Argus-Press, The _Owosso, MI_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1 US MI: Corunna Approves Medical Marijuana OrdinanceTue, 02 Aug 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Robison, Jessica Area:Michigan Lines:69 Added:08/03/2011

CORUNNA -- City residents will be able to grow medical marijuana within their homes as home-based businesses.

City Council unanimously approved an ordinance allowing such businesses Monday night.

"For the planning commission, this has been one year of review and a lot of research done on medical marijuana and how it fits in the community and the regulations, if any, we wanted to do on it," Assessor Merilee Lawson said.

The ordinance will give all basic rules and regulations to those who are "primary caregivers" and to those who are "qualifying patients," she said.

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2 US MI: Law Enforcement on the Lookout for Illegal MarijuanaSat, 14 May 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Wildfong, Curtis Area:Michigan Lines:82 Added:05/14/2011

The Clinton County Sheriff's Department said arrests like the one made last month in relation to medical marijuana cardholders growing more than legally allowed under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act have risen and believe they will likely continue on that path.

On [redacted] was arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana after they found him in possession of 37 marijuana plants. As a medical marijuana patient, he is allowed 12.

Det. Sgt. Fritz Sandberg with the Clinton County Sheriff's Department said the department has made five arrests at three different locations in the past month. Prior to that, he said they haven't had any in about a year.

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3 US MI: Owosso Approves Marijuana OrdinanceTue, 19 Apr 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Wildfong, Curtis Area:Michigan Lines:84 Added:04/19/2011

OWOSSO - The City Council unanimously approved a zoning ordinance Monday that limits locations where medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities may be located within the city.

The ordinance, presented by the planning commission, was approved with a few amendments to address public concerns.

The ordinance limits the location of medical marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities outside a 1,000-foot radius from any school property or public park. The distance also must measure more than 500 feet from any corner of the building and along the public right-of-way from any place of worship, parcels used as a residence, licensed daycares and libraries.

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4 US MI: 21 Herbal Owners Say They Didn't Expect ProblemsSat, 26 Mar 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Wildfong, Curtis Area:Michigan Lines:156 Added:03/27/2011

OWOSSO - When opening their doors for business just a few weeks ago, the owners of 21 Herbal on W M-21 didn't expect the firestorm of controversy they find themselves in today.

Because of complaints from members of a Catholic church across the street, the owners of the medical marijuana facility say they are willing to relocate their business.

Co-owner Zack, who declined to provide his last name citing employment concerns, said he didn't intend to upset anyone at the church, but figures it's better just to move on, although as of now, he doesn't appear to be breaking any laws.

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5 US MI: Pot Spot Under FireTue, 22 Mar 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Wildfong, Curtis Area:Michigan Lines:136 Added:03/23/2011

OWOSSO - A packed room of Owosso residents and St. Paul Catholic Church parishioners attended Monday's city council meeting to express their concerns about 21 Herbal, a medical marijuana facility, across M-21 from the church and its school.

"We are here tonight to express our concern and, I think, even our outrage that there is a medical marijuana business directly across the street from our school. In fact, if you look out the first-grade classroom that's what you'll see," St. Paul Pastor Father John Fain said. "We're concerned at a lot of levels. We're concerned about the safety of our students and, frankly, we're concerned about the impact that this could have on the enrollment of our school. Will prospective parents want to send their children to a school that is right across the street from a medical marijuana business?"

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6 US MI: Growing Like a WeedWed, 09 Feb 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Mattera, Julianne Area:Michigan Lines:99 Added:02/10/2011

OWOSSO - Jars of marijuana buds sat neatly on a counter in the dispensing room of The Health Club in Owosso's Dutchtown as staff members took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Shiawassee Regional Chamber ambassadors Monday.

As the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed the business into Owosso, Vice President Sue Kadlek noted The Health Club isn't the first medical marijuana business to become a chamber member. Green Today Cannabis Certification Services and Mother Nature's Choice in Owosso became members earlier in 2010.

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7 US MI: County Board Set to Examine Pot MoratoriumWed, 09 Feb 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Guenthner, Christina Area:Michigan Lines:46 Added:02/10/2011

CORUNNA - The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners Thursday will consider passing a six-month extension to its moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

The moratorium, originally passed by the board in August 2010, was to last six months and affect property under the county's zoning jurisdiction. Cities within the county, as well as the townships of Owosso and Caledonia, handle their own zoning regulations.

Community Development Director Peter Preston said the county planning commission is in the process of developing new zoning regulations to keep up with state law. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was approved by voters in 2008.

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8 US MI: Durand Passes Marijuana Dispensary MoratoriumTue, 08 Feb 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:York, Sally Area:Michigan Lines:94 Added:02/08/2011

DURAND - Durand has joined a long list of municipalities in the county and across the state that are giving themselves breathing space in deciding how to deal with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Monday, the Durand City Council unanimously approved a 180-day moratorium on opening marijuana dispensaries within the city limits while it considers where and under what conditions the facilities would be allowed.

"We aren't here to try to evade the medical marijuana law in Michigan - - people voted for it overwhelmingly," City Attorney Charles McKone said at the regular council meeting.

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9 US MI: Caledonia Twp. Addressing Medical Marijuana With ZoningSat, 29 Jan 2011
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Mattera, Julianne Area:Michigan Lines:78 Added:01/29/2011

CALEDONIA TWP. - Caledonia Township is one step closer to approving a zoning ordinance amendment to address medical marijuana businesses following Tuesday's board meeting.

The Caledonia Township Board of Trustees approved the first reading of a proposed amendment to Caledonia Township's zoning ordinance meant to address medical marijuana businesses.

The amendment is scheduled for a second reading and council approval at the March township board meeting.

According to a memorandum from Township Zoning Administrator Doug Piggott, the zoning ordinance amendment would "prohibit a primary caregiver operating as a home occupation or any other commercial growing or distribution operations including cooperatives and dispensaries."

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10 US MI: Owosso Council Delays Action on Marijuana RulesTue, 19 Oct 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:110 Added:10/19/2010

OWOSSO -- Medical marijuana in the city of Owosso will not be regulated by a city ordinance -- at least for the time being.

The Owosso City Council did not move ahead with two proposed zoning ordinance amendments that would limit the areas that medical marijuana producers would be able to operate within the city limits during its meeting Monday night.

The council voted to pull the two proposed changes from the consent agenda during the meeting at the request of city staff. By pulling the proposals, the council did not set a public hearing, which is required to have the ordinance changes move forward.

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11 US MI: Ovid Examines Restrictions for Medical Marijuana SitesFri, 17 Sep 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Mattera, Julianne Area:Michigan Lines:102 Added:09/17/2010

OVID - Blacked-out windows, surveillance cameras and security guards soon may be requirements for medical marijuana businesses hoping to set up shop in the village of Ovid.

The precautions are just a few of the recommendations the village council is considering as it works to create a zoning ordinance for future pot shops.

Monday, the village planning commission presented council members with a list of recommendations for a zoning ordinance in the works for medical marijuana businesses.

Following an individual's request to set up a medical marijuana business in the village, the council imposed a 90-day land use moratorium on commercial medical marijuana-based entities, which took effect July 12. The moratorium includes a provision that would allow the council to extend it if necessary.

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12 US MI: Owosso Committee Comes Up With Marijuana PlanSat, 21 Aug 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:53 Added:08/21/2010

OWOSSO - A committee created by the Owosso City Council to give the city direction on how to enforce the provisions of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has come up a recommendation.

The committee, comprised of council members Chris Eveleth, Mike Erfourth, Cindy Popovitch and Memorial Healthcare's Dr. Margaret Snow, agreed to recommend to the city council that medical marijuana can only be grown by caregivers in areas zoned R-1 and I-1 within the city limits.

In the residential zone, only one caregiver could grow marijuana in each dwelling. Committee members feared that allowing multiple growers in one residence could be classified as a business, since the Act allows for caregivers to grow and sell marijuana for up to five patients, and therefore does not fit the zoning regulations found in R-1.

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13 US MI: Owosso Fails To Pass Pot MoratoriumTue, 03 Aug 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:63 Added:08/04/2010

OWOSSO -- The City Council decided not to move forward with a moratorium on businesses associated with medical marijuana during its meeting Monday night.

However, the council did decide to create a subcommittee to further explore how the Medical Marijuana Act that Michigan voters approved in 2008 ties in with the city's zoning regulations.

"This is a major discussion probably with every city in the state," interim city manager Donald Crawford said, noting ordinances recently passed in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills completely banning medical marijuana are being challenged by the ACLU.

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14 US MI: Corunna Approves Marijuana MoratoriumTue, 03 Aug 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Mattera, Julianne Area:Michigan Lines:53 Added:08/04/2010

CORUNNA -- The City Council Monday approved a six-month moratorium on permits or licenses for those hoping to open up medical marijuana-related businesses in the city.

The moratorium will give the city council and the planning commission six months to look into potential modifications to the code of ordinances that may establish regulations to control the sale and dispensation of medical marijuana, according to the resolution.

"There are several grey areas that have been pointed out that different communities are struggling with," City Manager Joe Sawyer said, adding these grey areas are creating difficulties for local communities that are trying to grasp how medical marijuana businesses fit into local zoning. "It has to do with where can this be sold, under what conditions, what terms, what zoning does it belong in."

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15 US MI: Caledonia ZBA Upholds Denial of Marijuana DispensaryThu, 08 Jul 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:79 Added:07/09/2010

CALEDONIA TWP. - The township will not be home to a new medical marijuana dispensary - at least not yet.

The Caledonia Township Zoning Board of Appeals, following a recommendation from its zoning administrator stating that such a facility wasn't legal as proposed, decided Wednesday night it would keep the dispensary from opening within the township.

The dispensary was proposed by Perrinton resident Doug Markva. It was slated to be located at 2611 E. M-21, Suite A.

During a previous interview with The Argus-Press, Markva said the shop would contain 12 lockers that could be rented out to caregivers who would grow marijuana elsewhere. The caregivers would rent the lockers for $50 apiece and bring in any excess marijuana they grow. The marijuana in the lockers would then be sold by his dispensary to other caregivers or patients in need, whose medical marijuana credentials would be checked.

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16 US MI: Man Plans Fight for Marijuana BusinessThu, 01 Jul 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Guenthner, Christina Area:Michigan Lines:73 Added:07/03/2010

CALEDONIA TWP. -- A Perrinton man whose business plan for a medical marijuana dispensary was denied by the Caledonia Township zoning administrator plans to appeal the decision.

Doug Markva will appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday to present his plan for a dispensary at 2611 E. M-21, Suite A.

Markva encourages the public to come to the appeal and hear about his plans, which he said are well thought out.

"I'm not trying to do anything illegal," he said.

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17 US MI: A New Kind of GreenSat, 12 Jun 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:75 Added:06/13/2010

OWOSSO -- A new area office is working to try and connect people with diseases covered by the Michigan Marijuana Program with participating doctors -- and defeat the negative stereotypes associated marijuana use.

Christina Sheerin, of Lansing, has opened Green Today Cannabis Certification Services, 428 Corunna Ave., an office that provides medical marijuana certifications and renewals, patient-caregiver referrals and education classes on how to grow your own marijuana.

Many family doctors do not participate in the medical marijuana program, and therefore they do not write certifications for their patients to get marijuana. Sheerin said her business seeks to connect these patients with a doctor that is willing to write a certification.

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18 US MI: Meth Labs Can Leave Expensive AftermathSun, 13 Jun 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:229 Added:06/13/2010

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY - After police raid a methamphetamine lab, many wheels begin turning.

Police begin to collect evidence and conduct interviews to build a case against those operating the lab. Suspects hire lawyers, a number of court dates are scheduled, and eventually the process potentially climaxes with a jail sentence for the suspected parties.

However, often overlooked in the process is the actual site of the lab.

The cooking of methamphetamine creates hazardous material contamination, and any space that hosts one of these cook sites must be decontaminated in order to be inhabited again.

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19 US MI: Cities Across State Struggle With How to HandleMon, 19 Apr 2010
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Ridley, Gary Area:Michigan Lines:189 Added:04/20/2010

OWOSSO - The passage of The Medical Marijuana Act by Michigan voters in 2008 opened the door for the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes.

However, the new law, which did not outline any way for marijuana to be distributed to patients, has left local municipalities scrambling to figure out ways to monitor or regulate marijuana dispensaries and growing operations in their own jurisdictions.

According to James McCurtis Jr., a public information officer for the Michigan Department of Community Health, the state agency charged with administering the Act, the law lacks language that outlines the distribution of marijuana.

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20 US MI: Michigan's Proposal 1 Would Allow Seriously Ill to Grow and Use Illegal DTue, 23 Sep 2008
Source:Argus-Press, The (Owosso, MI) Author:Bruttell, Nathan Area:Michigan Lines:115 Added:09/24/2008

Dianne Byrum has heard the stories about countless individuals in Michigan who are in pain.

Byrum has listened to "dozens upon dozens" of terminally ill cancer patients, others dying of AIDS and others in severe pain from multiple sclerosis and glaucoma.

"You will hear all kinds of stories off the record," Byrum said, "where you have constant vomiting and people who can barely move they are hurting so much."

Each of the personal stories Byrum hears includes a plea for akind of relief that is currently illegal.

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