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1 US FL: LTE: Push For Medical Pot Is A Pro-Obama PlotThu, 02 Jan 2014
Source:Florida Today (Melbourne, FL) Author:Jaffe, Todd Area:Florida Lines:46 Added:01/04/2014

The American Society of Addiction Medicine opposes the concept of "medical marijuana" legalization. The belief that marijuana is non-addictive is false. The belief that marijuana does not lead to stronger drugs in susceptible individuals is false. The belief that there is no marijuana medication already available is false.

The facts are addiction is a genetic disease in most cases, mediated by dopamine as the primary transmitter.

The drug of choice that causes its release may vary, but any drug that releases dopamine - which marijuana does - can cause addiction and lead to a desire for stronger stimulants of release.

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2 CN AB: LTE: Policy DownsideMon, 30 Dec 2013
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Alberta Lines:29 Added:01/04/2014

RE: 'Sex, drugs, Cons and polls.'

I sure hope the Harper government won't make policies on legalization of marijuana and prostitution based on public opinion polls. There is more downside than upside on both issues. Marijuana legalization would lead to more young people trying this harmful narcotic. Taking prostitutes off the street and putting them in brothels rather than protecting them, may leave them at the mercy of their pimps out of the public eye. In both cases, organized crime will gain a stronghold. This has happened in every country where legalization has been tried.

Larry Comeau

(Sadly, leadership-by-public-opinion is the flavour of the day.)


3 US CO: High Taxes Will Send Weed Users UndergroundThu, 02 Jan 2014
Source:Pueblo Chieftain (CO) Author:Strescino, Peter Area:Colorado Lines:111 Added:01/04/2014

Tracy has been selling marijuana in Pueblo for 20 years.

At first, the legalization of recreational pot seemed it might be a problem for business, especially when the retail shops opened, as they did on Wednesday. Colorado became the first place in the world where people can buy the weed legally on an open market.

After Coloradans voted 55-45 percent in 2012 to legalize the use of marijuana, the Legislature and local governments started piling on the taxes and fees, and Tracy, not the dealer's real name, figured that the underground business would not suffer after the novelty of going to an outlet to purchase marijuana wears off.

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4 CN BC: First Medical Marijuana Growing Facility To Open SoonMon, 30 Dec 2013
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:Moorhouse, John Area:British Columbia Lines:79 Added:01/04/2014

The first medical marijuana growing facility in the Boundary-Similkameen should be in operation within the next couple of months, says MLA Linda Larson.

Larson and Penticton MLA Dan Ashton discussed new federal pot legislation and several other topics during a year-end appearance before the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen board.

Larson declined to state exactly where the indoor pot facility is located, but noted it is very isolated.

"It is a big facility, but you will never find it. You won't know where it is," she said. "It has the highest security you could possibly imagine."

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5 US MA: PUB LTE: Quit The Fear Mongering On MarijuanaThu, 02 Jan 2014
Source:Herald News, The (Fall River, MA) Author:Epstein, Steven S. Area:Massachusetts Lines:47 Added:01/04/2014

I share with Stephen Gray Wallace the goal of "keeping young people safe, alive and in pursuit of the positive youth outcomes they seek." However, I question his understanding of the latest "Monitoring the Future" data concerning adolescent marijuana use reflected in his recent guest opinion.

Actually, the latest Monitoring the Future data admittedly reveals no statistically significant change over the recent past. Teen use remains well below the data point established in 1979.

This "sky is falling" worldview blames recent law reforms for an increase in teen use that does not exist. It ignores the Northwestern study author's conclusion that more study is needed to determine "whether cannabis use contributes to these observed shape differences or whether they are biomarkers of a vulnerability to the effects of cannabis that predate its misuse."

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6 US CO: RC Man Among Thousands To Buy Legal PotFri, 03 Jan 2014
Source:Black Hills Pioneer, The (SD) Author:Tschette, Kaylee Area:Colorado Lines:95 Added:01/04/2014

DENVER -- One Rapid City man who was in downtown Denver, Colo., the first day of legal marijuana sales referred to the day as a "calm riot" with very little conflict.

Daniel Elsasser, 24, was in Denver celebrating the New Year's holiday when the state law legalizing recreational weed took effect, resulting in lines more than a block long at some dispensaries.

"My friends and I waited in line at a dispensary for about four hours," Elsasser said. "We did it for the whole principal of buying legal marijuana -- going into a store, making a legal purchase, and coming out. And it totally being OK."

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7US CA: Path To Legal Pot Here Not So EasyFri, 03 Jan 2014
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Atley, Richard K. De Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:01/04/2014

Media attention this week turned to Colorado, where the nation's first recreational pot shops opened for business.

Could it happen here? It's possible some day, but complicated.

In California, lawful marijuana use is restricted to authorized medical patients, and signatures are being gathered now for the latest effort to ask state voters to consider Colorado-style access to pot.

And while medical marijuana is legal, more than 200 local governments across California and in the Inland area have banned medical marijuana dispensaries, based on a law created in Riverside and upheld in May by the California Supreme Court.

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8US CO: Colorado's Pot Fever Cools a BitFri, 03 Jan 2014
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Riccardi, Nicholas Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:01/04/2014

DENVER (AP) -The second day of the nation's first fully legal marijuana industry was just a bit less frenzied than the first. Rather than hundred-deep lines outside the limited number of licensed retail shops, the queues held several dozen.

Still, there were so many pot shoppers that one retailer asked customers to come back today. Here's a look at the new normal in Colorado:


Colorado has no statewide pricing structure, and by midafternoon on the first day, one dispensary was charging $70 for one-eighth of an ounce of high-quality pot. Medical marijuana patients, who worried about being priced out of the market, just a day earlier paid as little as $25 for the same amount.

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9US CO: Counties Bordering Colorado Get ReadyFri, 03 Jan 2014
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Barron, Joan Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:01/04/2014

Law Enforcement Says It Would Be Naive to Think Colorado Marijuana Users Won't Cross State Lines

CHEYENNE - Law enforcement officials in Wyoming counties that border Colorado are preparing for an increase in marijuana arrests given that recreational use of the drug became legal Wednesday in the neighboring state.

Carbon County Sheriff Jerry Colson said he will host a training session in February for all law enforcement officers in the county to help them recognize impaired driving from use of marijuana and other drugs, as well as from alcohol.

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10 US CO: Greeley-Evans Schools Prepare for Potential Surge inSun, 29 Dec 2013
Source:Tribune, The (Greeley, CO) Author:Pohl, Jason Area:Colorado Lines:172 Added:12/29/2013

Few topics ignite a more fiery and passionate debate among parents or policymakers than that of drug use among children. Especially now.

Throughout 2013, talking points surrounding Colorado's decriminalization of marijuana for adults 21 and older have made headlines and raised eyebrows across the country.

Among the most concerned groups were parents who feared greater pot use in the Greeley area made possible by recreation sales in Garden City or Denver would lead to increased availability and use among kids and in schools.

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