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1 CN ON: Legal Marijuana Concerns MaddWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:North Bay Nugget (CN ON) Author:Hamilton-McCharles, Jennifer Area:Ontario Lines:57 Added:01/15/2018

Organization recognizes officer of the year

North Bay police Const. Mitch Thomas is surprised how many people still get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Thomas arrested six people for impaired in 2017 and was recognized during Tuesday's monthly police services board meeting as the Mothers Against Drunk Driving officer of the year.

Thomas, who has been an officer for the past three years, said he still remembers the first motorist he charged with impaired.

"It was a gentleman from out of town. We got the call just after the bar rush," Thomas said.

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2 CN BC: Vernon Restricts Sale Of MarijuanaWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Morning Star, The (CN BC) Author:Gerding, Barry Area:British Columbia Lines:78 Added:01/15/2018

Vernon City Hall continues to walk a line of uncertainty over how and where marijuana might be legally purchased in the city.

While Ottawa is on board with legalizing the sale of marijuana, the province is yet to work out the rules for its retail availability.

As a result, all B.C. communities are left in a zoning bylaw quandary on how to proceed.

In response on Monday, council gave first reading to bylaw 5000 amendments limiting the sale of cannabis in Vernon retail outlets to provide some legal clarification until the province mandates how and where marijuana is to be sold.

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3 CN BC: Cannabis: Council Passes Moratorium After Public HearingWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Metcalfe, Bill Area:British Columbia Lines:54 Added:01/15/2018

The ban on cannabis businesses extends to July and does not include current medical dispensaries

Only two people presented their views at a public hearing held by city hall on Monday to get the public's reaction to a proposed moratorium on recreational cannabis sales. Both presentations took less than one minute.

Brenton Raby said he supports the moratorium. He said he hopes the city will change its terminology by replacing the word "marijuana" with the word "cannabis."

Herb Couch said he is pleased that the moratorium does not include medical cannabis.

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4 CN ON: LTE: Ad Campaign Won't WorkWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Braund, Marie Area:Ontario Lines:26 Added:01/15/2018

Ahead of its July deadline for legalizing recreational marijuana use in Canada, the federal government has launched a ad campaign warning of the risks of drug-impaired driving. I wonder if any elected official has noticed ads warning against drinking and driving have not eliminated drunk driving. The new ads won't work either. The way to curb drug-impaired driving is to not make cannabis legal for recreational purposes. Cannabis should only be marketed for seriously ill people on a doctor's prescription.

Marie Braund



5 CN ON: Local MPs Split On Marijuana LawWed, 10 Jan 2018
Source:Glengarry News, The (CN ON) Author:Carmichael, Scott Area:Ontario Lines:81 Added:01/15/2018

The federal with a handful of minor revisions, passed its third and final reading in the House of Commons November 27 and has moved on to the Senate for further review and discussion.

A total of 200 Members of Parliament voted in favour of the legislation - Bill C-45 - with 82 voting against it.

Following the final vote, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted "we're one step closer to legalizing & regulating marijuana. #BillC45 means less money for organized crime and harder access for our kids."

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6CN BC: OPED: The Pain Behind Opioid CrisisFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Soles, Trina Larsen Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Adverse childhood experiences linked to drug abuse, says TrinaLarsen Soles.

The opioid epidemic is the biggest public health crisis to hit B.C. in decades. Upwards of four people a day are dying of overdoses, usually due to fentanyl poisoning of the street drug supply.

To date the B.C. government has committed $322 million to address the crisis, including opening more supervised consumption sites, providing naloxone kits, urging people not to use alone, and trying to stop tainted drugs from coming into B.C.

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7CN SN: Fentanyl Finding Way Into Sask. JailsFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:Polischyuk, Heather Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Corrections officials have antidote available for potential overdoses

Fentanyl has been found within all the province's adult correctional centres, a provincial spokesman has confirmed.

The drug has made the news repeatedly, blamed for a rash of deaths throughout the country. As with other trends in the illegal drug world, Saskatchewan has been far from immune, having witnessed a number of deaths and non-fatal overdoses related to this and other opioids.

Drew Wilby, spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said one other pattern has proved true here - that what's available on the streets is also available in jail.

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8CN AB: OPED: A Fresh Way Of Responding To Opioid EpidemicSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Soles, Trina Larsen Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Let's shift our approach, writes Dr. Trina Larsen Soles

The opioid epidemic is the biggest public health crisis to hit in decades.

One potential response, in addition to opening more supervised consumption sites, providing better access to Naloxone kits, urging people not to use alone, and trying to stop tainted drugs from being accessible - could be to deepen our public understanding and shift our approach to a more compassionate and effective outcome: recognizing and addressing the underlying role of adverse childhood experiences and how they make individuals more vulnerable to substance use.

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9 Canada: PUB LTE: The Rush To Slow DownFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Vickers, Gary Area:Canada Lines:39 Added:01/09/2018

Re Majority Of Canadians Are Against Legalizing Pot By July 1, Poll Finds (Jan. 3): Yet again, we're told that Canadians do not want to rush our municipalities, provinces and country into legalized marijuana.

In the more than two years since the election of a government supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana, reactionary talking heads have taken every opportunity to stall and delay the implementation process.

We have had more than ample time to discuss the important issues and prepare as well as can be expected for the legal sale and distribution of cannabis in Canada. California, a state with a population greater than Canada, voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November of 2016 and the product is already available for purchase in their state.

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10 CN AB: LTE: Safe Injection Sites Won't Solve ProblemFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:O'Hara, Phil Area:Alberta Lines:41 Added:01/09/2018

Re. "Opioids kill hundreds," Dec. 28

This is a terrible tragedy and health professionals need to be supported in their evidence-based efforts to prevent these deaths.

However, this story, like many media reports, inaccurately frames the approval of four supervised drug injection sites in Edmonton as a "positive development" in efforts to prevent these deaths.

In contrast, the Journal's headline on the day after these sites were announced was "Injection sites may do little for fentanyl crisis, experts say" (Feb. 23, 2017).

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11 CN NS: Developer Hopes Fish Urine Gives Edge In Cannabis MarketSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Rankin, Andrew Area:Nova Scotia Lines:91 Added:01/09/2018

Editor's Note: This is the fourth in a series of stories focusing on people in Nova Scotia who will be delving into the marijuana industry.

Fish urine is the secret sauce that will allow some 50,000 cannabis plants to thrive in Liverpool. We'll get to that momentarily. Myrna Gillis, founder and president of Aqualitas, reported recently her company had collected $8.7 million from investors across Canada and the United States.

Three years into the making, and Gillis says Aqualitas has its sights set on a cultivating licence next month, allowing a minimum of 60 people to go to work in a job-starved area that was devastated by the closure of the Bowater newsprint mill in 2012. The Aqualitis plant itself occupies the former Bowater site.

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12 CN AB: PUB LTE: Marijuana High Isn't So Long-LastingSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Tarrant, Ted Area:Alberta Lines:24 Added:01/09/2018

Re: "Marijuana isn't without its risks," Letter, Jan. 4.

As is typical of marijuana scaremongers, Jack Falk misconstrues the fact that marijuana metabolites are detectable in the body for a longer period than alcohol. The effects of marijuana (the high, if you will), however, are fairly short-lived (two to three hours if smoked, six to 12 hours if ingested). The letter writer needs to educate himself a little before making such easily repudiated claims.

Ted Tarrant, Calgary


13CN BC: Government Hiring For Marijuana Retail IndustrySat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Brown, Scott Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

The B.C. government will soon be weeding through resumes as the province looks to hire the right people to run its marijuana-sales business.

The province will be the sole wholesale distributor of recreational pot through the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch when cannabis becomes legal across Canada, which is expected to happen this summer.

The B.C. Public Service Agency is advertising two jobs - executive director and director of merchandising - for the liquor branch's cannabis operations.

Qualifications for the executive director job, which pays between $126,000 and $140,000 a year, include having a post-secondary degree in a related field and "several years of progressive senior leadership experience" in leading a wholesale and retail division.

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14Canada: Canada's Top Pot Expert On Weed's Path To LegalizationSat, 06 Jan 2018
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Ligaya, Armina Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Even though Ernest Small was the biggest legal grower of legal marijuana in North America back in the 1970s and is the federal government's foremost pot expert, the Canadian researcher is in disbelief that the country is on the cusp of legalizing the drug's recreational use.

The principal research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who was named to the Order of Canada last week, says the aura around marijuana in government and law enforcement circles was "repressive and conservative" for decades.

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15CN BC: Growing Need For Addiction Help In Construction IndustryThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Culbert, Lori Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

They climb high buildings, bend steel and do dangerous jobs with little room for error, but while sounding a bit like superheroes, many fly under the radar as they struggle with mental health and addiction problems.

A construction industry program that offers additional services and mental health treatment has seen demand more than double in the past year, driven by the fentanyl epidemic and the organization's efforts to reach more workers.

"It is frightening what is happening in our industry. One of the reasons we are seeing so many people coming in is because they are scared," Vicky Waldron, executive director of the Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan, told Postmedia News.

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16CN AB: Hundreds Of Aspiring Legal Pot Retailers Aim To Set Up Shop InFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Kaufmann, Bill Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

At least 200 potential marijuana retailers have expressed interest in setting up shop in Calgary, says the city official responsible for planning for the impending legalization of recreational cannabis.

Matt Zabloski said retail expectations could be getting out of hand, depending on provincial directives on how such shops will be located and regulated - guidelines that should be provided next month.

"There are a lot of people putting a lot of money into this now and there are no guarantees," said Zabloski, who's working with as many as 17 city business units to prepare for legalization, expected to take effect this summer.

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17CN SN: Mayor Says City May Miss July 1 Date For Pot RulesTue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Tank, Phil Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Until province reveals its full plans, revision of bylaws is stuck in limbo

The landscape for legal marijuana in Saskatoon remains hazy, even though the provincial government released part of its plan.

On Monday, Mayor Charlie Clark told reporters he welcomed more clarity from the province, but could not guarantee the city's complex regulatory regime will be in place for July 1, the federal government's target date for marijuana legalization.

Clark spoke after a city council committee discussed possible bylaw changes that will depend on the provincial rules. Saskatchewan remains the only province that has not released its plan for legalized marijuana.

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18 CN BC: LTE: Stoned Life Not 'Worth Living'Tue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Siedlecka, Bozenna Area:British Columbia Lines:23 Added:01/09/2018

One can only hope that people around the world are enlightened enough not to follow Canada's commitment to making its citizens brainless for good all for the sake of a vibrant marijuana industry making big money.

The euphoria marijuana creates is short, while the miserable life it sometimes produces for its worshippers is a struggle and not the kind of life worth living.

Bozenna Siedlecka, Port Moody


19CN SN: City Needs Answers On Pot Plan, Mayor SaysTue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:White-Crummey, Arthur Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Regina's mayor is faulting the province for "drip, drip, dripping " information on marijuana regulation, and for failing to provide the clarity the city needs to craft its own plan.

Despite his issues, he said Regina will not take advantage of the province's offer to "say no to a licence."

The province announced Monday that cannabis will be sold through licensed private retailers and regulated through the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. But Mayor Michael Fougere said he still has questions about how the move will affect Regina.

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20 CN ON: Pot Control On The AgendaTue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:Simcoe Reformer, The (CN ON) Author:Sonnenberg, Monte Area:Ontario Lines:53 Added:01/09/2018

New report offers control options for odour, light, noise

Norfolk County may soon have well-defined rules governing the production of recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Marijuana production facilities have proliferated unchecked in Norfolk over the past two years. These are medicinal in nature and loosely governed by Health Canada regulations.

These facilities are not subject to provincial planning policies. As such, increased production has occurred in a policy vacuum that has given rise to land-use conflicts related to smell, noise and light pollution.

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21CN SN: Private Sector To Sell Pot Under Provincial PlanTue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Fraser, D. C. Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

City on deck for seven outlets, with retailers selected in a lottery

Saskatchewan is planning to allow private retailers to sell cannabis products, once they are legalized this summer by the federal government.

Regina will be able to have six retailers, while Saskatoon can have seven. About 60 stores, which must be stand-alone shops and will also be able to sell products online, will be located in 40 communities throughout the province.

The Saskatchewan Party government is allowing communities with a population of at least 2,500 to be eligible for a cannabis retailer.

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22CN ON: Police Eyes Are On Needle BubbleTue, 09 Jan 2018
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Egan, Kelly Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2018

Surveillance intimidates clients, staff at Inner City Health's safe injection site

All is not rosy at Ottawa's first sanctioned safe injection site in Lowertown.

The executive director of Ottawa Inner City Health, which operates the legal drug-taking site from a trailer at Shepherds of Good Hope, said Ottawa police regularly have a cruiser parked by the steps to the facility.

"We are having really significant problems currently and we're hoping we can resolve them," said Wendy Muckle.

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23 CN ON: Hamilton Pot Dispensaries Growing Like A WeedMon, 08 Jan 2018
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Buist, Steve Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:01/08/2018

Number has tripled over the past year, according to city report

A new report shows the number of marijuana dispensaries operating in the city has tripled in the past year despite increased bylaw enforcement efforts.

According to the report released Friday, there are 46 marijuana dispensaries operating in Hamilton, compared to 15 in operation last January.

While the federal government is expected to legalize marijuana this summer, marijuana dispensaries are illegal, according to the report - prepared by Ken Leendertse, Hamilton's director of licensing and bylaw services.

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24CN AB: Column: Thanks To Pot, We Have A Drug War We Can WinMon, 08 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Nelson, Chris Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/08/2018

Second-hand smoke concerns will cut into consumption

The war on drugs is about to get a lot more interesting, here in Alberta.

And not because of another tough-talking "lock everyone up and throw away the keys" politician. Heck, we've seen that lot come and go without making the slightest dent in an age-old problem, though it did help get them elected.

Nope, that was just blather, bluster and tossing peanuts to the gallery. Sure, politicians and law enforcement agencies love that standby news conference where oodles of some drugs, bundles of cash and a few handguns and semiautomatic weapons are proudly displayed for effect.

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25 CN ON: Fentanyl Found In Cocaine, Police WarnMon, 08 Jan 2018
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Daniszewski, Hank Area:Ontario Lines:88 Added:01/08/2018

London police are warning the public that cocaine seized in November contained the deadly opioid fentanyl.

Health Canada tests confirmed the presence of fentanyl - an opioid 100 times more powerful than morphine - in drugs found on a 33-year-old London man after he was arrested.

"This is the first time in London that both cocaine and fentanyl were discovered in the same sample," police said in a news release Sunday.

"It is not confirmed if the drugs were intentionally or inadvertently mixed."

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26CN AB: Crime-Busting Team Keeps Afoot On Gasa In War With GangsMon, 08 Jan 2018
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Graney, Juris Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/08/2018

ALERT boss says officers will focus on keeping up with tech-savvy bad guys

Disarming and dismantling the upper echelon of organized crime groups in Alberta is in the sights of the province's dedicated guns and gang investigators in 2018, says the province's integrated law enforcement boss.

But in order to disrupt the complex networks of drug-running and gun-toting criminals in Alberta, officers will need to stay ahead of the technology curve as these groups - which include some of the province's most notorious outlaw motorcycle gangs - are becoming increasingly tech savvy.

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27CN BC: Industrial Pot Growing Criticized For Heavy Use Of PowerMon, 08 Jan 2018
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Kane, Laura Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/08/2018

VANCOUVER - Dan Sutton always assumed cannabis had to be grown indoors.

The former technology professional was new to the marijuana industry in 2012 when he founded Tantalus Labs. The stereotypical image of a large industrial warehouse, with pot plants growing under bright lights and fans, loomed large in his mind.

But when Sutton asked academics, horticulturists and engineers for advice, they all told him that no crop on the planet is grown indoors on a commercial scale.

"It just doesn't really make a huge amount of sense to replace the energy of sunlight, which is so abundant and obviously healthy for leafy green crops, with a synthetic alternative," he said.

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28 Canada: High Hopes For Canada's Cannabis IndustryFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Hamilton Spectator (CN ON) Author:Ligaya, Armina Area:Canada Lines:68 Added:01/07/2018

U.S. pot enforcement policy could give companies north of the border an advantage

A move by the U.S. Attorney General to quash an Obama-era policy that allowed legalized pot to flourish south of the border dealt a blow to marijuana stocks Thursday, but observers and industry players say the crackdown is a boon for the Canadian cannabis industry.

On Thursday, Jeff Sessions rescinded the 2013 Obama administration guidance that suggested the federal government would not intervene in U.S. states where the drug is legal, which has opened the door for several states to legalize pot for medical and recreational purposes.

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29 CN ON: Pot Business EmbracedFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Northern News (CN ON) Author:Karstens-Smith, Gemma Area:Ontario Lines:106 Added:01/07/2018

First Nations invest in KL marijuana business

KIRKLAND LAKE - Canada's marijuana industry is expanding rapidly and some First Nations are looking to cash in on the emerging economic opportunities.

Phil Fontaine, an Indigenous politician turned marijuana executive, has spent the past year travelling the country and talking to First Nations about jobs, wealth and training opportunities the burgeoning marijuana business could bring.

"Everywhere we've been, it's been the same reaction, interest, excitement," said the former national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. "First Nations are speaking about possibilities and potential. So it's been very encouraging. "Marijuana businesses represent "tremendous potential" for First Nations, partially because communities are able to get in on the ground floor, instead of fighting to catch up years later as has traditionally been the case, Fontaine said.

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30 US CA: LTE: California Will Regret Legalizing MarijuanaWed, 03 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Burnham, Ellen L. Area:California Lines:46 Added:01/07/2018

To the editor: The commercial interests driving the rapid legalization of marijuana in California call to mind the playbook of Big Tobacco. ("For marijuana users, it's high times as California makes recreational use legal," Jan. 2)

Decades passed and millions of lives were harmed before the adverse impact of cigarettes was acknowledged. During that time, Big Tobacco stifled government investigation of tobacco's potential harm while manipulating their product's addictive properties and marketing to children.

Since the liberalization of marijuana laws in Colorado, more people use marijuana than ever before, and many have or will become addicted. Use of healthcare resources for marijuana-associated illnesses has also increased here.

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31 US CA: PUB LTE: Cannabis Concerns Apply Equally To AlcoholWed, 03 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Bigelow, Bert Area:California Lines:36 Added:01/07/2018

To the editor: The three letters you published in "California moves into its marijuana future on Jan. 1. Some readers are not eager to make the leap" stated the following concerns about marijuana use, most of which apply equally to alcohol.

Law enforcement does not have adequate test criteria for driving under the influence. While there is no blood-alcohol test for pot, police have many other field sobriety tests, including "walking the line," reciting the alphabet backward and the "eye and penlight test." A driver may pass the 0.08% blood alcohol content test and still be arrested for DUI if he or she drives erratically or exhibits slurred speech or other cognitive difficulties.

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32 US CA: PUB LTE: Criminal Justice Reform Is Long OverdueWed, 03 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Veenhuizen, Melissa Area:California Lines:28 Added:01/07/2018

To the editor: For far too long, our poor, working class and communities of color have been suffering due to unjust criminal persecution for minor offenses like possession of marijuana.

The time for criminal justice reform is long overdue. We ought to divert money from prisons into education and drug recovery programs.

What happened in Portugal after it decriminalized drugs compared with the U.S. when Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Clinton fought their war on drugs is incredibly telling. We need to change our way of thinking and get back to helping our communities, our brothers and sisters, succeed and thrive in this country.

Melissa Veenhuizen, Long Beach


33 US CA: For Marijuana Users, It's High Times As California MakesTue, 02 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Gerber, Marisa Area:California Lines:173 Added:01/07/2018

"Groove on! Groove on!" blared from speakers outside a gray warehouse in Santa Ana. Inside, a line of 60 people snaked through the shop, waiting to be helped by a budtender.

"We were bombarded!" said Robert Taft Jr., founder of the marijuana dispensary 420 Central.

When the shop opened at 7 a.m. Monday -- Day 1 of legal recreational pot sales in California -- a handful of people had already lined up. Within two hours, more than 100 customers, some still nursing holiday hangovers, had made purchases. As they walked out, Taft shouted, "Enjoy your new freedom!"

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34 US CA: State Pot Bureau Ready To Enforce California's New MarijuanaTue, 02 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:McGreevy, Patrick Area:California Lines:43 Added:01/07/2018

The state has issued 104 licenses for retail stores to sell marijuana for recreational use in California and 239 other applications for those permits are pending, officials said Tuesday.

An official with the state Bureau of Cannabis Control added that the agency is prepared to begin taking enforcement action against pot shops that are not properly licensed.

"The bureau's enforcement team is ready to respond to any complaints it receives and start doing compliance checks and site visits at any time," said Alex Traverso, a spokesman for the bureau.

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35US NY: Medical Marijuana Companies Sue NY Health Department OnTue, 02 Jan 2018
Source:Journal News, The (NY) Author:Robinson, David Area:New York Lines:Excerpt Added:01/07/2018

The five medical marijuana companies in New York have filed a lawsuit to block new cannabis businesses, claiming the growth threatens to kill the fledgling industry that has struggled to sell the drug to critically ill patients.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the state Department of Health from allowing five new companies to grow and sell medical marijuana in New York. The companies in the legal fight include Vireo Health and Etain, which are selling cannabis-based drugs at dispensaries in downtown White Plains and Yonkers, The Journal News/lohud has learned from court records. There is also a dispensary in Kingston, Ulster County.

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36 US: Trump Administration Targets Recreational PotThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Halper, Evan Area:United States Lines:258 Added:01/07/2018

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions ended an Obama-era federal policy that provided legal shelter for marijuana sales in California and five other states that have allowed recreational pot, placing at risk thousands of marijuana businesses operating legally under state laws.

The Justice Department move on Thursday plunged California's fledgling recreational pot market into further uncertainty, and was met with a bipartisan backlash from lawmakers in states where marijuana is now sold legally to any adult who wants to buy it.

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37 CN NS: Dispenser Foresees Growing Demand For Medical MarijuanaThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:MacInnis, Adam Area:Nova Scotia Lines:65 Added:01/07/2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first in a series of stories focusing on people in Nova Scotia who will be delving into the marijuana industry.

Legalization of marijuana was a long time coming, but Carl Morgan believes the future is bright for selling the product in Nova Scotia.

Morgan is currently the owner of two medical marijuana dispensaries - Scotia Green Inc. on East River Road in New Glasgow and one on Spring Garden Road in Halifax.

While they've had some uphill battles, he believes the business will continue to grow into the New Year despite the fact the province has made the decision that recreational marijuana will be sold at Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation outlets. Morgan believes there will be some key differences that separate recreational and medical marijuana including price and ease of access.

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38 CN BC: LTE: More Oppose LegalizationThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Daily Courier, The (CN BC) Author:Gauthier, Mel Area:British Columbia Lines:58 Added:01/07/2018

Dear editor:

Re: "Looking ahead to 2018," editorial by James Miller (Daily Courier, Jan. 2).

Miller's statement that "most Canadians support legalizing pot," where does he get his information on this presumption?

I believe it's completely opposite to Miller's so-called facts. Most Canadians do not support Prime Minister Trudeau's pot plan for Canada. We will become potheads all because of just a few potheads from the big cities like Vancouver and back east.

I would guess that 80 per cent of Canadians are against it, or maybe as high as 90 per cent. So 10 or 20 per cent doesn't sound to me as "most Canadians."

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39 CN AB: LTE: Marijuana Isn't Without Its RisksThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Falk, Jack Area:Alberta Lines:32 Added:01/07/2018

Re: "Nothing to fear from legal pot," Letter, Jan. 3.

Comparing pot's effects to alcohol is apples and oranges. The effects of alcohol leave the body when the alcohol is gone (or soon after).

The effects of pot most assuredly do not.

Consider this the next time you're returning from vacation on a late-night flight: The air traffic controller has returned from days off, during which time he can use weed as he wishes. It's a quiet night, and he sits back, all mellow and relaxed, then starts issuing instructions to the wrong aircraft.

This is but one possibility. Think about jobs such as an oil worker on the floor of a drilling rig, or a highrise construction worker - or your surgeon poised over your brain with a scalpel.

Jack Falk, Calgary


40 CN ON: LTE: Not Ready For MarijuanaThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Kingston Whig-Standard (CN ON) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Ontario Lines:37 Added:01/07/2018

Re: "Sleeping driver found with drugs," Dec. 28.

This may well be an indication of what we can expect when marijuana becomes legal next summer, and it should trouble everyone, especially the police. Since pot was legalized in Colorado and Washington states, the number of road deaths have doubled.

In Canada, there still is no simple roadside test for impairment by marijuana consumption, as Trudeau placed the cart before the horse by legalizing pot so quickly.

Unlike alcohol, which is excreted from the system in about 12 hours, the THC in marijuana that causes someone to get stoned remains in the system for many, many days. This means someone may ended up driving impaired without having smoked marijuana recently, or having smoked a small amount.

No wonder the chiefs of police have said they simply are not ready for marijuana legalization.

Larry Comeau



41 CN BC: LTE: Pot Is 'Societal Failure'Thu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Turner, Gord Area:British Columbia Lines:38 Added:01/07/2018

Re: Op-ed by marijuana industry investor Dan Kriznic.

It appears Kriznic has been sampling his product. That's the only way I can account for his over-the-top description of what's going on in the money grubbing battle for pot dollars.

I get it that this move is in the cards since people refuse to just quit. But to describe the Canadian marijuana model as showing the world "something noble and dignified, a structure that will draw people from around the world seeking education and enlightenment" makes marijuana's legalization sound like the discovery of penicillin.

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42CN AB: 'Worrisome' Rush To Set Up Pot Shops Before LegalizationThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Kaufmann, Bill Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:01/07/2018

Marijuana dispensary firms' efforts to launch dozens of franchises and shops in Calgary has ignited concerns of a chaotic scramble ahead of the drug's recreational legalization.

Calgary-based Spiritleaf has attracted 40 entrepreneurs willing to put up a $25,000 franchise fee to operate a cannabis retailing store under the company's name, said CEO Darren Bondar.

"We're well-positioned to be ahead of the game and being an iconic brand based in Alberta," said Bondar, who has exhibited at marijuana industry expos in the city.

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43 Canada: LTE: Liberals' Pot NarrativeThu, 04 Jan 2018
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Canada Lines:39 Added:01/07/2018

Re Majority Of Canadians Are Against Legalizing Pot By July 1, Poll Finds (Jan. 3): Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first floated his plan to legalize marijuana, the narrative has always been that by cutting out the black market, this would protect children who are at serious risk.

Having been a police officer for close to 40 years, this is a leap into fantasy land. Black market pot sales have continued in the states of Colorado and Washington after marijuanalegalization, and they will do so here.

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44CN SN: City Pushes Province To Release Its Pot StrategyFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Tank, Phil Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:01/07/2018

Restrictions on smoking in Saskatoon should include marijuana once legalization takes effect, and the province needs to release its plan as soon as possible, a new city report says.

The report, which proposes possible areas that need to be addressed once the Saskatchewan Party provincial government releases its strategy, is on the agenda for a city council committee meeting on Monday.

"It is essential that the province's plan for cannabis be released as soon as possible to ensure that any local regulations that city council may wish to pursue are appropriate and relevant under the provincial regime that will be put in place," the report says.

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45 CN NS: N.S. Man Has High Hopes To Convert Abattoir To Marijuana PlantFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Truro Daily News (CN NS) Author:Beswick, Aaron Area:Nova Scotia Lines:136 Added:01/07/2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the third in a series of stories focusing on people in Nova Scotia who will be delving into the marijuana industry.

Up an Antigonish County woods road, Frank MacMaster's surroundings were modest.

But the camp where he's spending the winter was warm, courtesy of a fire going in the wood stove, and there was a microwave with which to make a visitor tea.

Most importantly, there was a dream that appears about to bear significant fruit.

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46 CN ON: LTE: Money GrabFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Sentinel Review (CN ON) Author:Morris, Alan Area:Ontario Lines:23 Added:01/07/2018

Governments raise a lot of revenue by taxing alcohol and tobacco. Now they are turning their sights on cannabis. A lot of young people think that using marijuana is a good thing. But, like any drug, cannabis can lead to addiction and ruin a person's life, all because our greedy government wants the tax money.

Alan Morris



47 CN NF: Column: 2018 Is Gonna Be Far-Out, ManFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Jones, Brian Area:Newfoundland Lines:98 Added:01/07/2018

Predictions and Top 10 lists are popular topics this time of year, but never mind the other nine - let's talk dope and hypocrisy.

After half a century of pointless law enforcement and the demonstrably insane "war on drugs," which Canada mindlessly followed the U.S.A. into, 2018 will prove to be a historic year - come July, if the federal Liberals follow through on their promise to legalize marijuana, the hippies and stoners will be proven right, and the politicians, police chiefs and conservative pundits will be proven wrong.

[continues 574 words]

48 CN BC: Public Hearing On Recreational Pot Next WeekFri, 05 Jan 2018
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Metcalfe, Bill Area:British Columbia Lines:71 Added:01/07/2018

Nelson council will hold a public hearing on Monday about its intention to disallow recreational cannabis businesses at least until July. It plans to do this through change to its zoning bylaw.

Council decided in December that it wants this moratorium because it does not want anyone opening up a recreational cannabis business in Nelson before federal and provincial rules are made known in the summer, and before council has carried out a public consultation process that will start this month.

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49 US CA: Recreational Pot Sales Roll Out In California, WithMon, 01 Jan 2018
Source:Hartford Courant (CT) Author:Jennings, Angel Area:California Lines:164 Added:01/06/2018

Legal sale of recreational marijuana began in California on Monday with fanfare, and some anxiety.

Companies began selling pot in a relatively small number of businesses Monday, with more expected to join in the coming days and weeks.

The state has issued dozens of permits for retailers to begin recreational sales this week, expanding a market that is expected to grow to $7 billion annually by 2020. Several of those retailers are in West Hollywood, but they won't open until Tuesday at the city's request. That makes Santa Ana's licensed stores the closest option for Angelenos who want to buy recreational marijuana on New Year's Day. Buyers could also trek to San Diego or the Palm Springs area to purchase pot.

[continues 1015 words]

50 Canada: Pot Taxes Will Adjust To Keep The Prices RightWed, 03 Jan 2018
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Wingrove, Josh Area:Canada Lines:73 Added:01/06/2018

Legal weed will have to compete with black market, Bill Blair says

OTTAWA- Justin Trudeau's marijuana czar is warning that policy-makers may need to adjust taxes to prevent prices from falling too low after legalization. Canadian marijuana companies - which have surged in value - will achieve economies of scale that will help drive down production costs, according to Bill Blair, the lawmaker and former Toronto police chief leading the legalization effort.

Prices and taxation levels will then need to be monitored to keep them competitive enough to achieve the government's goal of starving out the illegal market, without pricing things too low and encouraging excess use, Blair said in an interview last month.

[continues 347 words]

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