Wire: Alaska Police Told To Keep Probing Pot UseWed, 17 Sep 2003
Source:Associated Press (Wire) Author:Chambers, Mike Area:Alaska Lines:43 Added:09/18/2003

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