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1 CN BC: OPED: Insite Should Be Closed NowWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:North Shore News (CN BC) Author:Craig, Wallace G. Area:British Columbia Lines:152 Added:06/14/2007

UNDER the red-herring rubric of "public health practice and a balanced four-pillar approach to drug policy," Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall claims that "methadone maintenance, needle exchanges and supervised injection sites have proven to reduce the risk for HIV and to engage vulnerable individuals in health and social services."

Kendall made this high-ground claim in a letter to the editor of the National Post published May 30.

The phrase "proven to reduce the risk for HIV and to engage vulnerable individuals in health and social services" is pure tricksterism, a cunning deception impregnated with the sperm of misinformation.

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2 UK: MEPs Back Legal CannabisWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:Manchester Evening News (UK) Author:Qureshi, Yakub Area:United Kingdom Lines:57 Added:06/14/2007

A THIRD of Britain's Euro MPs support the decriminalisation of cannabis, according to a study.

They were second only to the Dutch in their support for a change in the law.

Research by Manchester University shows a significant proportion of British MEPs who answered a survey believe the drug should be made legal despite growing health fears over its use.

There are thought to be two million regular users of the drug in Britain. Studies suggest it is linked to severe mental illness such as schizophrenia. Thirty-seven of Britain's 78 MEPs took part in the study.

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3 US NC: A Sniffing SleuthWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:Greensboro News & Record (NC) Author:Townsend, Eric J. S. Area:North Carolina Lines:86 Added:06/14/2007

GREENSBORO -- A drug-sniffing police dog? On a university campus? This pooch may have its work cut out for it.

UNCG police welcomed its first four-legged officer to the force last month. Now in training, Aja, a German shepherd bred overseas, should be ready for duty by fall semester.

The dog and her handler, Sgt. David Combs, spend four days each week in north Greensboro with K9 officers from the city police department. So far, so good, said Combs, a 16-year veteran of the campus force.

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4US CA: Police Make Rare Mushroom BustWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:Contra Costa Times (CA) Author:Fraley, Malaika Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/14/2007

While Serving A Warrant, Concord Authorities Say, They Came Across Illegal Cultivation Of Psychoactive Fungus

CONCORD -- In the world of narcotics enforcement, seizing cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana is a daily chore. But it's rare for authorities to come across psilocybin mushrooms -- the so-called 'shrooms of the '60s -- as Concord detectives did recently.

Sidney Wayne Bishop, 40, was loudly strumming his electric guitar in his Colfax Street home on April 21 when he was surprised by a search warrant from officers looking for marijuana.

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5 CN BC: Court Ruling May Hinder City Marijuana Grow-Op ProgramTue, 12 Jun 2007
Source:Peace Arch News (CN BC) Author:Diakiw, Kevin Area:British Columbia Lines:35 Added:06/14/2007

A B.C. Supreme Court case may challenge one of the main underpinnings of Surrey's new grow-op program.

Last week, a BCSC judge ruled B.C. Hydro had to return power to a South Surrey home after shutting it off because police escorted municipal inspectors onto the property.

This was deemed equivalent to a warrantless search by police.

Under Surrey's program, high consumers of power are served warning of a pending municipal inspection.

High power consumption is a sign of a potential marijuana grow operation.

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6 CN BC: PUB LTE: Unfair PersecutionWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Windheim, Sita von Area:British Columbia Lines:49 Added:06/14/2007

Alan Ferguson entirely missed the point of Alan Randell's letter.

Randell was speaking of how The Province and other media degrade drug dealers and users simply because, right now, drugs are illegal.

Alcohol was made legal again in the U.S. because bathtub gin and other homemade alcohol were killing people.

If we had clean drugs distributed by reputable outlets (think alcohol and cigarettes), then there would be no street trade, no crime and no "parasitic" drug dealers.

I'm a successful businesswoman who raised three responsible children as a single mom.

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7 US: US Congress Urges Military To Tackle Afghan OpiumThu, 14 Jun 2007
Source:Christian Science Monitor (US) Author:Lubold, Gordon Area:United States Lines:118 Added:06/14/2007

Destroying The Nation's Mainstay Crop Could Complicate US Troops' Efforts To Win Hearts And Minds.

Washington - A bumper crop of poppies in Afghanistan is prompting Congress to push a reluctant US military into a bigger role to rid the country of the illegal trade.

The reason? Officials have long suspected that the centuries-old opium industry is funding the Taliban and other insurgents in Afghanistan.

But direct intervention is tricky for US troops. If a key part of their counterinsurgency campaign is to win the hearts and minds of Afghans, the thinking goes, Americans can't be seen as the face of an effort to burn fields and eradicate a livelihood that is illegal but central to the country's fragile financial system.

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8 US: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Is a Key AlternativeWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Storck, Gary Area:United States Lines:38 Added:06/14/2007

Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Victor Montori's comments that his patients must choose medications on the basis of "the least painful poison," rather than by the benefit, exposes a plight affecting all patients ("Diabetics face risk on drug choices," News, June 5).

Many patients often begin exploring the medical uses of cannabis to treat the side effects of conventional medications. That's why it's so maddening to hear politicians say things such as, "There are other options," as Rudy Giuliani said recently when asked about medical cannabis for cancer patients.

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9 Canada: OPED: Put the Gangs Out of Business: Legalize DrugsWed, 13 Jun 2007
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Chettleburgh, Michael C. Area:Canada Lines:137 Added:06/14/2007

Childhood and adolescence should rightfully be a time of love, learning and life. But for thousands of young Canadians, their journey to adulthood is marred forever by street-gang involvement, which almost always means an active role in the massive business of illicit street drugs, too.

I have seen and heard of too many cases to count demonstrating the connection between gangs, drugs and youth. Consider these: eight-year-old gangsters on BMX bikes dealing crack and crystal meth in North Winnipeg; 14-year-old gangsters on the west coast, driving prepaid rental cars for $100 per eight hour shift, delivering drugs through widespread dial-a-dope operations; 16-year-old First Nations gang members travelling from big cities to remote James Bay communities selling "dime bags" of marijuana cut with oregano for $50, five times the going street price in the south; young Ontario and Quebec ecstasy cooks making colourful $20 pills of uncertain composition for the urban club scene, thus generating massive profits for their street-gang masters; and murder after countless murder of young men in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, a majority associated with street gangs and the drug trade.

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10 CN BC: LTE: Loathsome ComparisonsTue, 12 Jun 2007
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Cook, Tony Area:British Columbia Lines:28 Added:06/14/2007

Alan Randell's comparison of the "persecution" of today's drug dealers with that of blacks or Jews is loathsome.

To suggest that the role of the drug dealer in our society is anything other than parasitic is simply laughable.

Show sympathy to the addicted, but not for those who encourage and profit from their illness.

As for Randell's assertion that The Province is the problem, "blame the messenger" has never been less valid.

Tony Cook,



11 CN BC: LTE: Residents Feel Stabbed In The BackTue, 12 Jun 2007
Source:Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC) Author:Pat, Area:British Columbia Lines:36 Added:06/14/2007

To the Editor,

Re: Distribution of crack kit surprising, May 31.

Help. Someone please pull the knife out of our backs.

We are decent, honest, hardworking, concerned people who along with others have been struggling to keep our neighbourhood a safe place to raise our families.

But we seem to be thwarted at every turn. How many front page news articles were about a neighbourhood corner store selling crack pipes?

All the while VIHA was giving crack pipes away! Why didn't VIHA come forward then?

We are all for harm reduction. But how about some harm reduction for us?

Pat and Linda Shannon,



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