Murray, David 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1US CA: OPED: Marijuana Legalization Movement Makes No SenseFri, 31 Jul 2015
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA) Author:Murray, David W. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:07/31/2015

A recent example of the logical abandon of today's backers of legal marijuana is the plan to defund the Drug Enforcement Administration's program to eradicate illegal marijuana (DEA/CESP), an $18 million program that eliminates millions of plants a year and arrests thousands of criminals, many of whom were brought here to labor for Mexican drug cartels controlling the marijuana black market.

Yet Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) wants to end the effort as a "ridiculous waste" of federal resources, when multiple states "have already legalized marijuana," use of which should "no longer be a federal crime." Clearly, the congressman has not thought this through. He is, in fact, arguing against his own legal marijuana case.

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2 US CO: Marijuana And School FailureThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO) Author:Murray, David W. Area:Colorado Lines:113 Added:05/22/2015

The dose makes the poison. - Paracelsus

Millennials are the strongest advocates for legalizing marijuana, but they may be paving their own pathway to a problematic educational future through their political support.

Photo - Students walk to and from classes on the campus quad of the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colo., Monday April 20, 2015. The University of Colorado was open to the public on this 4/20 marijuana holiday for the first time in three years. The university has blocked public access in recent years in an effort to snuff mass smokeouts to mark the unofficial marijuana celebration.

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3US CA: OPED: Why Pregnancy And Pot Don't MixFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA) Author:Murray, David Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:09/27/2014

The fall of the Roman Empire is the subject of much debate, and includes attention to the possible role of their aqueducts, lined with lead. More likely, the decline was the result of lead poisoning caused by the consumption of grape juice boiled in lead cooking pots. The aristocracy of Rome consumed as much as two liters of wine a day - - almost three bottles - adding alcoholism to the risk of lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning has an impact on intelligence, even at concentrations as low as 10 micrograms per deciliter. In the New England Journal of Medicine on April 17, 2003, Richard L. Canfield writes that children between the ages of 3 and 5 suffer a decline of 7.4 IQ points from environmental lead exposure.

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4 US CA: PUB LTE: Vote For Ron Paul Win The War On DrugsThu, 09 Feb 2012
Source:New Times (San Luis Obispo, CA) Author:Murray, David E. Area:California Lines:34 Added:02/13/2012

Say, do you plan to vote in the primary elections?

I'm voting for Ron Paul, a Republican. We have open primaries in California, so anyone can vote for any party.

He wants to legalize all drugs! He's got my vote.

The only way to successfully "end the war on drugs" is to legalize them all. That way, the prisons will be half empty--if not more so.

The corruption will slow way down in both politicians and police officers. Gangs will disappear overnight. Who's going to be willing to pay ridiculously jacked-up prices for something you can either grow yourself or go down to the corner drug store and buy for pennies?

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5 Australia: Grounds For Corby To ReopenMon, 23 Jan 2006
Source:Northern Territory News (Australia) Author:Murray, David Area:Australia Lines:74 Added:01/23/2006

Brother's Arrest a Factor

THE prosecutor in Schapelle Corby's Bali drug trial last year believes the arrest of her brother last week may provide legitimate grounds for her case to be reopened.

Wiswantanu Ida Bagus said a police affidavit lodged in court by Queensland Police might be the key to open a new trial for Corby in Denpasar District Court.

Mr Wiswantanu had thought it impossible for Corby's lawyers to have the case reopened only late last week. All the evidence pointed to her having smuggled the marijuana into Bali in a bodyboard bag.

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6 Australia: PUB LTE: Not the Best Way to Deal With DrugsMon, 08 Mar 2004
Source:Age, The (Australia) Author:Murray, David Area:Australia Lines:40 Added:03/09/2004

Police activity in Footscray resulting in 50 arrests and more than 350 charges being laid gives the impression that local traders and residents see this as a successful strategy in "getting rid of the scourge" (The Age, 5/3). Such strategies are well known to simply shift the problem geographically and have no impact overall.

Young people caught up in a pattern of problematic drug use are already in trouble; being arrested and charged by itself does nothing to address this significant public health problem. Indeed such a strategy may produce more harm than was intended. First, it may introduce young people to a criminal justice system that places them in contact with older more sophisticated offenders. Second, it may disperse them into more hidden residential environments where the risks of overdose are greater.

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7 Australia: Thousands Opt For Drugs CounsellingFri, 14 Feb 2003
Source:Courier-Mail, The (Australia) Author:Murray, David Area:Australia Lines:91 Added:02/14/2003

MORE than 7000 people caught with cannabis have faced a counsellor instead of a magistrate.

A police diversion program allows first-time offenders caught with less than 50g of cannabis to avoid charges if they have counselling.

The State Government introduced the program in June 2001 as part of a national strategy to cut the number of people in contact with the criminal justice system. More than 9000 Queensland offenders have so far asked to take part in the program, at an average of 476 people a month.

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8 US: WSJ OPED: Clean Needles May Be Bad MedicineSat, 25 Apr 1998
Source:Wall Street Journal (NY) Author:Murray, David Area:United States Lines:99 Added:04/25/1998

The Clinton administration on Monday endorsed the practice of giving clean needles to drug addicts in order to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus. "A meticulous scientific review has now proven that needle-exchange programs can reduce the transmission of HIV and save lives without loosing ground on the battle against illegal drugs," Secretary of Health and Human Services announced.

The administration is not unanimous, however; the drug czar, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who opposes needle exchange, was out of the country Monday. Who's right? As recently as a month ago, HHS had resisted needle-exchange programs. "We have not yet concluded that needle exchange programs do not encourage drug use." spokeswoman Melissa Skolfield told the Washington Post March 17. By Monday the department had reached that conclusion, though the scientific evidence that needle exchanges don't encourage drug use is as weak today as it was a month ago.

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