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1 US NJ: Series: Marijuana And Criminal Justice In New JerseyTue, 07 Jun 2016
Source:New Jersey Herald (NJ) Author:Danzis, David Area:New Jersey Lines:240 Added:06/09/2016

EDITOR'S NOTE: Legalizing recreational marijuana is being considered in New Jersey.

The most recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows public support for legalizing recreational marijuana in New Jersey is 58 percent - the highest it's ever been - with 39 percent opposed.

Although Gov. Chris Christie has said he would not sign a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, both the state Senate and Assembly are working on legislation.

This is the third in a three-part series that will explore the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana and its potential effects on Sussex County and the surrounding area. The series looks at the economic, public health and criminal justice impact legalization could have. All three parts can be viewed at www.njherald.com.

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2 UK: Ban Will Not Stop Supply, Drugs Adviser WarnsWed, 08 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Gayle, Damien Area:United Kingdom Lines:41 Added:06/09/2016

The ban on legal highs will not lead to the disappearance of spice and other synthetic cannabis-like drugs because they are so profitable to dealers, a senior government drugs adviser has warned.

Prof Harry Sumnall, a member of the Home Office's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, said the economics of producing the substances - often collectively dubbed "spice" - versus that of growing traditional cannabis made them an appealing proposition.

Sumnall said the ingredients were easily available online. "We were making some in the lab the other day. Very, very easy to do, pretty much shake and bake. Really easy to make, highly profitable, these drugs aren't going anywhere."

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3 UK: PUB LTE: Rehabilitation Should Trump PunishmentWed, 08 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Collins, Jon Area:United Kingdom Lines:32 Added:06/09/2016

Everyone from the chief inspector of prisons to prisoners themselves is now expressing concerns about the impact that new psychoactive substances are having on prisoners, prison officers and the efficacy of the prison system (Prisoners reveal regular 'spice' habit has tripled, 1 June). Current approaches to addressing their use are not working, and the situation is getting worse.

HMP Forest Bank, however, is taking a fresh approach. Using the principles of restorative justice, it is encouraging those prisoners who are using spice and other so-called "legal highs" to face up to the impact of their behaviour on their fellow prisoners and on prison staff.

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4 UK: PUB LTE: Rehabilitation Should Trump PunishmentWed, 08 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Humphreys, Mick Area:United Kingdom Lines:41 Added:06/09/2016

Prison should not be regarded as a punishment (Letters, 2 June). It is place of restraint where those who are incorrigibly violent - such as terrorists and incurable psychopaths - must be kept.

Punishment is a consequence of this restraint, but it should not be its aim. Punishment can be achieved by much more effective means, eg ill-gotten gains can be sequestered and subsequent earnings mulcted. The aim must be restitution, reform and rehabilitation, not one-size-fits-all punishment.

Magistrates, who can only award useless short sentences, should have this power removed completely. Crown court judges should have their sentencing audited, and where it has proved ineffective they should be held to account. If all drugs were legally regulated imprisonment would reduce by about 65%.

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5 US CA: Column: The Great Weed Tax RevoltThu, 09 Jun 2016
Source:SF Weekly (CA) Author:Roberts, Chris Area:California Lines:105 Added:06/09/2016

At least one part of Scarface is accurate - the part when cocaine dealers amass ungodly sums of money and use it to transform the Miami skyline. So much cash was flowing into southern Florida in the late 1970s that, according to a U.S. Treasury analysis, the country's entire currency surplus could be traced to Miami banks.

To try to put a stop to this - or to at least grab a cut of the action - Congress amended the federal tax code in 1982 to include a section called 280E, which bars anyone dealing in controlled substances from claiming the cost of the drugs on their federal taxes.

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6 US CO: Column: Dear Stoner: Can I Use My MMJ Card In Vegas?Thu, 09 Jun 2016
Source:Westword (Denver, CO) Author:Fuego, Herbert Area:Colorado Lines:58 Added:06/09/2016

Dear Stoner:I'm going to Vegas in October and wonder if I can use my Colorado medical card to pick up a little medicine while I'm there. Rich

Dear Rich: Nevada is one of the few medical marijuana states with a reciprocity law that allows out-of-state patients to possess and purchase cannabis while they're visiting. Although the state might not have as many dispensaries or options as you'll find in Colorado, Nevada has become a haven for patients coming from states with more restrictive regulations - and those coming from states with no MMJ. A February article in the Las Vegas Sun detailed how pre-screened tourists with a valid California ID or U.S. passport boarded a California-bound bus in Vegas and were connected with a doctor, who evaluated the tourists for a California medical card. If the tourists were approved, a medical marijuana recommendation was printed on the bus in Vegas, where the new patients were then free to visit dispensaries and carry and consume cannabis.

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7 US OR: Column: Just Don't Call It A Bud And BreakfastThu, 09 Jun 2016
Source:Portland Mercury (OR) Author:Jardine, Josh Area:Oregon Lines:93 Added:06/09/2016

A Look at the Cannabis-Friendly North Fork 53 Homestead

IN A FUTURE COLUMN, we'll take a closer look at the seemingly schizophrenic rules being issued by city and state agencies that are making it damn near impossible to find anyplace outside your home to consume cannabis. (Spoiler alert: It's not going to be a feel-good column.) But for now, let's talk about something that will be a feel-good experience, namely the multifaceted gem North Fork 53, just down the road a piece on Highway 53 by Manzanita.

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8 US OR: Column: Are We Headed Toward 'Big Canna'?Thu, 09 Jun 2016
Source:Portland Mercury (OR) Author:Sliwoski, Vince Area:Oregon Lines:70 Added:06/09/2016

Are Giant Marijuana Companies on the Way?

Will new cannabis laws create giant marijuana companies, like a Philip Morris or Anheuser-Busch of weed?


The pot industry is in a curious place. On one hand, it is still a cottage industry. On the other, there are lots and lots of cottages, with legal sales projected to hit $6.7 billion this year. Somehow this is happening despite recreational weed being legal in just four states and despite the strictures of federal law. Since we have no idea how pot will be regulated going forward, it's actually kind of fun to theorize about it.

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9 US CA: Column: 'Marijuana' Isn't RacistThu, 09 Jun 2016
Source:North Coast Journal (Arcata, CA) Author:Scott-Goforth, Grant Area:California Lines:143 Added:06/09/2016

Last year, I watched a room full of white people cheer as a white grower told a panel of white lawmakers that the word "marijuana" was racist.

It wasn't the first time I'd heard that particular line of thinking, and certainly wasn't the last. It's been repeated by many in the industry, from gentle reminders at public meetings to blog posts from Oakland-based weed heavyweight the Harborside Health Center. It's gaining purchase in government circles.

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