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801 US TN: Editorial: It's Time to End Irrational, Costly War onSat, 21 Dec 201366
802      US TN: War On Drugs Shifts To New BattlegroundMon, 16 Dec 2013Excerpt
803      US TN: Column: What If She Were Your Child?Fri, 15 Nov 2013Excerpt
804 US TN: PUB LTE: Drug Fight Needs Major OverhaulSun, 27 Oct 201332
805 US TN: Tenn. Lawmakers Drafting Hemp BillMon, 26 Aug 201357
806 US TN: PUB LTE: Drug War Leads To Preventable DeathsSun, 25 Aug 201329
807      US TN: Column: Finally, The War On Drugs May Be EndingSun, 18 Aug 2013Excerpt
808 US TN: Column: An End To The War On DrugsWed, 14 Aug 201394
809      US TN: Editorial: Police Militarization Should Alarm AmericansSun, 14 Jul 2013Excerpt
810      US TN: Editorial: Sometimes Quitting Is The Right MoveWed, 03 Jul 2013Excerpt
811      US TN: School Board To Adopt Drug Test Policy For StudentsFri, 05 Jul 2013Excerpt
812 US TN: LTE: Liberal 'progress' Is Just The OppositeFri, 21 Jun 201344
813 US TN: PUB LTE: Send Youths Right Message About PotFri, 21 Jun 201339
814      US TN: Pastors: Treat Drug Use As Disease, Not CrimeSun, 16 Jun 2013Excerpt
815      US TN: Pastors Seek To End War On Drugs By Decriminalizing UseSat, 15 Jun 2013Excerpt
816      US TN: Column: A Dying Drug WarSat, 08 Jun 2013Excerpt
817 US TN: PD Richard Hughes Speaks OutMon, 03 Jun 2013181
818      US TN: Editorial: Should Marijuana Be Legalized?Thu, 02 May 2013Excerpt
819      US TN: Tennessee Preps For Welfare Drug TestsTue, 30 Apr 2013Excerpt
820      US TN: Question Of The WeekThu, 02 May 2013Excerpt
821 US TN: Column: Marijuana Is New Hope For AgricultureSun, 28 Apr 201380
822      US TN: Memphis Pot Smokers Go Public To Mark 4/20Mon, 22 Apr 2013Excerpt
823 US TN: Marijuana Smokers Celebrate Counterculture Holiday 4/20Sun, 21 Apr 201378
824 US TN: Firm Offers Parents Free Drug Test KitsFri, 19 Apr 201323
825 US TN: PUB LTE: Tobacco Kills, CostsTue, 16 Apr 201345
826 US TN: PUB LTE: Weed Has Its BenefitsTue, 16 Apr 201336
827 US TN: Column: Paul's Pot Position Has MeritFri, 29 Mar 201396
828 US TN: PUB LTE: The Case For Legal PotFri, 01 Mar 201346
829 US TN: Cohen Asks To Honor Pot LawTue, 20 Nov 201295
830 US TN: Edu: Reefer-endum MadnessWed, 07 Nov 2012124
831 US TN: CHS Student Rallies For Substance Abuse PreventionWed, 31 Oct 2012117
832 US TN: PUB LTE: Pot Safer Than PrescriptionsSun, 14 Oct 201231
833 US TN: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition More Harmful Than UseThu, 04 Oct 201263
834 US TN: Heroin Back In Style With Pills Harder To Come BySun, 12 Aug 2012168
835 US TN: Cities, County Seek Dismissal Of Synthetic Drug LawsuitSat, 04 Aug 201261
836      US TN: Billboard Calls for TN to Legalize Medical MarijuanaWed, 01 Aug 2012Excerpt
837 US TN: Memphis Drug-Ring Accomplice Testifies Of ViolenceWed, 29 Feb 2012118
838 US TN: Remorse Missing, So Is Leniency Crime History Earns ManTue, 28 Feb 201287
839 US TN: Police Delay Charges To Avoid 'Astronomical' Meth BurnMon, 27 Feb 2012149
840 US TN: Trial Offers View Of Memphis' Drug LordsSun, 26 Feb 2012149
841 US TN: Extent Of Drug Trafficking Via FedEx And It's Rivals IsSun, 19 Feb 2012144
842 US TN: Kingsport Police Look At Closing Head ShopsWed, 08 Feb 201256
843 US TN: PUB LTE: Do Body Searches On All PoliticiansSat, 31 Dec 201124
844 US TN: PUB LTE: State Senators Should Be TestedSat, 24 Dec 201132
845      US TN: OPED: Movement For Legalized Marijuana Ignores DangersSun, 21 Aug 2011Excerpt
846      US TN: OPED: Atty General: New State Law Allows Police To StopSun, 17 Jul 2011Excerpt
847 US TN: OPED: Former Drug Warrior Calls For New TacticsSat, 25 Jun 201181
848      US TN: Vampire Blood Could Be OutlawedSat, 14 May 2011Excerpt
849 US TN: PUB LTE: Drug Overdosing An American RightFri, 15 Apr 201148
850      US TN: Compromise Meth Bill Passes SubcommitteeWed, 13 Apr 2011Excerpt
851 US TN: Funding Cuts Could Ground National Guard Pot-SearchTue, 30 Nov 201034
852 US TN: LTE: Drug-Testing Idea Good Step to TakeSun, 14 Nov 201039
853 US TN: PUB LTE: Marijuana 'Dangers' From ProhibitionThu, 04 Nov 201037
854      US TN: Column: Wind Down The Drug WarMon, 01 Nov 2010Excerpt
855 US TN: Time For Real Talk About Medical CannabisSat, 16 Oct 201097
856      US TN: Editorial: Drug Testing Should Apply To All StudentsTue, 05 Oct 2010Excerpt
857      US TN: Humboldt High School Begins Random Drug TestingFri, 01 Oct 2010Excerpt
858 US TN: Random Drug Testing Could Begin In Shelby CountyThu, 23 Sep 201081
859 US TN: Shelby County Schools To Consider Random Drug TestingWed, 22 Sep 201045
860 US TN: Edu: Norml Promotes Legalization Of Marijuana To ...Thu, 02 Sep 201071
861 US TN: Hearing Set Over Fake-marijuana BanSat, 14 Aug 201063
862      US TN: Former Medical Examiner Bruce Levy Indicted On PotWed, 21 Jul 2010Excerpt
863 US TN: PUB LTE: Testing Tramples Privacy RightsTue, 20 Jul 201025
864 US TN: Study Finds Testing Reduces Drug Use In StudentsSun, 18 Jul 201081
865 US TN: PUB LTE: Prohibition Of Drugs Sows ViolenceWed, 07 Jul 201036
866 US TN: Blood Trade: Mexico Was New Home For Alleged DrugSun, 04 Jul 2010374
867 US TN: Blood Trade: Setbacks For The Beltran Leyva CartelSun, 04 Jul 201074
868 US TN: Blood Trade- Memphis And The Mexican Drug WarSun, 27 Jun 2010146
869 US TN: Blood Trade: The Story Of Craig PettiesSun, 27 Jun 2010355
870      US TN: PUB LTE: Raise Tax Base With MarijuanaSun, 13 Jun 2010Excerpt
871 US TN: Brutal Ballads: Mexican Band Builds Following ByTue, 01 Jun 2010148
872      US TN: PUB LTE: Marijuana Arrests Waste ResourcesTue, 25 May 2010Excerpt
873      US TN: PUB LTE: Allow Cannabis For Medical UseMon, 03 May 2010Excerpt
874      US TN: LTE: Safety Foremost In Marijuana LawSun, 02 May 2010Excerpt
875 US TN: PUB LTE: Work Within Law To Legalize PotMon, 26 Apr 201037
876 US TN: LTE: Breaking Law Is Wrong, PeriodMon, 26 Apr 201047
877 US TN: FBI Investigates Fatal Shooting In Memphis By BartlettWed, 28 Apr 201056
878 US TN: Edu: Column: State Expects $1.4 Billion From MarijuanaMon, 26 Apr 201091
879      US TN: Debate Fires Up Over Medical Marijuana UseSat, 24 Apr 2010Excerpt
880      US TN: PUB LTE: It's Time To Rethink Our Drug PoliciesMon, 12 Apr 2010Excerpt
881 US TN: Medical Marijuana Bill Going Up In Smoke AgainThu, 08 Apr 201038
882      US TN: Editorial: Crime and 'Medical' MarijuanaMon, 29 Mar 2010Excerpt
883      US TN: TBI Investigates Bruce Levy to See If He Stole DrugsFri, 19 Mar 2010Excerpt
884      US TN: State Medical Examiner ArrestedThu, 18 Mar 2010Excerpt
885      US TN: Student Drug Testing Policies Inconsistent Across RegionWed, 10 Mar 2010Excerpt
886 US TN: Prescription Painkillers Replacing Illegal NarcoticsSun, 21 Feb 2010113
887 US TN: The Life Of A Covert OfficerMon, 25 Jan 201063
888 US TN: Drug Deal Goes Sour, Bullets Fly, Undercover MemphisFri, 22 Jan 201083
889      US TN: PUB LTE: Inform People On Marijuana BillThu, 21 Jan 2010Excerpt
890      US TN: PUB LTE: Reform Harmful U.S. Drug LawsFri, 15 Jan 2010Excerpt
891      US TN: PUB LTE: State Should OK Medical MarijuanaThu, 14 Jan 2010Excerpt
892      US TN: Column: Is Tennessee Ready for Medical Marijuana and the ...Tue, 12 Jan 2010Excerpt
893 US TN: Column: Elvis-Nixon: Still 'Pure Americana'Thu, 07 Jan 201083
894      US TN: Editorial: The Cross-Border Drug WarMon, 11 Jan 2010Excerpt
895 US TN: A Wanted ManSun, 03 Jan 2010170
896 US TN: Deputy Graduates DARE TrainingThu, 24 Dec 200958
897 US TN: PUB LTE: Learn From Alcohol, Legalize MarijuanaSat, 12 Dec 200941
898 US TN: PUB LTE: Time To Legalize And Tax MarijuanaSat, 05 Dec 200934
899 US TN: Bernie Ellis's Seven-Year Nightmare With The Law Is OverThu, 03 Dec 2009180
900 US TN: PUB LTE: End Prohibition Of MarijuanaWed, 02 Dec 200959
901      US TN: Disparity in Sentences for Cocaine Stir DebateThu, 05 Nov 2009Excerpt
902      US TN: Editorial: Wrong Policy On MarijuanaSun, 25 Oct 2009Excerpt
903      US TN: Editorial: A Fair Marijuana PolicyWed, 21 Oct 2009Excerpt
904 US TN: Edu: LTE: Marijuana Article MisleadingThu, 17 Sep 200926
905 US TN: PUB LTE: Gateway-Drug Theory Not Supported By FactsThu, 10 Sep 200980
906 US TN: LTE: She Earned Her Pay And Then SomeThu, 03 Sep 200932
907 US TN: Editorial: Back From UndercoverTue, 01 Sep 200947
908 US TN: A Year of Living Dangerously Takes a Toll on Undercover ...Sun, 30 Aug 2009183
909 US TN: Editorial: Illegal Drugs Going North, Illegal Guns South, ...Sun, 30 Aug 200977
910      US TN: PUB LTE: Youthful Indiscretions Shouldn't Block HelpThu, 13 Aug 2009Excerpt
911      US TN: School District Suspends Trip To MexicoSat, 08 Aug 2009Excerpt
912      US TN: Crack Tax Ruling Draws Split ReactionsSun, 09 Aug 2009Excerpt
913      US TN: Editorial: Drug Abuse And Student LoansThu, 06 Aug 2009Excerpt
914 US TN: Tenn. Tax on Illegal Drugs Ruled UnconstitutionalFri, 24 Jul 2009102
915      US TN: Drug Use Among Students Churns Familiar ConcernsSun, 17 May 2009Excerpt
916      US TN: Meth Labs Make A Comeback In TennesseeSun, 03 May 2009Excerpt
917 US TN: PUB LTE: Is Smoking Pot Worse Than Helping Al-Qaida?Sun, 26 Apr 200927
918      US TN: Editorial: US Must Acknowledge Role In Mexican ViolenceFri, 03 Apr 2009Excerpt
919      US TN: OPED: Back Drug Trade, End ViolenceFri, 03 Apr 2009Excerpt
920      US TN: Students Get Hands-On Drug Training -- Sort OfTue, 27 Jan 2009Excerpt
921 US TN: Former Officer Was 'Stealing And Dealing,' Jury Is ToldFri, 23 Jan 200981
922 US TN: Deep Cover: New Girl At Millington School PartiedThu, 15 Jan 200976
923 US TN: PUB LTE: Conservatives Cherry-Pick IdeologiesThu, 25 Dec 200848
924 US TN: Cops Posing As Kids Just Does Not Seem RightSun, 21 Dec 2008116
925      US TN: Column: LEAP Wants To Legalize DrugsFri, 05 Dec 2008Excerpt
926 US TN: PUB LTE: Marijuana TalkThu, 20 Nov 200833
927 US TN: Marijuana Legalization Talk Tonight At RhodesThu, 06 Nov 200886
928 US TN: Edu: PUB LTE: Marijuana Is Not Harmful to HealthThu, 25 Sep 200825
929 US TN: Edu: Drug, Alcohol Violations Stable From '06 to '07Tue, 23 Sep 200863
930 US TN: Edu: The Consequenes Of Altering The MindMon, 22 Sep 2008121
931 US TN: ACLU Threatens Suit for Roane's Random Drug TestingThu, 11 Sep 200876
932 US TN: Officials Say Drugs To Blame For Much Of The Crime In ...Sun, 17 Aug 2008142
933 US TN: PUB LTE: A Viable, Alternative Bio-Fuel Is Rarely ...Wed, 06 Aug 200838
934 US TN: Ex-Agent May Face Prison SentenceSun, 27 Jul 200897
935      US TN: Girl Scouts Reach Out To Children Of AddictsMon, 21 Jul 2008Excerpt
936 US TN: Task Force Leader Apologizes For Wrongful ArrestSat, 12 Jul 200878
937 US TN: Editorial: Who's Sorry Now?Fri, 11 Jul 200858
938 US TN: DA Promises Answers In Wrong-Arrest CaseFri, 11 Jul 200845
939      US TN: Ecstasy Clawing Back Into CitySun, 06 Jul 2008Excerpt
940      US TN: Recovering From Addiction Not Simple TaskSun, 06 Jul 2008Excerpt
941      US TN: One Woman's Year of AddictionSun, 06 Jul 2008Excerpt
942      US TN: Editorial: County Must Find Way To Fund Drug OfficersSun, 27 Apr 2008Excerpt
943 US TN: Edu: PUB LTE: Taxing Marijuana Would Put a Stop toMon, 21 Apr 200834
944 US TN: Edu: Jay Fisher Discusses View Regarding War on DrugsThu, 17 Apr 200892
945 US TN: Edu: Chasing The 'High' LifeThu, 17 Apr 2008324
946      US TN: Meth Lab Seizures Decline in Tennessee; Fight ContinuesThu, 03 Apr 2008Excerpt
947      US TN: Meth Addiction Hard to KickThu, 03 Apr 2008Excerpt
948 US TN: School Drug-Testing Bill AdvancesThu, 21 Feb 200898
949 US TN: Alcohol, Drugs Penetrate CampusThu, 07 Feb 200879
950      US TN: Council Considers Funds For OfficersSun, 03 Feb 2008Excerpt
951      US TN: City Weighs Beefing Up Metro Narcotics UnitSat, 02 Feb 2008Excerpt
952 US TN: Column: Why Are All These People In Jail?Tue, 29 Jan 2008108
953 US TN: Edu: Editorial: War On Drugs Exacts Costly Toll ForThu, 17 Jan 200855
954      US TN: OPED: Crime Control Starts With Keeping Our Kids Off DrugsSun, 30 Dec 2007Excerpt
955      US TN: Jail More Likely for Black Drug Users, Study FindsSat, 29 Dec 2007Excerpt
956 US TN: Gordon Secures Funding For Meth CleanupMon, 24 Dec 200757
957 US TN: New Family Treatment Court Addresses Drug, AlcoholSun, 09 Dec 200778
958 US TN: PUB LTE: Legalize Marijuana And End War On DrugsWed, 05 Dec 200736
959 US TN: LTE: Medical Marijuana Won't Help Sick PeopleWed, 05 Dec 200735
960 US TN: Latest Drug Roundup Targets 56 People In Wise CountyTue, 04 Dec 200748
961      US TN: Editorial: Allow Marijuana to Serve a Purpose and Ease ...Fri, 30 Nov 2007Excerpt
962      US TN: OPED: Plan Is to Implement Safe, Effective ProgramFri, 30 Nov 2007Excerpt
963      US TN: OPED: There Are Legal Drugs That Better Relieve NauseaFri, 30 Nov 2007Excerpt
964      US TN: OPED: Bill Offers Slippery Slope to Drug AbuseFri, 30 Nov 2007Excerpt
965 US TN: Edu: OPED: Marijuana Takes Unnecessary HitsWed, 21 Nov 2007117
966 US TN: PUB LTE: Cannabis (Marijuana) God-Given PlantSun, 18 Nov 200737
967      US TN: Medical Marijuana Proposal Debated In Legislative ...Tue, 13 Nov 2007Excerpt
968 US TN: Edu: Prescription Drug Abuse Produces Adverse EffectsThu, 08 Nov 2007115
969 US TN: Mother Vows To Fight Abuse, Drug ChargesMon, 05 Nov 2007127
970      US TN: Officers Educate On The Seedy Specifics Of DrugsMon, 29 Oct 2007Excerpt
971 US TN: Edu: OPED: Celebrity 'Justice' ImbalancedThu, 25 Oct 2007106
972 US TN: Edu: PUB LTE: Current Drug Policy Arcane, UnfairThu, 25 Oct 200751
973 US TN: Edu: Drug Convictions Cost Students Financial AidThu, 18 Oct 200788
974 US TN: Edu: OPED: Say 'No' to Cutting Student AidThu, 18 Oct 200797
975      US TN: Column: 21-Year 'War on Drugs' Spirals into Web ofSun, 23 Sep 2007Excerpt
976 US TN: PUB LTE: Legislators Figure Out Prohibition Doesn't WorkSun, 23 Sep 200744
977      US TN: Police Feel Bust Will Affect Local Drug TrafficSun, 23 Sep 2007Excerpt
978 US TN: PUB LTE: No Easy Answers To Fighting Drug ProblemThu, 20 Sep 200743
979 US TN: Bredesen Says Ruling May End State 'Crack Tax'Fri, 14 Sep 200777
980      US TN: Editorial: One Win In The Drug WarMon, 17 Sep 2007Excerpt
981      US TN: Court Rules Against Tennessee Drug TaxSat, 08 Sep 2007Excerpt
982 US TN: State 'Crack Tax' Struck Down by Court of AppealsSat, 08 Sep 2007109
983 US TN: First Drug Fair A Big SuccessMon, 27 Aug 200785
984 US TN: Editorial: Drug Tests Hit A RoadblockSat, 18 Aug 200763
985      US TN: Editorial: Schools Director Should Have Given BrotherThu, 16 Aug 2007Excerpt
986      US TN: Arrested Teachers Return To ClassSat, 11 Aug 2007Excerpt
987      US TN: Mexican Suppliers Filling Void Left By US MethSun, 22 Jul 2007Excerpt
988 US TN: Drug Testing Called OffFri, 13 Jul 200765
989 US TN: County School Drug-testing Plan Put On HoldMon, 09 Jul 200774
990      US TN: Random Student Drug Tests Put In DoubtSat, 07 Jul 2007Excerpt
991 US TN: Edu: OPED: Immaturity Not Protected SpeechWed, 27 Jun 200796
992 US TN: Meth Disappears - Synthetic Drugs HotSun, 10 Jun 2007174
993 US TN: Declining Revenue From Drug Seizures May Ground Hawkins ...Tue, 22 May 200791
994 US TN: PUB LTE: Rule Of LawThu, 03 May 200735
995 US TN: PUB LTE: Bible For BongsThu, 03 May 200729
996 US TN: PUB LTE: Cannabis CompassionThu, 03 May 200720
997 US TN: Marijuana MartyrThu, 26 Apr 2007339
998 US TN: Pot Grower Who May Lose Farm Says His Only Crime Was ...Sun, 22 Apr 2007223
999 US TN: Courts May Just Say No To Taxes On Illegal DrugsSun, 22 Apr 2007133
1000 US TN: Court May Just Say No To Taxes On Illegal DrugsSun, 22 Apr 2007136

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