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1 CN BC: City Calls For More Fentanyl Test StripsFri, 19 May 2017
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Li, Wanyee Area:British Columbia Lines:46 Added:05/24/2017

Six people died from overdoses last week in Vancouver

As the number of overdose deaths continues to rise in Vancouver, the city announced it wants to see more fentanyl test strips made available to drug users.

The strips test for the presence of fentanyl and a nine-month pilot project at Insite found users who knew their drugs contained fentanyl were more likely to decrease their dose and therefore less likely to overdose.

It's an approach that could save more lives, said Mayor Gregor Robertson. "Our residents are literally dying waiting for both treatment options that will get them off dangerous street drugs and save their lives, and immediate interventions like expanded drug testing that reduce overdoses," he said in a press release.

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2CN AB: Fentanyl Deaths Leap 61 Per CentSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Griwkowsky, Catherine Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2017

Provinces chief medical officer calls for heightened efforts amid deepening crisis

Alberta's top doctor is calling for expanded efforts to combat a high number of opioid deaths as health officials released a new report on fentanyl overdoses Friday.

"We need to continue our efforts to decrease the number of overdoses that we're seeing due to fentanyl and other opioids," said Dr. Karen Grimsrud, the province's chief medical officer of health, following the release of Alberta Health's Opioids and Substances of Misuse report on Friday.

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3 CN MB: Judge Slams Law, Delays SentencingSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:May, Katie Area:Manitoba Lines:107 Added:05/24/2017

Gives mom convicted of drug smuggling time to arrange child care ahead of mandatory prison term

In a case that has raised questions about the effect of mandatory minimum sentences, a Manitoba judge has taken pity on a woman he convicted by agreeing to give her more freedom before he sends her to prison.

In a likely unprecedented move, Justice Sheldon Lanchbery reserved his decision and delayed the sentencing of 37-year-old Sandra Dignard by about two months. That will allow the mother of four time to make child-care arrangements before she is placed in custody. The judge said he has no choice but to sentence Dignard to two years in prison for drug trafficking, despite his belief she should not be locked up.

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4 CN AB: Oped: Alberta Not Getting The Full Picture On OpioidsSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Swann, David Area:Alberta Lines:91 Added:05/24/2017

By any objective measure, the opiate crisis has affected British Columbia far more severely than Alberta.

Both legal and illegal opiate use is more prevalent, and it was the first province to see this unprecedented number of deaths due to overdoses of fentanyl and other opiates.

B.C.'s response has been robust.

The declaration of a public health state of emergency led to resources being mobilized across government departments and between all stakeholders in a co-ordinated plan.

Their Provincial Health Officer reports monthly on the efforts to combat the crisis, and the province has embraced early harm reduction measures such as naloxone kits and supervised injection sites.

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5 CN PI: OPED: Time To Focus On PreventablesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Colohan, Desmond Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:92 Added:05/24/2017

In a recent Canadian Public Health Association discussion paper, "A New Approach to Managing Illegal Psychoactive Substances in Canada," the point was made emphatically that our current approach to managing risk is not working.

Here are some of its highlights:

- - A psychoactive substance is a chemical that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness or behaviour. Societies mitigate the health, social, and economic consequences of the use and misuse of psychoactive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, tranquillizers and sleeping pills in a variety of ways with varying degrees of success. Their effects on population health, however, are often overshadowed by our fascination with the direct effects of substance misuse on individuals [e.g. recent rise in the opioid death rate due to adulteration of the drug supply with fentanyl and its analogues]. Currently, western societies manage illegal psychoactive substances largely through prohibition and criminalization and legal drugs, like tobacco and alcohol, through regulation, restricted availability and price control. The laws and systems initially introduced to control these substances reflected the times ! and prevalent issues of the day, but no longer reflect current scientific knowledge concerning substance-related harms to individuals, families, or communities.

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6 Canada: Pot Plans Respect International TreatiesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:Canada Lines:92 Added:05/24/2017

Task force leader says Canada can be an example

A former Liberal cabinet minister who led a federally appointed task force on legalizing cannabis says Canada's plan to green light the drug for recreational use is in keeping with the spirit of international treaties - all of which criminalize the possession and production of marijuana.

It will be up to the government to make the case in relation to the treaties, Anne McLellan said Friday in an interview with The Canadian Press.

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7Canada: Unifor Cites Canna Clinic Staff's Right To UnionizeSat, 20 May 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Freeman, Sunny Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2017

TORONTO - Canada's largest private-sector union says it isn't bothered that its first-ever group of medical marijuana members works at an illegal pot dispensary.

Unifor spokeswoman Katha Fortier said it is in the process of negotiating a contract for all 40 employees at one of Toronto's Canna Clinic marijuana dispensaries, which sells dried cannabis as well as oils and edibles, but does not have a Health Canada licence to do so.

Licensed producers are currently the only legal sellers of marijuana in Canada and their operations are strictly regulated. They can sign up patients only with a medical authorization from a doctor and can deliver product only through a mail order system.

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8 Canada: Streamlined Injection-Site Conditions Become LawFri, 19 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Woo, Andrea Area:Canada Lines:94 Added:05/24/2017

A piece of legislation that makes it easier to open supervised injection sites has become law, replacing Harper-era regulations that effectively stalled the harm reduction service as overdose deaths climbed.

Under Bill C-37, which received royal assent on Thursday, agencies wanting to open a supervised-injection site must meet five streamlined conditions, down from 26 under the previous Respect for Communities Act.

The Liberal government tabled the bill in December. It received final approval on Wednesday, with minor amendments.

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9 CN AB: Column: Tackling The Problem Of OpioidsFri, 19 May 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Spearman, Chris Area:Alberta Lines:127 Added:05/24/2017

We've all heard the very troubling news reports in Alberta and across Canada about the growing problem of addiction to opioids, especially fentanyl.

Opioid addition is devastating families and causing an alarming number of deaths among those who - knowingly or unknowingly - make the mistake of using it. The issues associated with opioid addiction touch many different agencies, institutions, public and social service organizations. It touches families, and it touches individuals.

Lethbridge is not immune. Last fall, after hearing about what was happening in our city, I asked a broad range of leaders and organizations in our community to come together to collaborate on how we can respond in the best way possible.

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10 CN ON: Legal Pot Poses Problems For MunicipalitiesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Simpson, Barbara Area:Ontario Lines:74 Added:05/24/2017

Lambton County trains managers as local governments brace for expected challenges

SARNIA - With Canada ready to legalize marijuana by next July, Ontario municipalities are ablaze with activity prepping for the impacts of that move - including in the workplace.

Lambton County recently held a training session for its 75 managers about marijuana and workplace safety. Among the chief municipal concerns are the potential for workers to believe it's legal for them to smoke marijuana on municipal property, as well as the potential for impaired driving if a high worker operates a municipal vehicle.

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11 CN ON: Municipalities Eye Workplace Pot PoliciesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Observer, The (CN ON) Author:Simpson, Barbara Area:Ontario Lines:97 Added:05/24/2017

With Canada ready to legalize marijuana by next July, Ontario municipalities are ablaze with activity prepping for the impacts of that move - including in the workplace.

The County of Lambton recently held a training session for its 75 managers about marijuana and workplace safety. Among the chief municipal concerns around legalization include the potential for workers to believe it's legal for them to smoke marijuana on municipal property, as well as the potential for impaired driving if a high worker operates a municipal vehicle.

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12Canada: Legalized Pot 'In The Spirit' Of Treaties Targeting MarijuanaSat, 20 May 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2017

OTTAWA - A former Liberal cabinet minister who led a federally appointed task force on legalizing cannabis says Canada's plan to green light the drug for recreational use is in keeping with the spirit of international treaties - all of which criminalize the possession and production of marijuana.

It will be up to the government to make the case in relation to the treaties, Anne McLellan said Friday.

"We believe, as a task force, that we are, at least, in the spirit of those treaties," she said. "Those treaties talk to the protection of youth and young people, keeping young people out of criminal situations. They speak to fairness and justice and they speak to public health."

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13CN BC: For Cannabis Crusader, Time To Call It A DaySun, 21 May 2017
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Watts, Richard Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2017

With major marijuana changes in the air, Ted Smith says moment is right to bow out

Ted Smith, Victoria's longtime cannabis crusader, is calling an end to his activist career.

On Saturday, the 47-year-old got together with friends in Beacon Hill Park to offer thanks, share memories and, of course, enjoy a few joints.

The time, 4:20 p.m. - once a release time from high school detentions - - was selected in remembrance of past misadventures with the rules.

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14 CN BC: LTE: Marijuana Legalization A Bad IdeaSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Eberle, Shelley Area:British Columbia Lines:31 Added:05/24/2017

Editor: In response to S. Rathwell (letter to the editor; Weed Can Help Our Economy in The Daily Courier on May 17). Pot production might bring a few jobs, but the damage to our social fabric would heavily outweigh any gain.

Marijuana is currently a leading cause of substance dependence, and, if legalized, the increase in users and addiction would be large and rapid. Legal, recreational pot use is not a safe way to relax. It is a psycho-active, addictive substance that affects our youth in a very negative way.

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug around the world. Those who support its legalization for recreational use fail to recognize that the greatest costs of weed are not related to its prohibition; they are the costs resulting from marijuana use itself.

Shelley Eberle, Penticton


15 CN BC: Richard's Rant Is Over Aids Activist DiesSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Plant, Don Area:British Columbia Lines:75 Added:05/24/2017

Richard's rant is over. Richard Babcock, the tell-it-like-it-is AIDS activist who started the Okanagan's first compassion club, was penniless and living in a storage locker shortly before he died of pneumonia last month. He was 57. He chose to buy a vehicle instead of pay rent so he could get to his doctors' appointments, said his sister, Melody Kelly.

As a young man in the '90s, Babcock visited prostitutes and used needles to inject the cocaine he craved. Soon after he was diagnosed with AIDS, he became clean and started advocating for others afflicted with the disease. He could be abrasive, but at his core he was "just another human being - not as self-centred or as ignorant as I was," he said in a 2005 interview.

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16 CN NF: LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Will Bring A Mess Of TroubleSat, 20 May 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Chafe, Russell Area:Newfoundland Lines:92 Added:05/24/2017

Marijuana will soon be legal in Newfoundland and Labrador. Among other things, it will no longer be against the law to grow up to four plants at a time in your house. Anyone with a green thumb could produce about six pounds a year. In today's market that's a value of almost $50,000!

This unregulated marijuana will flood our streets. This alone negates any argument that "The marijuana we are buying from government dispensers is tightly regulated," because who is going to pay $30 to $40 a gram from our government dealers when they can buy unregulated marijuana from the thousands of want to be entrepreneurs who will sell it for less?

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17 CN PI: LTE: Dangers Lurk With LegalizationWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:MacIsaac, J. Bruce Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:40 Added:05/20/2017

There was a Letter to the Editor on the subject of legalizing marijuana by a person who is in the business of treating youth who have addiction issues. I agree with what the person is trying to relay on this very important issue. The people who are in the business of treating people with addictions know first hand the dangers of this great idea that the government is bringing on and that is legalizing of marijuana.

I know that from my own experience with addiction, that the results from the disease are so damaging and far reaching it boggles my mind how government can justify the legalizing of a drug that caused so much pain and suffering to addicts, family, friends and taxpayers.

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18 CN MB: Don't Sell Pot, Booze Together: MGEUWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Kusch, Larry Area:Manitoba Lines:94 Added:05/20/2017

WHEN marijuana is legalized in Canada, it should be sold in standalone publicly operated stores, the head of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) says.

Michelle Gawronsky said the union believes that Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corp. should be responsible for selling cannabis products, but that marijuana not be marketed in booze stores.

"You don't want to be selling the two together. You want to be socially responsible. That's the whole idea here," she said following a public hearing on Bill 25, The Cannabis Harm Protection Act.

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19 CN MB: PUB LTE: Booze Is WorseThu, 18 May 2017
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Elston, Jacqueline Area:Manitoba Lines:38 Added:05/20/2017

In Larry Comeau's letter he quotes a report that marijuana related ER visits in Colorado among kids have quadrupled since legalization. Previously, marijuana possession and use was a felony. It might just be the increase in visits to the ER since legalization has something to do with users in Colorado no longer fearing prosecution if they seek help while under the influence. Is it not possible that mental illness issues in general are on the rise in young people unrelated to marijuana use? It would certainly seem so according to many recent studies.

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20Canada: Veterans Affairs' Pot Tab Hit $44.5 MillionWed, 17 May 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Freeman, Sunny Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:05/20/2017

AGRICULTURE * MedReleaf was top beneficiary, documents show

Veterans Affairs paid out $44.5 million for medical marijuana expenses in the year before Ottawa cracked down on soaring reimbursement costs - - more than three times what it covered in the prior two years combined.

The department covered 3.7 million grams of marijuana at an average cost of $12.01 per gram from October 2015 to September 2016 - 30 per cent higher than what it considers market value.

The cost breakdown was included in documents released under an access-to-information request ahead of a Veterans Affairs policy change this month that will significantly reduce the amount of medical marijuana eligible for reimbursement.

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21CN BC: Column: Beware Of 'Evidence-Based' Policy PositionsWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Clark, Gordon Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:05/20/2017

A term we hear with increasing frequency is the claim that we need "evidence-based policy" on this or that public issue. With the possible new importance of the B.C. Green party - we'll know more after the final election count on May 24 - you'll be hearing the phrase a lot more as the Greens love the term like yogis love mantras.

"Evidence-based policy" started out as a medical term. Doctors wanted evidence on the effectiveness of a treatment before using it. It is the empirical method in action. Constant research examines how patients fare after various procedures, surgeries or drug treatments so doctors can know which treatments are best.

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22Canada: Column: Progress On Opioids, Incoherence On MarijuanaThu, 18 May 2017
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Selley, Chris Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:05/20/2017

Legalizing pot shouldn't be this hard to get right

The move toward marijuana legalization is … still not as coherent as it could be, let's say.

The Liberal legislation, unveiled last month, would establish rules around THC-impaired driving that may well prove unconstitutional: science has yet to establish a solid link between a given level of THC concentration in a driver's blood or saliva and his level of impairment.

Frustratingly, there are still those who use this as an argument against legalization - as if it would create pot-impaired drivers where there are none today.

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23 US: Unity Was Emerging On Sentencing, Then Came SessionsMon, 15 May 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Hulse, Carl Area:United States Lines:128 Added:05/20/2017

WASHINGTON - As a senator, Jeff Sessions was such a conservative outlier on criminal justice issues that he pushed other Republicans to the forefront of his campaign to block a sentencing overhaul, figuring they would be taken more seriously.

Now Mr. Sessions is attorney general and need not take a back seat to anyone when it comes to imposing his ultratough-on-crime views. The effect of his transition from being just one of 535 in Congress to being top dog at the Justice Department was underscored on Friday when he ordered federal prosecutors to make sure they threw the book at criminal defendants and pursued the toughest penalties possible.

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24 US: Mixed Grades For A Scrapped Drug PolicyMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Reinhard, Beth Area:United States Lines:117 Added:05/20/2017

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week jettisoned an Obama administration policy that had been aimed at sparing less-serious drug offenders from harsh sentences, he called his new, more aggressive approach "moral and just."

But the verdict among law-enforcement and legal professionals is more mixed. Government data, along with interviews with former U.S. attorneys who advised the Justice Department under President Barack Obama, suggest the previous policy achieved several, though not all, of its goals.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder announced the policy that was to be embodied in what became known as the "Holder memo" in a 2013 speech to the American Bar Association. Mr. Holder pledged that federal prosecutors would focus on more dangerous drug traffickers and avoid charging less-serious offenders with crimes that required long, mandatory-minimum sentences. Mandatory-minimum sentences, he said, had led to bloated, costly prisons and disproportionately ravaged minority communities.

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25 CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Can Help Our EconomyWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Rathwell, S. Area:British Columbia Lines:44 Added:05/20/2017

Editor: This is in response to D. Simpson's letter in The Daily Courier on Monday, May 15, citing Matthew 15:11, "It's not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth."

I'm sure that if God looks around the way the world works now, He would have more pressing matters than worrying about a little cannabis, which is a plant and not a drug, as it requires no tampering or time in a lab, unlike grains to make alcohol or poppies to make opium.

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26 CN BC: LTE: Marijuana Not Part Of God's LawWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Simpson, D. Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:05/20/2017

Dear Editor: In the New Testament, in Matthew 4:4, it states that "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."

Further, it says in 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

In 2 Peter 1:3, "that we have been given all things that pertain unto life and Godliness."

God did not intend for man to write his own laws that jeopardized his. He is the one taking care of our welfare, but we allow the elected officials of our government to dream up their big plans to get God out of society and do as they like to perfect his directions for life.

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27 CN BC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Is Part Of God's WorldThu, 18 May 2017
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Meyers, Jeff Area:British Columbia Lines:32 Added:05/20/2017

Editor: Re: Legalized marijuana not part of God's law

On May 15, letter writer D. Simpson should have read the first page of the Bible before ranting about the alleged evils of cannabis.

In Genesis 1:69, God said, "Look, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the surface of the entire Earth and every tree whose fruit contains seed."

Nowhere in the Bible did God order people to lay off the weed.

In fact, there is much evidence that the anointing oil used by people back in the day was cannabis oil.

Jeff Meyers, Westlake Village, California


28 CN BC: CNV Slams Lid On Pot ShopsWed, 17 May 2017
Source:North Shore News (CN BC) Author:Shepherd, Jeremy Area:British Columbia Lines:57 Added:05/20/2017

Weeds Glass gets business licence plucked

Marijuana shops in the City of North Vancouver are in a green and grey legal area.

Council revealed a closed-session decision to deny business licences to Weeds Glass and Gifts on Marine Drive as well as LotusLand Cannabis Club on East Second Street at a May 8 council meeting.

Both of the rejected licenses included requests for medical and recreational marijuana.

"These companies could have waited until the federal government and the provincial government decided what they're going to do and how they're going to do it," explained

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29 CN ON: Many Teens Get Into Cars With Impaired DriversThu, 18 May 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Weidner, Johanna Area:Ontario Lines:66 Added:05/20/2017

One in three high school students reports riding with a driver who has been drinking and one in five got in a car with a driver that consumed marijuana, according to a new University of Waterloo study.

Half of all students in Grades 11 and 12 admitted to at least one risky behaviour, either driving after drinking or using marijuana or being a passenger in the car of an impaired driver.

"For half of kids to be putting themselves in that kind of risk seems really high," said Leia Minaker, lead author on the paper and an assistant professor at Waterloo.

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30 US: Tests Show More American Workers Using DrugsWed, 17 May 2017
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Weber, Lauren Area:United States Lines:84 Added:05/20/2017

More U.S. workers are testing positive for illicit drugs than at any time in the last 12 years, according to data coming out today from Quest Diagnostics Inc., one of the largest workplace-testing labs in the nation.

The number of workers who tested positive for marijuana rose by 4%, while positive results for other drugs also rose. The increases come against a backdrop of more liberal marijuana state laws and an apparent resurgence in the use of drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.

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31 CN BC: Fentanyl Test Boosts Dose-Reduction RateMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Woo, Andrea Area:British Columbia Lines:84 Added:05/19/2017

A pilot project operated by Vancouver Coastal Health has found success with a simple detection strip for the notorious opioid

Drug users who test their drugs and discover fentanyl are 10 times more likely to reduce their dose, raising the possibility that making such tests widely available could reduce overdoses.

That is one finding of a drug checking pilot project at Insite, Vancouver's supervised-injection site, operated by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). Launched last July, the initiative offers drug users the option of testing their drugs for fentanyl using a simple test strip, which produces results in seconds.

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32 CN BC: Cannabis May Help Wean People Off Crack, Study FindsTue, 16 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Hager, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:92 Added:05/19/2017

Cannabis has been identified as a potential substitute for users of legal or illicit opioids, but a new Vancouver-based study shows the drug may also help reduce people's cravings for another highly addictive substance: crack cocaine.

Scientists at the BC Centre on Substance Use tracked 122 people who consumed crack in and around Vancouver's Downtown Eastside over a three-year period and found they reported using that drug less frequently when they opted to also consume cannabis.

"We're not saying that these results mean everyone will be able to smoke a joint and forget the fact that they are dependent on crack," said M.J. Milloy, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at the centre and senior author of the study. "What our findings do suggest is that cannabinoids might play a role in reducing the harms of crack use for some people.

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33 CN NF: Man In The MiddleTue, 16 May 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Whiffen, Glen Area:Newfoundland Lines:118 Added:05/19/2017

Worker anxiously awaits arbitration case

Part 4 in a four-part series

Scott Tizzard remains mired in a career no-man's land.

At one point he stopped taking his medical marijuana for a month so he could pass the pre-employment urine test for one company - with the employer fully aware - but was still denied work.

He's worked for companies that hold contracts with Nalcor Energy, the Crown corporation leading the Lower Churchill development.

"I was told (by one employer) I was red-flagged because I had a medical marijuana prescription and had filed a grievance," he said.

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34 CN ON: Pot Shops Face Round 2Tue, 16 May 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Carruthers, Dale Area:Ontario Lines:93 Added:05/19/2017

Back in business after police raids, illegal marijuana dispensaries now in London bylaw enforcers' sights

London appears to be taking a page from Toronto's playbook in its bid to crack down on illegal pot shops that refuse to die.

Police raided five marijuana dispensaries across London two months ago, only to watch four of them reopen, including one that reorganized as a delivery-only service.

Now, the city's bylaw office is setting its sights on the illegal businesses, a strategy that's proven successful in Canada's largest city, but one critics say is doomed to push the operations further underground.

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35 CN BC: Marijuana MedicineTue, 16 May 2017
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Kieltyka, Matt Area:British Columbia Lines:80 Added:05/19/2017

Study finds cannabis can be used to help crack addicts

Marijuana could be used to treat people suffering from addictions to crack cocaine, according to a new study from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU).

Dr. M-J Milloy, a research scientist at the BCCSU, told Metro that his team has seen "significant declines" in daily crack-cocaine use among a cohort of 122 Vancouver-area people with addictions who reported substituting the drug with cannabis.

Approximately 35 per cent of the people interviewed initially told researchers they would use crack cocaine daily.

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36 Canada: Hi, It's Illegal To Drive HighTue, 16 May 2017
Source:Toronto 24hours (CN ON) Author:Richard, Joanne Area:Canada Lines:75 Added:05/19/2017

Edgy campaign features cheeky menus, radio spots

In the mood for a garlic gummy worm burger with iceberg lettuce and mustard-fudge drizzle? Or how about an order of spaghetti and gumballs with gravy and licorice?

Sound delicious? Then you're stoned! If you have a bad case of the munchies, indulge but just don't drive high.

Ridiculous fare from fictitious

Dave's Drive-Thru is part of a new campaign aimed at keeping drug-impaired partiers from getting behind the wheel.

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37 CN ON: Editorial: War On Drugs Has Been Colossal FailureSat, 13 May 2017
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:73 Added:05/16/2017

Be careful! This is the message to users of illegal drugs from a community-wide education and awareness campaign that includes a website, .

Drug overdoses have killed hundreds of people in British Columbia. The most recent report shows that 120 died in March of this year.

The local campaign is in response to a spate of opioid overdoses.

One day last October, Brantford police and paramedics were called to three separate incidents, involving four people who overdosed on fentanyl. That day was similar to an overnight incident in June when there were four fentanyl overdoses and one death in the city.

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38 CN ON: Editorial: Pot Isn't Safe For The YoungMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Roe, John Area:Ontario Lines:81 Added:05/16/2017

As the Trudeau government works overtime to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada by the summer of 2018, there's a huge job to be done outside Parliament.

Health officials, educators, parents and the government must somehow persuade young Canadians to swear off a drug that will suddenly be legal for adults all around them to use for fun and relaxation.

This won't be easy, especially when teens see Mom and Dad light up a reefer and are told: "Do as we say, not as we do." But the stakes for our youth couldn't be higher. New research out of the University of Waterloo highlights both the harm marijuana is doing to the young as well as the high number of Canadian teens already indulging in the drug.

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39 CN ON: Bylaws BattleMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Miller, Jacquie Area:Ontario Lines:141 Added:05/16/2017

City department joins fight against illegal marijuana dispensaries

Ottawa's bylaw enforcement officers have jumped into the battle against the city's marijuana dispensaries.

The landlords of the Ottawa Cannabis Dispensary on Laperriere Avenue have been charged with violating city zoning bylaws. The cannabis shop is in a small house painted green, next to an auto body shop and a chip truck. It's an industrial zone that does not permit retail shops.

The charge is a test case that will help city zoning officials decide whether to take action against other dispensaries.

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40 CN BC: LTE: Legalized Marijuana Not Part Of God's LawMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Simpson, D. Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:05/16/2017

Editor: In the New Testament, in Matthew 4:4, it states that "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."

Further, it says in 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

In 2 Peter 1:3, "that we have been given all things that pertain unto life and Godliness."

God did not intend for man to write his own laws that jeopardized his. He is the one taking care of our welfare, but we allow the elected officials of our government to dream up their big plans to get God out of society and do as they like to perfect his directions for life.

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41 CN NF: Brave New Work WorldMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Whiffen, Glen Area:Newfoundland Lines:134 Added:05/16/2017

Knowing more about impairment key to setting fair and safe workplace rules: expert

Alex Boucher says the looming legalization of marijuana is opening up a whole new frontier for employers.

He's an expert in wellness areas, including disability management and workplace accommodation, and works with employers, unions and communities.

He acknowledged that medical marijuana use has posed challenges in the workplace, and that legalized pot will add an extra level of challenge for employers wanting to be fair and yet ensure the workplace is safe.

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42 CN ON: Editorial: Pot Isn't Safe For The YoungMon, 15 May 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:80 Added:05/16/2017

As the Trudeau government works overtime to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada by the summer of 2018, there's a huge job to be done outside Parliament.

Health officials, educators, parents and the government must somehow persuade young Canadians to swear off a drug that will suddenly be legal for adults all around them to use for fun and relaxation.

This won't be easy, especially when teens see Mom and Dad light up a reefer and are told: "Do as we say, not as we do." But the stakes for our youth couldn't be higher. New research out of the University of Waterloo highlights both the harm marijuana is doing to the young as well as the high number of Canadian teens already indulging in the drug.

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43 CN ON: Stoners Unlikely To Get High MarksFri, 12 May 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Carruthers, Dale Area:Ontario Lines:60 Added:05/15/2017

High school kids who use marijuana prone to slack off and perform poorly, study finds

It turns out that high school stoner Jeff Spicoli in the 1982 movie may be based on more fact than fiction.

New research shows high school students who use marijuana are less likely to get good grades and plan to attend university than those who pass on pot.

The study by University of Waterloo researchers found that students who started using cannabis at least once a month became four times more likely to play hooky.

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44 CN ON: Marijuana Use Reaches Higher LevelsFri, 12 May 2017
Source:Barrie Examiner (CN ON) Author:Philips, Andrew Area:Ontario Lines:101 Added:05/15/2017

Mary Jane appears to be overtaking the Marlboro Man as the plant of choice among high-school students.

"We all know about the problems with cigarettes," said Brayden, a 17-year-old local high-school student. "They're bad for your health, but the long-term effects of marijuana are way better."

A new study by the University of Waterloo's Propel Centre for Population Health Impact suggests cannabis has replaced cigarettes as the inhalation product of choice among students in grades 7 to 12.

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45 CN ON: Alarm Raised On Students' Marijuana UseFri, 12 May 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Outhit, Jeff Area:Ontario Lines:92 Added:05/15/2017

High schoolers who smoke weed are dazed and confused, UW study finds

WATERLOO - What happens if you start smoking marijuana in high school? Do you risk turning into a laid-back stoner, your grades and university ambitions fading in a haze?

The answer is 'yes' according to public health research out of the University of Waterloo. It calls on high schools to help prevent this from happening.

The study tracked 26,475 Ontario and Alberta students over time, measuring changes as some students began to smoke marijuana rarely, or more often.

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46 CN ON: Judge Dismisses Kamermans' AppealSat, 13 May 2017
Source:Intelligencer, The (CN ON) Author:Miller, Jason Area:Ontario Lines:103 Added:05/15/2017

A Coe Hill physician stripped of his medical licence has lost his appeal to have a string of criminal charges levied against him dropped due to what the defence claimed was unreasonable delays to reach trial.

Dan Stein, Rob Kamermans' Toronto lawyer, said Justice Robert Scott ruled in favour of the prosecution which submitted that it was not to be blamed for the inordinate amount of time the case is taking to reach trial.

"Our application has been dismissed," Stein told The Intelligencer. "We are waiting for the reasoning. Justice Scott wanted to give us an answer because we have a week of motions setup. Now that the application was dismissed we're faced with a week of pre-trial motions starting on Monday (May 15)."

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47 CN NF: No Place At Work For Recreational Pot: ExpertSat, 13 May 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Whiffen, Glen Area:Newfoundland Lines:80 Added:05/15/2017

Expert says employers should treat recreational marijuana the same as alcohol - it's a no-no at work

St. John's lawyer Harold Smith of Stewart McKelvey represents employers in all aspects of labour relations, employment and administration law, and as such has been helping employers adjust their policies to incorporate the legalization of marijuana.

He addressed a recent presentation of the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute, Atlantic Region, in St. John's, titled "Marijuana in the Workplace" for employers.

"The message I was trying to bring to the group from a legal perspective is you treat (marijuana) no different than alcohol," Smith said. "You would ban recreational use of marijuana or cannabis on the property as you ban alcohol. So an employer, you ban it. You say you 'shall not, must not, and cannot have cannabis, like alcohol, on our site.'"

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48 CN ON: Police Raid Kitchener Marijuana DispensarySat, 13 May 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Monteiro, Liz Area:Ontario Lines:51 Added:05/15/2017

KITCHENER - Waterloo Regional Police raided a marijuana dispensary in Kitchener on Thursday.

Insp. Mike Haffner said police arrested two people and two others remain at large in connection with selling marijuana at the business.

The raid occurred at 10:45 a.m. at the KW Dispensary at 1421 Victoria St. N., near Lackner Boulevard.

Property seized from the location included marijuana and cannabis products such as edible treats along with money.

Police said the business owners received numerous letters telling them to close the business, which is considered illegal, or face a police crackdown.

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49 Canada: Canadians Reject Plan To Increase Police Power To OrderSat, 13 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Leblanc, Daniel Area:Canada Lines:94 Added:05/15/2017

A majority of Canadians oppose the federal government's plan to give greater powers to police officers to obtain breath samples from drivers in roadside tests, a new poll has found.

As part of its legislative package last month to legalize marijuana, the government also tabled a bill to update impaired driving laws.

Bill C-46 would drop the requirement for police to have a reasonable suspicion a driver has been drinking before demanding a breath sample. For example, officers would no longer need to smell alcohol on the driver's breath or receive an admission that a driver had been drinking.

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50 CN ON: TTC Suspends Two Workers On First Day Of Drug TestingThu, 11 May 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Spurr, Benn Area:Ontario Lines:130 Added:05/15/2017

CEO says results 'concerning' but justify transit agency's push for substance abuse checks

Well that didn't take long.

Two TTC employees have been suspended for being impaired on the job after they both failed tests on the first day of the transit agency's new random drug and alcohol testing program.

The first employee given a breathalyzer that morning blew over the limit, according to agency spokesperson Brad Ross. The employee was found to have a blood alcohol level of more than .04 per cent, which the TTC considers impaired.

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51 Canada: Weed Likely Won't Hurt Booze SalesThu, 11 May 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Marowits, Ross Area:Canada Lines:94 Added:05/15/2017

MONTREAL- The recreational marijuana industry is expected to take a sip of less than 1 per cent initially out of annual Canadian alcohol sales once it becomes legal, a new analysis says.

The Anderson Economic Group, a business consulting firm in New York, says legalization of marijuana would sap $160 million out of the country's $22.1 billion booze sector, rising as use of the drug expands.

While there are numerous unknowns governing the sale of marijuana, the Anderson Economic Group based its projections on alcohol sales in U.S. states that have legalized the drug. It also took into account a host of factors in Canada, including spending patterns, income and demographics.

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52 CN NF: Through The CracksFri, 12 May 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Whiffen, Glen Area:Newfoundland Lines:119 Added:05/15/2017

Torbay man's job is in limbo as workplaces wrestle with marijuana policies

Scott Tizzard has been wrestling with a two-pronged dilemma for the past seven months.

And like the north poles of two magnets trying to meet, they repel each other in his mind.

The first is his fight for his legal right to medical marijuana - the only thing that works to ease the chronic pain from his diagnosed osteoarthritis after trying a long list of medications his doctors have prescribed over the years.

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53CN ON: Leader Of Pot Panel Tries To Assuage Worries Over LegalizedSat, 06 May 2017
Source:Windsor Star (CN ON) Author:Schmidt, Doug Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:05/08/2017

Chill out, Windsor.

The head of the task force which recommended Canada legalize cannabis said cities like Windsor need to prepare but that they shouldn't fear going to pot.

While "people are right to be concerned" about how Ottawa proceeds with legalization and regulation, Anne McLellan told the Star that members of her task force were satisfied that places like Colorado and Washington - two of a growing number of American states where pot has been legalized - are going in the right direction.

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54 CN ON: Column: Drugs And Federal Politics A Combustible MixSat, 06 May 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Delacourt, Susan Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:05/08/2017

No one plans to acquire a drug problem over the course of a lifetime - and neither do governments.

Yet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is nearing its midpoint in power surrounded by drug problems: serious issues to confront about legal, illegal and almost-legal substances. Two years ago, as they campaigned for office, most of these issues were not high (pardon the pun) on the Liberals' agenda.

First, the legal drugs. The federal Liberals' old allies at Queen's Park threw a deliberate curveball at Ottawa in the latest provincial budget when they introduced pharmacare for all Ontario health-card holders under the age of 25.

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55 CN ON: Column: Drugs, Legal And Illegal, On Agenda In OttawaSat, 06 May 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Delacourt, Susan Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:05/08/2017

No one plans to acquire a drug problem over the course of a lifetime - and neither do governments.

Yet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is nearing its midpoint in power surrounded by drug problems: serious issues to confront about legal, illegal and almost-legal substances. Two years ago, as they campaigned for office, most of these issues were not high (pardon the pun) on the Liberals' agenda.

First, the legal drugs. The federal Liberals' old allies at Queen's Park threw a deliberate curveball at Ottawa in the latest provincial budget when they introduced pharmacare for all Ontario health-card holders under the age of 25.

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56 CN BC: Column: Will Legalization Keep Pot Away From Kids?Sat, 06 May 2017
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:British Columbia Lines:161 Added:05/08/2017

"We are moving forward to ensure that we keep ... cannabis out of the hands of young people." - Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, May 1 The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -During the 2015 election, the federal Liberals campaigned on a plan to greenlight marijuana for recreational use to keep it of the hands of children and the profits out of the hands of criminals.

The party's election platform said Canada's current approach - criminalizing people for possession and use - traps too many Canadians in the justice system for minor offences.

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57 CN AB: Safe-Injection Site A Plausible Scenario For Medicine HatFri, 05 May 2017
Source:Medicine Hat News (CN AB) Author:Cranker, Mo Area:Alberta Lines:89 Added:05/08/2017

A safe-injection site could be coming to Medicine Hat.

Though still early in the process, HIV Community Link executive director Leslie Hill says this is something communities around Alberta could be seeing over the course of the next year or so.

"Right now we have a researcher in Medicine Hat working on creating a survey to get to drug users," she said. "We are doing this in response to a rise in opioid use across the province and we are trying to be proactive with this."

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58 CN BC: Remembering Vancouver's Cannabis WarsThu, 04 May 2017
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Siebert, Amanda Area:British Columbia Lines:191 Added:05/08/2017

In the 1960s, the city's pro-pot counterculture faced fierce opposition from RCMP narcs and a notoriously hippie-hating mayor

These days, most Vancouverites don't think twice about smoking a joint in public.

But ask former concert promoter and '60s wild child Jerry Kruz what the climate around cannabis was like when the very first issue of the Georgia Straight hit the streets and a very different Vancouver comes to mind.

"People thought it was evil, that it was going to kill you, that if you smoked it you'd never live to your old age," Kruz says during an interview at the Straight offices, recalling claims made by authorities at the time.

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59 US NY: States Medical Marijuana Licensing Panel Found To Have LittleThu, 04 May 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:McKinley, Jesse Area:New York Lines:134 Added:05/08/2017

ALBANY - When the State of New York approved the use of medical marijuana in 2014, the applicants to dispense the drug were vetted and reviewed by a panel of experts said to have deep backgrounds in several fields.

The identities of the panel's members had been a mystery since. By July 2015, the panel had chosen five companies that would receive exclusive statewide medical marijuana licenses, a potentially lucrative award in a state with nearly 20 million residents and hundreds of thousands of potential patients.

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60 CN BC: Editorial: High Times, Low Productivity In B.C.Mon, 01 May 2017
Source:Business In Vancouver (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:58 Added:05/06/2017

Street-level 4-20 concerns are about to shift from Vancouver's Sunset Beach to B.C. C-suites.

The looming legalization in Canada of marijuana's recreational use pretty much extinguishes the marijuana criminalization protest aspect of the annual smoke-in.

For businesses in B.C. and elsewhere across the country, the real challenges of that legalization will migrate into the workplace.

There are, of course, numerous enterprise opportunities in Canada's pending medical and recreational marijuana boom.

Deloitte has estimated that the annual marketplace value for recreational marijuana sales alone in Canada could be between $5 billion and $8.7 billion. Total economic impact, Deloitte estimates, could be closer to $23 billion. But that's just the equation's revenue potential.

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61 CN BC: Cannabis: Council Grants Five Licences, Refuses TwoWed, 03 May 2017
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Metcalfe, Bill Area:British Columbia Lines:122 Added:05/06/2017

Nelson council voted to award business licenses to five pot dispensaries on Monday.

All six of the dispensaries currently operating submitted applications as well as a new business, Medical Mary Jane, which plans to move into Nelson Commons.

The application by Canna Clinic was turned down, according to city planner Pam Mierau, because the owners submitted their application on April 19, well past the March 31 deadline, and even then the business was lacking in some of the requirements under Nelson's bylaw - for instance, they had no security plan, unmet signage requirements, and no proper filtration system.

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62 CN BC: Doc Says Pot Can Reduce Opioid DependencyThu, 04 May 2017
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Siebert, Amanda Area:British Columbia Lines:138 Added:05/06/2017

Dr. Caroline MacCallum wants doctors to know that cannabis "isn't the taboo medicine" they might think it is. Not only has she used it successfully to treat more than 50 conditions, she has also seen how it has helped her patients stop using prescription opioids.

MacCallum, a specialist in complex pain and cannabinoid medicine, is the medical director at Green Leaf Clinic in Langley, where she assesses patients for their eligibility for Canada's Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations program.

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63 CN ON: Column: Pot Act Misses An Entrepreneurial OpportunityTue, 02 May 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Shkimba, Margaret Area:Ontario Lines:101 Added:05/06/2017

I envision a future where users can buy a gram from the little old lady next door

I don't want to write another LRT column, but I did want to say thank you to the councillors who voted in favour of the LRT for the 53rd time. Or is that the 54th? Does the vote to defer the vote count as a vote? Thank you to those who changed their position from "No" to "Yes". For those who voted "No", I hope you have the grace to accept the will of the people and get on board this exciting new phase of Hamilton's development.

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64 Canada: A New Age For CannabisMon, 01 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Barton, Adriana Area:Canada Lines:209 Added:05/06/2017

Adults in their 70s, 80s and 90s are trying medical marijuana for the first time, hoping it will ease chronic pain, insomnia and depression after pharmaceutical drugs have failed. Businesses are noticing - and they are all in, Adriana Barton reports.

Around this time of year, Hope Bobowski can't wait to garden in the flower beds outside her home near Keremeos, in the hills of southern Interior British Columbia.

The petite 79-year-old loves card games and cooking for her great-grandchildren, but the only thing that keeps her on her feet is her daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD), a potent extract of cannabis or hemp.

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65 CN ON: Fentanyl Continues To Wreak HavocFri, 28 Apr 2017
Source:Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON) Author:Crosier, Steph Area:Ontario Lines:120 Added:05/03/2017

Naloxone kits are flying off the shelves at local pharmacies and the Street Health Centre, as fentanyl continues its disastrous wave across eastern Ontario.

Dr. Meredith Mackenzie, a physician at the centre, said on Wednesday that its clients are listening to their advice and reading news reports and are making an effort to curb their use, but it's not working.

"People are much more aware of the drug contamination problem," Mackenzie said. "That means people are using more safely, they're using less, but they are still overdosing, even though they have a big tolerance. We're seeing people with high-opioid tolerance overdosing on smaller amounts of drugs."

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66 US MD: How Much Marijuana Is Too Much For A Police Recruit?Wed, 26 Apr 2017
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Calvert, Scott Area:Maryland Lines:112 Added:05/01/2017

BALTIMORE - As more states relax their approach to marijuana, police departments are rethinking how many hits are too many for aspiring officers.

Maryland just passed a new standard, set to take effect in the state June 1, that bars applicants if they smoked pot in the past three years, the same policy used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The longstanding, previous policy had ruled out those who had used marijuana at least 20 times or at least five times since age 21.

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67 CN ON: He Saved 17 People But Police Want To Jail HimSun, 30 Apr 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Contenta, Sandro Area:Ontario Lines:394 Added:05/01/2017

Mark Baratta works with drug users on the front lines of Ontario's opioid epidemic. But as deaths mount, Baratta's story illustrates how far society has to go to end the crisis . . . if it so chooses

Like most people who might be called heroes, Mark Baratta shies away from the label. A lean and purposeful man, Baratta has saved 17 people, each on separate occasions. He chalks it up, with a shrug of his shoulders, to keeping his head in the presence of death.

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68 Canada: Canadian Leader Unveils A Bill To Legalize RecreationalFri, 14 Apr 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Austen, Ian Area:Canada Lines:205 Added:04/15/2017

OTTAWA - Fulfilling a campaign pledge, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation on Thursday to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Canada.

Many nations have either decriminalized marijuana, allowed it to be prescribed medically or effectively stopped enforcing laws against it. But when Mr. Trudeau's bill passes as expected, Canada will become only the second nation, after Uruguay, to completely legalize marijuana as a consumer product.

"Criminal prohibition has failed to protect our kids and our communities," said Bill Blair, a lawmaker and former Toronto police chief whom Mr. Trudeau appointed to manage the legislation.

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69 CN BC: Edu: Column: Long Overdue LegalizationMon, 10 Apr 2017
Source:Capilano Courier, The (CN BC Edu) Author:Svensrud, Connor Area:British Columbia Lines:107 Added:04/13/2017

What will happen to Canada's cannabis industry once the upcoming recreational laws take effect?

There was a point in the earlier half of the 20th century that came to be known as the Prohibition Era. Alcohol, along with several other substances, became illegal under the thumb of the government of the time, turning it into a black market good until the ban was lifted in 1933. But, according to dispensary operator Ray Nikiel, the Prohibition seemed to move from one substance to another, with cannabis becoming illegal not long afterwards.

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70 Canada: Canada To Speed Up Cannabis ProductionWed, 12 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Leblanc, Daniel Area:Canada Lines:96 Added:04/13/2017

Senior official says the federal government will announce a push to allow smaller marijuana producers to enter the market

The federal government is getting ready to drastically speed up its licensing process to increase the numbers of companies that are authorized to produce marijuana for the recreational market that will open up in the first half of 2018, sources said.

A senior federal official said that in addition to tabling legislation to legalize marijuana on Thursday, the federal government will announce a push to authorize new producers of marijuana. At this point, there are 42 companies that have the necessary authorizations from Health Canada to produce marijuana for medical purposes across the country.

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71 CN BC: Edu: Column: Deadly DopingMon, 10 Apr 2017
Source:Capilano Courier, The (CN BC Edu) Author:Beyleveldt, Christine Area:British Columbia Lines:138 Added:04/13/2017

Knowing the signs of an overdose can save someone's life, especially with inconspicuous opioids like Fentanyl lurking in common street drugs. It begins with high-like symptoms - euphoria, relaxation and drowsiness, and cedes to shortened breath, a slowed heart rate and unconsciousness. The effects of Fentanyl set in quickly. The trouble is, anyone can fall prey because the opioid often goes undetected until it's too late.

Fentanyl is laced into illicit street drugs to enhance their effect. Originally a pain medication used as an anaesthetic, it's 50 to 100 times stronger than Morphine. Because it's so potent, the drug comes in small doses, often concealed in silica gel sachets discreetly marked that can't be seized at the Canadian border.

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72 Canada: Editorial: To Regulate Pot, Look At Tobacco And BoozeWed, 12 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada)          Area:Canada Lines:108 Added:04/13/2017

The Liberal government is about to introduce legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana. What's the best way to do that? That's what Ottawa has been puzzling over ever since the Liberals, led by Justin Trudeau, made their bold promise in the last election campaign.

For answers, look at how Canada has succeeded, and failed, in dealing with another recreational product both popular and problematic for public health: tobacco.

In the early 1990s, the federal government had a plan. If it steadily raised taxes on cigarettes, it could drive down the rate of smoking - thereby addressing one of Canada's biggest health challenges.

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73 Canada: Ottawa To Roll Out Cannabis Bill This WeekTue, 11 Apr 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Leblanc, Daniel Area:Canada Lines:108 Added:04/13/2017

Government to table new legislation Thursday, but is still working to resolve issues such as packaging and impaired-driving penalties

The federal government will table a bill to legalize recreational marijuana on Thursday that is expected to tightly control the ability of producers to market their products to the public, federal sources said.

But key issues such as how to deal with drug-impaired driving have yet to be fully resolved.

The government has indicated its legislation will be highly restrictive and designed to discourage people from consuming marijuana, especially under the age of 18. The bill is expected to include tough penalties for those who provide marijuana to children and teens, sources said.

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74 CN BC: Not Just Anywhere Could Go To PotFri, 07 Apr 2017
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Seymour, Ron Area:British Columbia Lines:68 Added:04/12/2017

Special zoning, prohibited areas proposed for sale of pot in Kelowna

Pot shops could be banned along Bernard Avenue, Ellis Street and Pandosy Street even after the drug is legalized, Kelowna city council will hear Monday.

City staff recommend that "prohibited areas" be created, in which the drug could not be sold even if the federal government moves forward as expected with its plan to legalize marijuana.

People wanting to sell pot commercially would need to obtain a special zoning for their property, similar to regulations already in place for privately owned liquor outlets, staff suggest.

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75 Canada: Science Is Still Hazy As Legal Pot LoomsSun, 09 Apr 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Allen, Kate Area:Canada Lines:316 Added:04/12/2017

As Ottawa readies legislation, researchers say there are gaps in understanding its effect on brain

After punching a string of numbers into a bolted-down, fireproof, alarm-protected safe - the location of which can't be divulged for security reasons - Steven Laviolette pulls out a tiny vial. Inside that vial is an even tinier dab of dark tar. The tar is purified THC, the mind-altering compound in marijuana.

The street price for a gram of weed is about $10. A gram of this stuff costs about $2,000, not counting the cost of the researcher's time acquiring it. Laviolette, a professor in the departments of anatomy and cell biology and psychiatry at Western University's Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, studies the effects of marijuana on the brain. His lab is investigating the troubling brain changes associated with THC, and also - a rapidly growing avenue of research - the very different and perhaps protective brain changes associated with cannabidiol, or CBD, another compound found in the plant.

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76 Canada: New Internal Trade Deal Ready For Legal PotThu, 06 Apr 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Blatchford, Andy Area:Canada Lines:83 Added:04/08/2017

Governments across Canada will unveil an internal-trade agreement Friday designed to not only knock down domestic business barriers, but also lay the groundwork for talks to eventually establish a cross-country marijuana market.

Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains says the long-awaited deal, meant to boost economic growth, will also establish a clear process to help provinces and territories regulate the trade of recreational pot.

Those discussions can only come, of course, once the federal government legalizes marijuana with legislation that government insiders have said would be introduced next week.

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77 CN ON: Canada Day 2018 Should Not Be About Legalizing Marijuana, SaysThu, 06 Apr 2017
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Kirkup, Kristy Area:Ontario Lines:61 Added:04/08/2017

OTTAWA - The Liberal government's point man on pot says Canada Day 2018 should not be about legalizing marijuana but about recognizing the country's history.

Bill Blair, the parliamentary secretary to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, said Wednesday he's a proud Canadian who believes July 1 is a day to celebrate the country's birth "for that reason and that reason alone."

"I believe that ... a reasonable goal is to have all this work done by the beginning of July, but by that date and on that date are very different things," Blair said in an interview.

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78 CN ON: Editorial: Clear The Haze Soon Around MarijuanaThu, 06 Apr 2017
Source:Northumberland Today (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:58 Added:04/08/2017

This July 1 is canada's big 150th birthday bash. But July 1, 2018, could be a more interesting celebration. That's the date, according to reports, when marijuana might finally be legal.

In a weekend news leak that had the added benefit of diverting attention from an insipid federal budget, CBC reported the Liberal government will unveil its marijuana legalization bill in the next few weeks. Under it, federal authorities would take charge of licensing producers and regulating suppliers. It would set 18 as the minimum legal age for use, though provinces could set it higher.

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79 CN NF: Prescription Or Proscription?Wed, 05 Apr 2017
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Whiffen, Glen Area:Newfoundland Lines:195 Added:04/08/2017

Worker claims companies refusing him jobs because of medical marijuana prescription

Scott Tizzard of Torbay says he is being discriminated against by companies he should have been working for over the past several months. The Reason? Taking his doctor-prescribed medical marijuana.

Tizzard has worked construction in the province for 30 years, going from big project to big project wherever the work has taken him, and wherever dispatched by his union.

Described by co-workers as a hard worker, for many of those years he'd worked long-hour days battling the pain and discomfort of Crohn's disease and osteoarthritis.

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80 CN BC: Pot Shop Giving Up BattleThu, 23 Mar 2017
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Miller, James Area:British Columbia Lines:68 Added:03/24/2017

Jukka Laurio says he is closing Herbal Green medical marijuana dispensary effective immediately

He assured (city) staff that he was not selling cannabis. Staff were deceived by Mr. Laurio - clearly the products he's selling have cannabis in them.

After multiple clashes with city hall, Jukka Laurio has agreed to shut down his Herbal Green medical marijuana dispensary effective immediately.

The pot advocate and two-time mayoral candidate was back in front of council Tuesday for "illegally selling cannabis products without a licence."

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81 US CA: Pot To Pair With Wines? Sonoma Embraces PossibilitiesSun, 19 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Fuller, Thomas Area:California Lines:136 Added:03/24/2017

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - In the heart of Northern California's wine country, a civil engineer turned marijuana entrepreneur is adding a new dimension to the art of matching fine wines with gourmet food: cannabis and wine pairing dinners.

Sam Edwards, co-founder of the Sonoma Cannabis Company, charges diners $100 to $150 for a meal that experiments with everything from marijuana-leaf pesto sauce to sniffs of cannabis flowers paired with sips of a crisp Russian River chardonnay.

"It accentuates the intensity of your palate," Mr. Edwards, 30, said of the dinners, one of which was held recently at a winery with sweeping views of the Sonoma vineyards. "We are seeing what works and what flavors are coming out."

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82 US TX: Officers Killed In Murder Or Self-Defense?Mon, 20 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Sack, Kevin Area:Texas Lines:762 Added:03/24/2017

With battering rams and flash-bang grenades, SWAT teams fuel the risk of violence as they forcibly enter suspects' homes. Five months and 85 miles apart, two cases took starkly divergent legal paths.

SOMERVILLE, Tex. - Joshua Aaron Hall had been a resident of the Burleson County Jail for about a week when he requested a meeting with Gene Hermes, the sheriff's investigator who had locked him up for violating probation. The stocky lawman arrived in the featureless interview room on the morning of Dec. 13, 2013, placed his soda cup on the table and apologized for not getting there sooner. He asked in his gravelly drawl if they would be talking about Mr. Hall's own case.

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83 US CA: Pot Brand For The A-ListSun, 19 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Williams, Alex Area:California Lines:112 Added:03/24/2017

Recreational cannabis may be legal in California, but buying the actual stuff still makes Scott Campbell, a celebrity tattoo artist and fine artist, feel like a class-cutting teenage stoner.

"You go in to buy weed, and it's like visiting your parole officer," said Mr. Campbell, who lives in Los Angeles. "You get buzzed through three metal gates." Inside, cannabis products are often packaged with loopy Deadhead-style graphics and goofy dorm-humor strain names like Gorilla Glue and Purple Urkle.

[continues 841 words]

84 CN ON: Column: Selling marijuana: First, Do No HarmTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Agar, Jerry Area:Ontario Lines:88 Added:03/17/2017

For those who believe there is no potential harm from illegal marijuana stores in the city, consider Shelley Marshall's story.

Marshall is a suicide survivor who wrote and performs her story through her excellent, one-woman play: Hold Mommy's Cigarette.

She strongly believes in medical marijuana for medicinal purposes and is for legalization, but with regulations.

Her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will never completely disappear, but, she says: "You can get the symptoms to go away if you take care of yourself and if you are in the good company of people who care."

[continues 484 words]

85 CN ON: Column: Selling marijuana: First, Do No HarmTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Agar, Jerry Area:Ontario Lines:88 Added:03/17/2017

For those who believe there is no potential harm from illegal marijuana stores in the city, consider Shelley Marshall's story.

Marshall is a suicide survivor who wrote and performs her story through her excellent, one-woman play: Hold Mommy's Cigarette.

She strongly believes in medical marijuana for medicinal purposes and is for legalization, but with regulations.

Her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will never completely disappear, but, she says: "You can get the symptoms to go away if you take care of yourself and if you are in the good company of people who care."

[continues 484 words]

86 CN ON: Film Festival Takes On Tough TopicWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Sentinel Review (CN ON) Author:Chessell, Bruce Area:Ontario Lines:65 Added:03/17/2017

Young filmmakers in Oxford County will have the chance to take on a tough topic: The effects of drugs and substance abuse.

The Oxford Drug Awareness Committee (ODAC) is asking young people between the ages of 14 to 24 across Oxford County to make and submit a short three-minute video that illustrates the effects of substance use relating to one of four topics: Overdose, alcohol, marijuana and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The videos should be well researched and can use different film methods like live-action, animation or claymation.

[continues 306 words]

87 CN ON: Owner Of Busted Cannabis Dispensary Pleads Guilty To TwoWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Northumberland Today (CN ON) Author:Fisher, Pete Area:Ontario Lines:52 Added:03/17/2017

COBOURG - The owner of a full service pot dispensary store that was busted last year pleaded guilty to two charges in February in Cobourg court.

South Shore Wellness - Full Service Cannabis Dispensary, which was located at 8987 County Road 45 in Roseneath, was busted on Aug. 17, 2016 by members of the Ontario Provincial Police Central East Drug Unit, assisted by Northumberland OPP.

The operator of the facility, Timothy Tucker, was arrested at the scene and taken away in handcuffs. He faced four charges under the Criminal Code including using a forged document, possession for the purpose of trafficking (marijuana), proceeds of crime (less than $5,000) and possession for the purpose of trafficking (cannabis resin).

[continues 187 words]

88 CN ON: Marijuana Legislation In Spring - MPWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:North Bay Nugget (CN ON) Author:Hamilton-McCharles, Jennifer Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:03/17/2017

'We'd rather take our time and do it right than rush into something and regret it later'

Nipissing-Timiskaming MP Anthony Rota expects to see legislation this spring to legalize marijuana.

The challenge, Rota says, is "making sure we get it right.

"We need to make sure we have it dispensed to places children can't get to, making sure that only adults can get to it and people of age," he said Tuesday.

"That is what is taking the most time right now. I was talking to Bill Blair (parliamentary secretary to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould) and he was saying we're likely to have something this spring. "We'd rather take our time and do it right than rush into something and regret it later. It comes down to how we regulate it and how we regulate the distribution"

[continues 322 words]

89 CN AB: City Staff Have Pot On The BrainWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Author:Simes, Jeremy Area:Alberta Lines:60 Added:03/17/2017

Officials mull ground rules for looming legalization

City staff are laying the ground rules for possible legal pot shops in Edmonton.

Councillors discussed a city report Tuesday that provides an initial look on what legal pot could look like as the city waits for the federal government to release more details on plans to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational use.

In the report, the city proposes adding "cannabis retail sales" and "cannabis lounges" to a bylaw that currently regulates development of bars and retail stores.

[continues 250 words]

90 CN ON: LTE: Move To Legalize Marijuana QuestionableWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Ontario Lines:50 Added:03/17/2017

"Six workers arrested in marijuana dispensaries raid," March 11

Just this week a report was released saying smoking marijuana can do the same serious damage to lungs as tobacco, which is common sense. The U.K. has done extensive studies showing young people who smoke marijuana have a greatly enhanced chance of suffering psychosis and other mental issues later in life. There is no easy roadside test for drivers in Canada believed to have smoked up. (In Colorado, traffic deaths have gone up substantially since it legalized pot).

[continues 208 words]

91CN BC: Column: Pot Still Risky Business Outside VancouverWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Moriarty, Wayne Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:03/17/2017

I am reminded often of how we live in something of a pot bubble here in Vancouver - how marijuana advocates enjoy a mostly hassle-free ride from the local constabulary.

These reminders come in the form of news stories and anecdotes from other jurisdictions where the sale and use of marijuana is not treated with the benign indifference it receives here. Surrey, for example. A lawyer friend was telling me just the other day how a client of his was arrested recently when the RCMP shut down a dispensary in that city. His client had no stake in the dispensary other than as a customer. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

[continues 421 words]

92CN AB: Council Works To Tighten Up Zoning Rules For Pot ShopsWed, 15 Mar 2017
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Stolte, Elise Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:03/17/2017

Edmonton moved to close loopholes in the zoning bylaw Tuesday to ensure marijuanasales can't happen in corner stores and residential neighbourhoods.

The zoning changes will also specifically ban toking in pubs, a move city planners called "preventative maintenance" to prepare Edmonton for the coming legalization of recreational marijuana use.

"So operations aren't able to legitimize blended uses," said senior planner Colton Kirsop at council's executive committee.

Kirsop recommended other zoning changes and smoking bans be delayed until the federal rules are clear so council debate doesn't "get lost in the weeds." Ottawa is expected in June to introduce legislation regarding recreational marijuana, with legalization to follow in 2019. Based on task force recommendations, it appears it will also legalize cannabis lounges, but ban drinking and smoking there, say city staff.

[continues 316 words]

93 CN ON: Smoke AlarmThu, 16 Mar 2017
Source:NOW Magazine (CN ON) Author:Delamont, Kieran Area:Ontario Lines:99 Added:03/17/2017

Police crackdown on Cannabis Culture dispensaries clouds future of Prince of Pot

The faint smell of marijuana smoke hung in the halls of Old City Hall on Friday, March 10; dozens had turned out for the bail hearing of Cannabis Culture dispensary owners Marc and Jodie Emery.

Bail conditions for Cannabis Culture's Marc Emery include his not being involved in operation of the stores.

The "Prince and Princess of Pot" were arrested, along with Chris Goodwin, Erin Goodwin and Britney Guerra, on Wednesday night and charged with a raft of marijuana-related offences, including trafficking and possession of the proceeds of crime. The arrests were part of Project Gator, a nationwide operation coordinated by Toronto police specifically targeting six Cannabis Culture locations in Toronto and Hamilton and Cannabis Culture's magazine offices in Vancouver, where computers were seized but no charges were laid against staff. Two Cannabis Culture stores in Ottawa were also raided, although police say those were not connected to Project Gator.

[continues 617 words]

94 CN ON: Tory Backs Police Raids To Weed Out Pot DispensariesMon, 13 Mar 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Powell, Betsy Area:Ontario Lines:71 Added:03/17/2017

Mayor backs legalization, but says cannabis capitalism has jumped the gun in the city

Mayor John Tory "strongly supports" the latest Toronto police crackdown on marijuana dispensaries even though the federal government will soon introduce legislation to legalize pot.

While Tory says he supports legalization, the people who have been selling pot out of city storefronts have jumped the gun.

"I just think when you have a law that you have to make your best efforts to enforce it," he said Friday, a day after the raids on pot shops in Toronto, Vancouver and Hamilton.

[continues 350 words]

95 US MA: PUB LTE: Pot Winning FansTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Boston Herald (MA) Author:Epstein, Steven S. Area:Massachusetts Lines:26 Added:03/17/2017

President Trump is ill advised to expend resources to shutdown state legal marijuana businesses ("€œPot plans moving forward despite toughtalk from Trump,"€ Feb. 27).

As Jacob Sullum points out in his column: "€œAccording to a recent Quinnipiac University survey, 59 percent of Americans think marijuana ˜should be made legal in the United States,"€™ while 71 percent "€˜oppose the government enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states that have already legalized medical or recreational marijuana."€™ Among Republicans, only 35 percent favored legalization, but 55 percent opposed federal interference with it."€

Steven S. Epstein, Georgetown


96 US OH: As Heroin Infests Farms, A Grieving Parent Fears For TheMon, 13 Mar 2017
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Healy, Jack Area:Ohio Lines:259 Added:03/17/2017

BLANCHESTER, Ohio - A life of farming taught Roger Winemiller plenty about harsh twists of fate: hailstorms and drought, ragweed infestations and jittery crop prices. He hadn't bargained on heroin.

Then, in March 2016, Mr. Winemiller's daughter, Heather Himes, 31, died of an opioid overdose at the family farmhouse, inside a first-floor bathroom overlooking fields of corn and soybeans. Mr. Winemiller was the one who unlocked the bathroom door and found her slumped over, a syringe by her side.

[continues 1994 words]

97 CN AB: Sowing The Seeds Of Pot LegalizationTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Martin, Tijana Area:Alberta Lines:105 Added:03/17/2017

Cannabis Crusader stops in Lethbridge

This spring, cannabis plants may start appearing in places you'd least expect. And it might be because of Dana Larsen's Overgrow Canada campaign.

On Monday night, the cannabis expert, activist and author spoke in Lethbridge for the first time as part of his Overgrow Canada Tour. The event took place at Moose Hall and attendees were given 100 free cannabis seeds to plant.

"Lethbridge has been somewhat excluded from these types of events in the past, just being a smaller city kind of off the beaten track, and I feel it's important to get this tour here to Lethbridge, to get the exposure to see that (marijuana) is here in Lethbridge as much as it is everywhere else in Canada, and the city needs to embrace that," said local event host Austin Moloughney.

[continues 646 words]

98CN BC: Police Seize Marijuana, Edibles From Dispensary Near SchoolTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Bell, Jeff Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:03/17/2017

Two people were arrested and 15 pounds of marijuana were seized when Nanaimo RCMP carried out a search warrant at one of two Nature's Source dispensaries in the city. Oils, marijuana edibles and $2,000 were also seized.

The 5th Street business was searched March 9 and remains closed. An employee at the other Nature's Source Nanaimo location on Front Street said the site will re-open as a glass shop.

The arrests were made for possession for the purpose of trafficking, with both people being released on a promise to appear in court Aug. 8.

[continues 241 words]

99 CN ON: Police Keep A Close Eye On DispensariesTue, 14 Mar 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Mercer, Greg Area:Ontario Lines:125 Added:03/17/2017

Five were warned they're at risk of being raided; one operator says he can't let 'our patients' down

KITCHENER - Waterloo Regional Police say they've warned five illegal marijuana dispensaries in the region they're at risk of being raided if they continue to flout the laws around selling cannabis.

After getting visits from officers and written warnings, several of the dispensaries have shut down. One that refused - Green Tree Medical Dispensary - was busted Friday by police, who seized $26,800 in pot, $5,400 in hash, edibles and $17,000 in cash.

[continues 761 words]

100 Canada: Editorial: Bringing The Pot Debate To A HeadMon, 13 Mar 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada)          Area:Canada Lines:64 Added:03/17/2017

The arrest in Toronto on Wednesday of Marc Emery, one of North America's leading pot legalization advocates, may seem draconian to his many supporters. But the law is the law, and those who are alleged to flout it risk arrest, regardless of their reasons for doing so.

No one knows this better than Mr. Emery. A diehard libertarian, he once spent four days in jail for violating Ontario's Sunday shopping laws. More famously, in 2005, he was arrested and eventually extradited to the United States, where he was sentenced to five years in prison for selling marijuana seeds to American customers.

[continues 362 words]

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