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1 CN ON: PUB LTE: Don't Give Up On ProhibitionThu, 18 Jan 2007
Source:NOW Magazine (CN ON) Author:Myrden, Alison Area:Ontario Lines:44 Added:01/18/2007

I applaud NOW's bravery for publishing the article Fuzz Cooling To War On Drugs, by Gwynne Dyer (NOW, January 11-17).

I am a legal medical marijuana user due to the chronic indications of multiple sclerosis and a terrible pain in my face 24 hours a day caused by a condition called tic douloureux. I am also a retired law enforcement officer and one of Canada's busiest speakers for LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

I'm a perfect example of people in this country and around the world who are caught in the middle of this catastrophic drug war. The strain of cannabis that works best for my health has been held hostage in the street market for the past 13 years. This, I'm sad to say, is not unusual. I receive minimal relief unless the strain available to me legally is coupled with more than 30 pharmaceutical pills a day and up to 2,000 milligrams of morphine. But I won't give up.

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2 CN BC: PUB LTE: Hemp Makes Climate DifferenceWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC) Author:Barth, Russell Area:British Columbia Lines:69 Added:01/18/2007

Editor, The Gazette:

No matter what is causing climate change, one of the best things Canadians could do to reduce greenhouse gasses is grow lots of Industrial Hemp.

We have the people, we have the land, we have the know-how - we just have no political will.

Hemp (the legal, non-drug version of the Cannabis plant) produces more ethanol fuel per acre than any other crop. It can be used for car, truck, boat, and airplane fuel, polymer body parts, lubricants, paint, and about 25,000 other things.

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3US FL: Inmate Takes Case To State Supreme Court For ReviewThu, 18 Jan 2007
Source:St. Petersburg Times (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:01/18/2007

Richard Paey, the man who uses a wheelchair and was sentenced as a drug trafficker for illegally obtaining the pain medication he needs, hasn't given up on the courts just yet.

The Pasco man, who is serving a 25-year sentence, has asked the Florida Supreme Court to review his case.

Among the issues Paey's lawyer, John Flannery, wants the court to decide is: Does the trafficking statute Paey was sentenced under in 2004 apply to patients obtaining drugs for their own treatment?

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4 US FL: Israeli Mob Suspect Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges, Will Face Prison At HoWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Author:Blum, Vanessa Area:Florida Lines:87 Added:01/18/2007

After his March extradition to the United States, alleged Israeli crime boss Ze'ev Rosenstein had a few words for his supporters: "This year a prisoner in Miami; next year a free man in Israel."

He got his fate half right. On Tuesday, the reputed godfather of the Israeli mob pleaded guilty to two drug smuggling charges as part of an unusual deal that could have him back in his native country within a week, although not as a free man.

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5 US FL: LTE: No To Tax Dollars For AddictsWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) Author:Spradling, Carl Area:Florida Lines:36 Added:01/18/2007

Re "Wrong system to change addicts," Jan. 9 letter:

I agree with the letter writer that people are infuriated when crimes are committed against their family members by drug users and dealers. If they are doing crimes, they should be incarcerated. Drug use is no excuse for doing crimes. The best way to put drug dealers out of business is not to purchase their merchandise.

It is amazing to me that with all of the information that has been put out about what drugs can do to people and their families, that people continue to use them. No, I have never touched an illegal drug in my life.

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6 US MD: Editorial: Filling The Treatment GapTue, 16 Jan 2007
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:60 Added:01/18/2007

There's a worthy effort in Annapolis to increase money for substance-abuse treatment around the state, using funds from the proposed $1 increase in the cigarette tax. A proposal that will be considered by the General Assembly would dedicate as much as $30 million a year to fighting drug and alcohol abuse - about half going to Baltimore - a desirable change from the yearly catch-as-catch-can funding that treatment typically receives.

It's another good reason, in addition to providing more money for health insurance, to support the cigarette tax increase.

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7US NC: Police Officers Criticize Mumpower For Distracting ThemThu, 18 Jan 2007
Source:Asheville Citizen-Times (NC) Author:Behsudi, Adam Area:North Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:01/18/2007

ASHEVILLE - A city councilman who says police are doing too little to combat illegal drug sales drew criticism this week after officers said he had endangered their safety.

Two officers, in e-mails to Chief Bill Hogan, said Councilman Carl Mumpower approached police three times during a traffic stop Friday outside the West Asheville police substation on Haywood Road.

Sgt. Mike Yelton, in an e-mail to his supervisor, said Mumpower distracted an officer watching for signs of trouble in a stop that involved a cocaine seizure.

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8 CN BC: Editorial: Junk ScienceWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:North Shore News (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:41 Added:01/18/2007

TWO reports released this week on Canada's drug strategy underscore the pointlessness of Ottawa's promise to get tough on drugs.

A poll of nearly 3,000 Canadians, published Tuesday, has shown that two-thirds of us would like to see greater emphasis on treatment and prevention. This comes just a day after the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, an agency funded partly by the province, concluded that close to three-quarters of federal funding intended to combat the problem goes toward enforcement. The Conservatives have recently promised to increase that commitment.

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9 CN ON: Pot Growers' Homes SeizedWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Wood, Dianne Area:Ontario Lines:118 Added:01/18/2007

Ambulance Called To Courthouse After Grandmother Passes Out

A grandmother collapsed in a Kitchener courtroom yesterday and her daughter sobbed for almost an hour after learning they and three other relatives must give up three houses they used to grow marijuana.

An ambulance was called to Ontario Court for Nam Thi Dinh, 53, who passed out after Justice Gary Hearn delivered his ruling. By the time paramedics arrived, Dinh was sitting up and sipping water, however.

She and her daughter, Que Kim Thi Nguyen, 28, who care for children found in the homes, were obviously devastated by the decision. It isn't clear how soon the families will have to move, but defence lawyers don't think it will be immediate.

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10 Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Governor Considers Putting NationalWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)          Area:Puerto Rico Lines:39 Added:01/18/2007

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The governor sent buses with guards to ferry children to school in violence-wracked neighborhoods Tuesday and was considering calling on National Guard troops to back police in response to a surge in drug-related violence in this U.S. Caribbean territory.

Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila was expected to announce later in the day whether he will call up National Guard troops to help police patrol housing projects in the Rio Piedras suburb of the capital and elsewhere where drug traffickers are battling each other for control.

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11 US FL: As Once-Quiet City Booms, So Do Drugs And ProstitutionWed, 17 Jan 2007
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Author:Mahoney, Rebecca Area:Florida Lines:78 Added:01/18/2007

ORANGE CITY Apartment manager James Stevens has a problem he never dreamed he would face in this quiet Central Florida town: prostitutes soliciting his tenants for sex in the street outside.

"I'm having to run them out of the parking lot here," said Stevens, who owns Fountainview Apartments. "People are moving out because of this."

Orange City -- once a bucolic town where 19th century paddlewheel steamers docked on the St. Johns River -- might seem an unlikely home for hookers.

But authorities in this small-but-growing city southwest of Daytona Beach say prostitution is on the rise.

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12US: A Controversial Weapon In The War Against DrugsThu, 18 Jan 2007
Source:Houston Chronicle (TX) Author:Otis, John Area:United States Lines:Excerpt Added:01/18/2007

Proponents Say A Fungus Could Eradicate Crops; Skeptics Ask If It's Effective And Safe

Is it a silver bullet in the war on drugs or an outlawed biological weapon?

Frustrated by the nonstop flow of cocaine and heroin into the United States, some American lawmakers are promoting mycoherbicides, weed killers made from toxic, mold-like fungi that they believe could be used to eliminate illegal drug crops for good.

For years, mycoherbicides had been largely written off by many U.S. officials. They were concerned the fungi could mutate to kill legitimate crops and that their use overseas would violate the United Nations' 31-year-old Biological Weapons Convention and other treaties.

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