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1 US CA: Supes to Consider Revoking Myrtletown Medical MarijuanaSun, 14 Oct 2012
Source:Willits News (CA) Author:Hansen, Megan Area:California Lines:100 Added:10/15/2012

It's up to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to decide Tuesday afternoon whether the operational permit for a Myrtletown medical marijuana dispensary should be revoked.

The board will also discuss an annual report on the general plan update, three projects recommended for Headwaters Fund grants and two appointments to the newly formed Greater Eureka Area Municipal Advisory Committee.

The Humboldt County Collective opened its doors in November 2011 and was the first collective to operate in the county under a conditional use permit, according to county documents. Now it faces losing its permit after the Humboldt County Planning Commission voted 6-1 in June, with Commissioner Mel Kreb dissenting, in favor of revoking the collective's permit.

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2 US CA: City Fights For Marijuana DispensaryThu, 11 Oct 2012
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Scheck, Justin Area:California Lines:86 Added:10/14/2012

OAKLAND, Calif.-This Northern California city is fighting to protect its biggest medical-marijuana dispensary-which generates more than a $1 million in local tax revenue annually-from a federal crackdown on pot shops.

Oakland sued U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and San Francisco U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag on Wednesday in response to a Justice Department civil-forfeiture complaint aiming to seize the building where the Harborside Health Center, a medical-marijuana dispensary, rents space. The pot shop's owner says it sells more than $20 million of marijuana annually.

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3 US CA: Oakland Files Suit Against U.S. to Prevent Closing ofFri, 12 Oct 2012
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Wollan, Malia Area:California Lines:76 Added:10/13/2012

SAN FRANCISCO - The City of Oakland has filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent the Department of Justice from seizing property leased to the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the country.

"This lawsuit is about protecting the rights of legitimate medical patients," City Attorney Barbara Parker said in a statement on Wednesday, when the suit was filed. "I am deeply dismayed that the federal government would seek to deny these rights and deprive thousands of seriously ill Californians of access to safe, affordable and effective medicine."

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4 US WA: In Our View: Legalizing Taxing Marijuana EndorsedSun, 30 Sep 2012
Source:Columbian, The (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:72 Added:10/01/2012

Prohibition of marijuana has failed as miserably as prohibition of alcohol did back in the 1920s. It's time to recognize the obvious: The longer we fight the war against marijuana, the greater grows the defeat.Initiative 502 on the Nov. 6 ballot would legalize recreational use of marijuana, which would be highly taxed and heavily regulated by the state. Licensed farmers would grow marijuana to be sold in private marijuana-only stores.

The Columbian endorses Initiative 502 for many reasons, not the least of which is financial. I-502 offers Washingtonians the chance to radically change how we react to marijuana, from wasting $211 million over the past decade enforcing marijuana laws, to creating a revenue stream of more than $500 million annually via a 25 percent excise tax (plus other taxes) on legal marijuana sales.

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5US CA: Pot Crop Seizures Plunge for 2nd Year - Lowest SinceSat, 29 Sep 2012
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Becker, Andrew Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2012

As California's outdoor marijuana growing season nears its end for 2012, drug officials are reporting a sharp decline in crop seizures for the second year in a row.

The latest figures show that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are on track to eradicate an estimated 1.5 million plants from outdoor gardens - mostly on public land - down from a decade high of about 7.3 million plants in 2009. This year's seizure total would be the lowest since 2004, when a little more than 1.1 million plants were eradicated, according to federal Drug Enforcement Administration statistics.

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6 US MT: Montana Medical Marijuana Provider Found Guilty of DrugFri, 28 Sep 2012
Source:Missoulian (MT)          Area:Montana Lines:112 Added:09/28/2012

HELENA - A jury on Thursday convicted a medical marijuana provider of drug trafficking and firearms charges, upholding the U.S. government's raids of state-regulated pot dispensaries in its first test at trial.

The provider, Chris Williams, was barred by the trial judge from making the case that he and Montana Cannabis followed the state medical marijuana law that voters approved in 2004. U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen ruled state laws were irrelevant in the case involving alleged violations of the federal Controlled Substances Act.

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7 US WA: Uncertainty Clouds Debate Over Marijuana Legalization MeasureTue, 25 Sep 2012
Source:Issaquah Press (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:163 Added:09/28/2012

GreenLink Collective, a medical marijuana operation along Northwest Gilman Boulevard, reshaped attitudes and policies about marijuana in Issaquah last year, as patients and officials engaged in a long debate about access to a drug banned under federal law.

In November, Washington voters could further redraw the battle lines in the marijuana debate. Initiative 502 aims to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for recreational users. The proposal goes a step beyond a 1998 measure to legalize medical marijuana in Washington and could set a national precedent.

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8 US WA: If Pot Passes, Then What?Mon, 24 Sep 2012
Source:Herald, The (Everett, WA) Author:Salyer, Sharon Area:Washington Lines:131 Added:09/25/2012

With Federal Law Making Possession, Growing or Selling of Marijuana Illegal, It's Likely the Government Will Take Action.

If Washington voters approve an initiative legalizing marijuana in November it will set national precedent, ending the decades-long era of drug busts and prosecutions for possessing limited amounts of the drug.

The question is: Will voters really decide the issue?

Federal law makes it illegal to possess, grow or sell any amount of marijuana.

If voters in Colorado and Oregon also approve similar measures this November, it is unlikely the federal government will simply sit on its hands and watch the drug be sold from storefront businesses.

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9 US CA: Business Plan Remakes Meth MarketFri, 14 Sep 2012
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Scheck, Justin Area:California Lines:112 Added:09/15/2012

LIVINGSTON, Calif. - When state drug agents first suspected a butcher-shop owner here of selling methamphetamine for a large drug network, they had no idea how big an organization their five-month probe would uncover.

The resulting bust in August was one of the largest in state history, netting 11 arrests in four counties and more than 300 pounds of the illegal stimulant. More troubling was the discovery of the gang's approach to logistics: It imported raw powdered meth from Mexico and refined it at Southern California "conversion labs" into crystal form with a higher street value.

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10 US MT: Montana Court Upholds Medical Pot LimitsWed, 12 Sep 2012
Source:Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) Author:Gouras, Matt Area:Montana Lines:70 Added:09/14/2012

(AP) - A November ballot initiative asks voters to reject the Legislature's restrictive law and return to the original law enacted by voters in 2004.

HELENA The Montana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that restrictions on medical marijuana sales do not violate the constitutional rights of registered users or providers, overturning a lower judge's decision to block part of lawmakers' restrictive rewrite of state regulations.

The justices ruled that the portion of the 2011 state law that limits the number of patients per provider to three and prohibits those providers from making a profit does not violate the Montana Constitution's right to privacy or to pursue employment and health.

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11 US CA: Consequence Of Following The Pot LawThu, 06 Sep 2012
Source:Tribune, The (San Luis Obispo, CA) Author:Morem, Bill Area:California Lines:150 Added:09/07/2012

When Proposition 215, known as the Compassionate Use Act, was passed by California voters in 1996 by almost 57 percent of the electorate, only two coastal counties voted against the marijuana-based initiative: Del Norte County in the far northwest of the state, and San Luis Obispo County.

In retrospect, this county's political position on a state law that allows a patient with a doctor's recommendation to legally use pot for medical reasons may have been a harbinger for the Dec. 27, 2010, bust of 12 people who were later dubbed the "Doobie Dozen."

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12 US WA: Initiative Or No, Federal Law Trumps State On MarijuanaSat, 01 Sep 2012
Source:Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA) Author:Camden, Jim Area:Washington Lines:119 Added:09/02/2012

Suppose voters decided that they've had it with federal drug rules that make marijuana an illegal substance akin to heroin or cocaine, and they change Washington state law to make marijuana legal.

Not in all instances, not for everyone, not at any time. But for adults, in regulated quantities, for limited uses.

While that might be a fair shorthand description of what Initiative 502 proposes this November, this isn't just a hypothetical scenario about the future. It's also a description of the past. In 1998, Washington voters "legalized" marijuana for medical uses, even though the federal government said at the time, and still does, the drug belongs on the list of controlled substances that have no legal medical use.

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13 US CA: County's Only Marijuana Collective ClosesSun, 26 Aug 2012
Source:Colfax Record (CA) Author:Hagman, Nancy Area:California Lines:68 Added:08/31/2012

Letter From US Department of Justice Warns That 8-Year-Old Business in Violation of Law

COLFAX -- Golden State Patient Care Collective -- known as the GSPCC - -- has closed its doors in Colfax.

The collective had dispensed cannabis to patients with medical prescriptions and state-issued authorization for eight years. It was the lone legal medical marijuana shop in Placer County.

The Aug. 3 closure is apparently the result of action taken by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin C. Khasigian, head of the Eastern District of California of the Department of Justice. On July 2, Khasigian had sent a certified letter to Gilbert Dalpino, owner of the property located at 233 State Highway 174 where the GSPCC was the tenant.

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14US CA: 'We Can't Turn a Blind Eye Anymore'; Feds, Local LawSun, 26 Aug 2012
Source:Times-Standard (Eureka, CA) Author:Greenson, Thadeus Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/27/2012

Editor's note: This is the first story in a three part series looking at marijuana issues on the North Coast.

The proliferation of large scale, outdoor marijuana grows in Humboldt County has law enforcement agencies sometimes feeling like they're fighting a forest fire with squirt guns.

Consequently, agencies are trending toward collaboration as this growing season hits full swing, with federal and local police looking to work together to take out some of the most egregious operations.

"It's one of the most beautiful parts of this country, but it's just being destroyed by marijuana cultivation," said Randy Wagner, the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency's special agent in charge of Northern California operations. "I can tell you, we're going to be hot and heavy in Humboldt County from here on out."

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15 US AZ: New Legal Challenge To Medical Marijuana LawSat, 25 Aug 2012
Source:Verde Independent (AZ) Author:Fischer, Howard Area:Arizona Lines:154 Added:08/25/2012

PHOENIX -- The state's top prosecutor asked a judge Thursday to void a key provision in Arizona's 2-year-old medical marijuana law.

In legal papers filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Attorney General Tom Horne argued that voters are legally powerless to authorize anyone to sell marijuana as long as it remains illegal under federal law.

The real goal is to get a ruling declaring the state and federal laws in conflict. Horne said that will then allow him to direct the state Department of Health Services to halt the current process of licensing up to 126 dispensaries to sell the drugs even before the first one has opened its doors.

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16 US OR: Attorney General: Pot's Not Her Top IssueTue, 21 Aug 2012
Source:Mail Tribune, The (Medford, OR) Author:Morgan, Nick Area:Oregon Lines:125 Added:08/22/2012

She wants to clarify law, but sentencing reform, protecting vulnerable people are important, too

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says her position on medical marijuana, which became a hot-button issue in the May primary, has been mischaracterized and blown out of proportion.

"It wasn't my issue, I hope you know that," Rosenblum said in an interview Monday with the Mail Tribune. She noted it came up during an early debate at the Eugene City Club between her and her opponent, fellow Democrat Dwight Holton, when the question was asked about medical marijuana.

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17US AZ: Investor Loses $100,000 in Tempe Medical-Marijuana BidWed, 15 Aug 2012
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Nanez, Dianna M. Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:08/17/2012

Will Schreiber was sure the payoff for opening a medical-marijuana dispensary would be huge.

Schreiber was so certain of the investment that he sunk about $100,000 into submitting two business proposals to open a dispensary in northern Tempe. Schreiber funded the prospective business in a partnership in which two others became the applicants.

The state would allow only one dispensary to open in the city's northern region, but Schreiber figured he would increase his chances if both of his proposals were qualified to enter the state random lottery.

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18 US CA: Woozy behind the wheel: Redding's Police Learn To Detect DriversSat, 11 Aug 2012
Source:Record Searchlight (Redding, CA) Author:Espino, Jenny Area:California Lines:361 Added:08/13/2012

It was still light outside on a Thursday in July when officer Jacob Provencio left the downtown Redding police station to start patrol duties in the surrounding blocks.

MarketFest, the popular music festival that concluded its season last week, was due to end in about an hour. The crowds already were dispersing, and Provencio deliberately scanned the streets for vehicles speeding by or rolling through stop signs.

Provencio wasn't only on the lookout for drunken drivers.

Driving-under-the-influence cases, in which the substance involved is drugs and not alcohol, are his specialty. And the prevalence has become more common in the north state.

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19 US NM: Deadly AddictionSun, 12 Aug 2012
Source:Albuquerque Journal (NM) Author:Gallagher, Mike Area:New Mexico Lines:330 Added:08/13/2012

First in a four-part series

This isn't Detroit. It isn't Compton, Calif. We don't have overcrowded and crumbling inner cities.

But when the Centers for Disease Control last November announced that death rates for prescription drugs had reached epidemic proportions nationally, New Mexico was at the top of the list.

Our death rate from prescription drug overdoses surpassed even our traditionally tops-in-the-nation death rate from heroin overdoses.

"This is the time to bring a sense of urgency to parents, schools, coaches, physicians and pharmacists," U.S. Attorney Ken Gonzales said in an interview.

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20 US CA: Edu: Construction Begins At Local Dispensary's SanSat, 11 Aug 2012
Source:Daily Californian, The (UC Berkeley, CA Edu) Author:Chen, Daphne Area:California Lines:72 Added:08/12/2012

Following a three month closure of the Berkeley Patients Group -- the oldest and largest of Berkeley's three medical cannabis dispensaries - -- construction has begun at its new location on San Pablo Avenue just a few blocks away from where it used to reside.

Although a date of reopening has not yet been determined, construction to renovate the interior and exterior areas of the new property at 2366 San Pablo Avenue in the commercial district has already begun.

According to a permit application submitted in July by Sean Luse, chief operating officer for the dispensary, BPG applied to remove and replace the asphalt parking lot and renovate the interior and exterior structures of the building, such as placing new tiles and adding doors to make it accessible for disabled people. The estimated exterior cost of renovations is $49,000, according to the application.

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21 US CA: Bringing Humboldt's Shadow Economy Into The LightWed, 08 Aug 2012
Source:High Country News (CO) Author:Jenkins, Matt Area:California Lines:613 Added:08/10/2012

One evening last October, I met with Anna Hamilton in the Northern California town of Garberville. A singer-songwriter with a barbwire voice, Hamilton is known locally for her radio show, Rant and Rave, Lock and Load and Shoot Your Mouth Off -- which, it turns out, is a pretty good description of her approach to life.

"I'm a little gutterballer from the beach," she said. "And I get nervous around too much normalcy."

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22 US CA: US Attorney ACLU Clash Over Medical Marijuana WarningsWed, 08 Aug 2012
Source:North County Times (Escondido, CA) Author:Ogul, David Area:California Lines:115 Added:08/09/2012

A U.S. attorney's office opinion on a medical marijuana measure in Del Mar has led to a robust debate over whether the opinion was more of a threat than an impartial perspective.

At issue is a November ballot measure that would force Del Mar to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. Voters will be deciding similar measures in Solana Beach and the East County city of Lemon Grove.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy, in a July 17 letter addressed to Del Mar City Attorney Leslie Devaney, said city employees "who conduct activities mandated by the ordinance are not immune from liability under the (Controlled Substances Act.)

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23US CA: ACLU: U.S. Attorney Wrong On Medical Pot AdviceTue, 07 Aug 2012
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA) Author:Moran, Greg Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/08/2012

SAN DIEGO -- It's no hoax: U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy is being accused by the American Civil Liberties Union of trying to meddle in local politics by saying Del Mar city workers could face prosecution if voters there approve a November ballot measure allowing medical marijuana dispensaries.

David Loy, legal director for the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial counties, wrote in an Aug. 2 letter to Duffy that threatening prosecution for city employees amounts to "unjustified interference in local legislative matters."

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24US: Report: ATF Gun Part Of Plan To Kill Juarez Police Chief Julia!nMon, 06 Aug 2012
Source:El Paso Times (TX) Author:Valdez, Diana Washington Area:United States Lines:Excerpt Added:08/08/2012

A weapon tied to "Operation Fast and Furious" was seized in Tijuana in connection with a drug cartel's conspiracy to kill the police chief of Tijuana, Baja California, who later became the Juarez police chief, according to a U.S. government report.

The firearm was found Feb. 25, 2010, during an arrest of a criminal cell associated with Teodoro "El Teo" Garcia Simental and Raydel "El Muletas" Lopez Uriarte, allies of the Sinaloa cartel.

Tijuana police said they arrested four suspects in March 2010 in connection with a failed attempt to take out Julian Leyzaola, and that the suspects allegedly confessed to conspiring to assassinate the police chief on orders from Tijuana cartel leaders.

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25US AZ: Arizona Will Award 4 Medical-Marijuana Dispensing LicensesMon, 06 Aug 2012
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Nelson, Gary Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:08/07/2012

Mesa in line for 4; one district has no eligible sites

Mesa will find out this week who will be authorized to operate the four medical-marijuana dispensaries likely to set up shop in the city.

The Arizona Department of Health Services will conduct a lottery on Tuesday to choose from the scores of applicants vying for the business of people legally authorized to use marijuana.

Mesa has five of Arizona's 126 so-called community health analysis areas, each of which is authorized to have one dispensary.

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26 US AZ: Lottery-Type Machine To Decide Pot DispensariesSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Sun, The (Yuma, AZ) Author:Fischer, Howard Area:Arizona Lines:122 Added:08/06/2012

PHOENIX - State officials will award the first-ever licenses to legally sell marijuana this coming week under what one prosecutor said is a cloud of having them shut down the moment they open their doors.

The big day comes Tuesday when state health officials will pull out a device most resembling the machine used to pick lottery numbers.

In fact, that's really what it is: a lottery to determine which of the 486 applicants are going to walk away with a certificate that awards them permission - pending final inspection - to be one of the 126 sites where marijuana can be sold. In areas where there are multiple applicants for the same neighborhood, the business whose pre-numbered pingpong ball that the machine spits out is the winner.

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27 US PA: Court Aims To Reform Addicts, Reduce Crime, CostsSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Standard-Speaker (Hazleton, PA) Author:Christman, Amanda Area:Pennsylvania Lines:237 Added:08/06/2012

Amid the grandeur of the Luzerne County Courthouse, where ornate wooden mouldings adorn the courtrooms that represent the pillars of the justice system, an inmate accustomed to cold prison walls seeks a second chance.

Whether he gets that is up to a judge presiding over a new speciality court.

The inmate jailed for a drug-or alcohol-inspired crime initially may be looking for a quick way out of prison, but he eventually finds reform through a relatively new arm of county court.

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28 US AZ: Pot Dispensary Lottery To Be Held Under Legal CloudSat, 04 Aug 2012
Source:Arizona Daily Sun (AZ) Author:Fischer, Howard Area:Arizona Lines:155 Added:08/05/2012

PHOENIX -- State officials will award the first-ever licenses to legally sell marijuana this coming week under what one prosecutor said is a cloud of having them shut down the moment they open their doors.

The big day comes Tuesday when state health officials will pull out a device most resembling the machine used to pick lottery numbers.

In fact, that's really what it is: a lottery to determine which of the 486 applicants are going to walk away with a certificate that awards them permission -- pending final inspection -- to be one of the 126 sites where marijuana can be sold. In areas where there are multiple applicants for the same neighborhood, the business whose pre-numbered ping pong ball that the machine spits out is the winner.

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29US AZ: Ahwatukee Has Single Applicant For Medical-MarijuanaSun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Nelson, Gary Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:08/05/2012

Ahwatukee Has Only 1 Applicant

Ahwatukee will learn next week whether its only applicant for a medical-marijuana dispensary license will be authorized to set up shop.

For most of Arizona's 126 so-called community health analysis areas, multiple applicants are seeking state permission to sell marijuana for treatment of medical conditions.

The Arizona Department of Health Services will conduct a lottery for those zones on Tuesday.

Ahwatukee, which is among several zones in Phoenix, had only one dispensary application.

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30US CA: Medical Pot Group Plays Hoax On Us AttorneyWed, 01 Aug 2012
Source:San Diego Union Tribune (CA) Author:Baker, Debbi Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/04/2012

SAN DIEGO - An elaborately staged hoax that included fake notices about the shutting down of beach-area pharmacies and two letters purporting to be from U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy took several bizarre twists Tuesday before the real players behind it were revealed - medical marijuana activists.

The San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access, the nation's largest medical cannabis advocacy group, took responsibility for the scheme at an afternoon news conference.

Local coordinator Eugene Davidovich said it was a "satirical" way to call attention to Duffy's crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries for closure and possible prosecution and asset forfeiture.

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31US AZ: Brewer Urged To Halt Medical-marijuana ProgramTue, 31 Jul 2012
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Sanchez, Yvonne Wingett Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:08/04/2012

County Attorneys Say Licensing Will Defy Law

Thirteen Arizona county attorneys are urging Gov. Jan Brewer to halt the state's medical-marijuana program, saying state employees will be facilitating federal crimes when they issue licenses to pot dispensaries.

The lawyers signed onto a three-page July 24 letter authored by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, who requests that the governor prevent the state's issuance of licenses for medical-marijuana dispensaries because the state program is pre-empted by the federal Controlled Substances Act.

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32US AZ: Sheriffs Ask Brewer To Halt Ariz Medical-pot ProgramSat, 04 Aug 2012
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Reinhart, Mary K. Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:08/04/2012

Following in the footsteps of their top prosecutors, most of Arizona's county sheriffs are asking Gov. Jan Brewer to halt the state's medical-marijuana program.

Thirteen of the state's 15 sheriffs sent a letter to Brewer this week that's identical to the letter she received from 13 Arizona county attorneys days earlier.

Like the lawyers, the sheriffs argue that federal drug laws pre-empt Arizona's voter-approved medical-marijuana law and that state, county and local employees could risk prosecution if they implement it. Those signing the letter from Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher, who is president of the Arizona Sheriffs Association, include Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

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33 US AZ: State Set To Award Marijuana Dispensary LicensesFri, 03 Aug 2012
Source:Verde Independent (AZ) Author:Fischer, Howard Area:Arizona Lines:151 Added:08/04/2012

PHOENIX -- State officials will award the first-ever licenses to legally sell marijuana this coming week under what one prosecutor said is a cloud of having them shut down the moment they open their doors.

The big day comes Tuesday when state health officials will pull out a device most resembling the machine used to pick lottery numbers.

In fact, that's really what it is: a lottery to determine which of the 486 applicants are going to walk away with a certificate that awards them permission -- pending final inspection -- to be one of the 126 sites where marijuana can be sold. In areas where there are multiple applicants for the same neighborhood, the business whose pre-numbered ping pong ball that the machine spits out is the winner.

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34US CA: Marijuana Activists Align With DemocratsFri, 03 Aug 2012
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) Author:Horseman, Jeff Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/04/2012

Advocates for medical marijuana and marijuana legalization have formed a club affiliated with Riverside County's Democratic Party, according to a news release.

The Brownie Mary Democratic Club of Riverside County was formed at the June monthly meeting of the county Democratic Central Committee, read the release issued by club founder Lanny Swerdlow.

The club seeks "to promote the Democratic Party, help Democrats get elected and to work within the Democratic Party to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and bring marijuana prohibition to an end," the release read.

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35 US AZ: County Attorneys Urge Halt To Dispensaries As LotteryFri, 03 Aug 2012
Source:Camp Verde Bugle, The (AZ) Author:Nellans, Joanna Dodder Area:Arizona Lines:133 Added:08/03/2012

With a lottery for the state's first medical marijuana dispensaries looming just a week away, most of the county attorneys in Arizona have signed onto Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk's letter asking the governor to put a halt to dispensaries as well as user cards.

"We believe it is bad public policy for one arm of the government to facilitate marijuana cultivation and use while another arm of the government is moving to close it down," Polk's July 24 letter to Gov. Jan Brewer said. A dozen other county attorneys signed on to the letter on short notice, she said.

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36 US AZ: County Attorneys Urge Halt To Dispensaries As LotteryTue, 31 Jul 2012
Source:Daily Courier (Prescott, AZ) Author:Nellans, Joanna Dodder Area:Arizona Lines:131 Added:08/02/2012

With a lottery for the state's first medical marijuana dispensaries looming just a week away, most of the county attorneys in Arizona have signed onto Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk's letter asking the governor to put a halt to dispensaries as well as user cards.

"We believe it is bad public policy for one arm of the government to facilitate marijuana cultivation and use while another arm of the government is moving to close it down," Polk's July 24 letter to Gov. Jan Brewer said. A dozen other county attorneys signed on to the letter on short notice, she said.

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37 US CA: Federal Judges Dismiss Lawsuits Filed By MedicalWed, 25 Jul 2012
Source:Chico Enterprise-Record (CA) Author:Sweeny, Katy Area:California Lines:61 Added:07/26/2012

SACRAMENTO -- Federal judges reinforced federal drug laws outlawing marijuana by dismissing lawsuits advocating for dispensaries in all four California court districts, a U.S. Department of Justice spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Medical marijuana supporters sought to stop the federal government from prosecuting them but the judges upheld the Controlled Substances Act that lists the drug as schedule one, illegal, Lauren Horwood said.

Andrew Merkel, whose medical marijuana dispensary was the last to close in Butte County, said an action by Congress is the only way to stop prosecutors.

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38 US CA: Annual Pot Eradication Program Scaled BackWed, 25 Jul 2012
Source:Press Democrat, The (Santa Rosa, CA) Author:Johnson, Julie Area:California Lines:146 Added:07/25/2012

California's 28-year-old marijuana eradication program that has destroyed millions of pot plants in public and private wilderness areas is no more.

The Campaign Against Marijuana Planting - CAMP as it was commonly known - was dropped this year after the state cut funding for the program. It is being replaced this season with a new name, new bosses and a scaled-down approach.

The effort to eliminate large-scale pot farms on public land will continue under federal direction, with the Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Forest Service taking lead roles rather than state officials.

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39US OR: Marijuana Proponents File LawsuitTue, 24 Jul 2012
Source:Statesman Journal (Salem, OR) Author:Wong, Peter Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:07/25/2012

Ballot Initiative Treated Unfairly, They Say

Two sides are headed for a legal fight over a second ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.

A lawyer for the measure's advocates argues that the secretary of state is disqualifying a disproportionate number of signatures. Their lawsuit in Marion County Circuit Court seeks to reinstate petition-signature sheets, so officials can sample whether there are enough valid signatures for the measure to qualify for the Nov. 6 general election.

"We believe there are a lot of problems with their validity check," said Ross Day, a lawyer in Portland who normally represents conservative causes. But in this case he is representing Citizens for Sensible Law Enforcement and Robert Wolfe of Portland, the measure's chief petitioner.

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40 US CA: Harborside Health Center Stands Its GroundThu, 19 Jul 2012
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Downs, David Area:California Lines:76 Added:07/20/2012

Feds Seek Forfeiture of State's Most Prominent Dispensary; Owner Vows to Remain Open

The largest medical-marijuana dispensary in Northern California will stay open and fight federal forfeiture claims against its leased property, said operator Stephen DeAngelo.

Last week, the 100,000-patient dispensary alerted its customers and the media that the federal government had filed forfeiture claims against Harborside Health Center's building in Oakland and its location in San Jose. The federal government can seize property under current drug laws if the property is used in the distribution of a drug-in this case, federally illegal cannabis.

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41 US CA: City To Discuss Federal Pot Crackdown, Cultivation BanThu, 19 Jul 2012
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Miller, Nick Area:California Lines:81 Added:07/20/2012

Tuesday Meeting Also to Address Changes to City Ordinance officials Schedule Roundup to Discuss Federal Crackdown, Changes to City Rules, Pot-Growing Ban

It's been a while since the city council sat down, passed the gavel to the left and had a heady discussion about marijuana. So, while this upcoming Tuesday's powwow isn't "420" or a day of reckoning, it's still kind of a significant one for pot in Sacramento.

Four council members, the city's law-and-legislation committee, will meet on July 24, at 3 p.m., to look at the federal government's 10-month-old crackdown on medical-marijuana in California. Council member and committee chairman Jay Schenirer has requested this sit-down, which will also include an update on the city's permitting process, which currently is frozen through November 2013, because of state court cases that might impact its legality.

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42 US CA: Pot Clinic Vote Coming To City CouncilWed, 18 Jul 2012
Source:North County Times (Escondido, CA) Author:Ogul, David Area:California Lines:62 Added:07/19/2012

Solana Beach is a step closer to allowing medical marijuana dispensaries within its borders.

The city clerk's office has notified backers of dispensaries that they've collected enough valid signatures to force the City Council to either adopt new rules allowing for the businesses or put the matter to a public vote.

The council will meet at 6 p.m. on July 25 to discuss the issue.

"We're excited to have qualified the compassionate use ballot measure in Solana Beach and are very appreciative of the City Council and city clerk for scheduling a special meeting to address this important issue before the August 10 deadline to submit ballot measures for the November ballot," said James Schmachtenberger of the Patient Care Association of California.

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43 US CA: Feds Move To Close Marijuana DispensaryThu, 12 Jul 2012
Source:Colfax Record (CA) Author:Hagman, Nancy Area:California Lines:81 Added:07/13/2012

Distribution of Pot in Violation of Federal Laws, U.S. Attorney Says

The federal government has taken action to enforce the federal Controlled Substances Act in Colfax. Last week, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin C. Khasigian, head of the Eastern District of California of the Department of Justice, sent a certified letter to longtime Colfax property owner Gilbert Dalpino.

Dalpino owns the property and leases out the building, located on Highway 174, which houses the Golden State Patient Care Collective, or GSPCC. According to Robert Miller, of the Placer County public information office, the GSPCC is the sole medical marijuana dispensary in the county.

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44 US CA: President ChoomThu, 14 Jun 2012
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Downs, David Area:California Lines:63 Added:06/17/2012

How Does Obama's Pot-Smoking Youth Align With the Federal Crackdown?

A new biography by The Washington Post's David Maraniss titled Barack Obama: The Story, out June 19, has been making waves, initially for its detailed descriptions of the president's weed-smoking days in Hawaii.

Obama described some of it in his autobiography Dreams From My Father, but Maraniss goes into detail: Barack hung with a group of smart kids who liked to smoke weed and called themselves "the Choom gang," choom being Hawaiian slang for smoke.

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45US CO: AG Holder Urged to Oppose State Pot IssueWed, 13 Jun 2012
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Bartels, Lynn Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:06/14/2012

A Colorado committee formed to defeat a marijuana issue on the November ballot has asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to weigh in with his opposition.

Amendment 64 would allow adults statewide to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana for recreational use.

The measure is opposed by a citizens group called Smart Colorado, which is represented by the Denver law firm of Holland & Hart.

In a letter to Holder, Smart Colorado attorney Jon Anderson noted that Colorado's ballot measure "parallels" a California measure, Proposition 19, that voters there defeated in 2010.

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46US CA: Sacramento Man Wins Chance to Wipe His Marijuana RecordSun, 03 Jun 2012
Source:Sacramento Bee (CA) Author:Walsh, Denny Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/04/2012

Kelly J. Michael was an enemy of the United States in the war on marijuana for more than two years.

He was found in April 2010 by a U.S. Forest Service sleuth in the El Dorado National Forest with less than one-eighth of an ounce of pot in a jar. Nearby was a grinder to make it suitable for rolling a joint.

He and a friend were charged, although charges were dropped for the friend because of a doctor's recommendation.

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47US CA: Cudahy Allegations Depict Gritty Underbelly of GatewayFri, 01 Jun 2012
Source:San Gabriel Valley Tribune (CA) Author:Girardot, Frank C. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:06/01/2012

CUDAHY - Prostitution, rigged elections, drug use at City Hall, cash bribes, goons in nightclubs packing heat, paid off cops, shakedowns and wiretaps.

Up until last week, all the ingredients for a Raymond Chandler crime novel depicting the gritty underbelly of Los Angeles County existed in the tiny town of Cudahy, according to federal prosecutors and transcripts of FBI wiretaps.

It all unraveled after those wiretaps, which detail conversations between the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary turned confidential FBI informant, and city officials became public.

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48US MT: Supreme Court To Weigh In On Medical Marijuana LawWed, 30 May 2012
Source:Great Falls Tribune (MT) Author:Volz, Matt Area:Montana Lines:Excerpt Added:05/30/2012

HELENA - The Montana Attorney General's office will make its case Wednesday to the state Supreme Court that the commercial sale of medical marijuana should be halted.

Assistant Attorney General Jim Molloy is set to argue that District Judge James Reynolds improperly blocked that portion of the new medical marijuana law passed by the 2011 Legislature.

Meanwhile, the plaintiffs led by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association say that Reynolds should have gone further and blocked the entire law, not just the provision keeping marijuana providers from making a profit. They will ask the state's high court to do so until their lawsuit can be heard.

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49 US: Crackdown Vote DownThu, 24 May 2012
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Downs, David Area:United States Lines:73 Added:05/28/2012

Failed Amendment Signals No Quick End to Medical-Cannabis Policy

This month, millions of medical-marijuana supporters nationwide cheered a long-shot congressional effort in Washington, D.C., to defund the federal crackdown on medical cannabis.

The Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical-marijuana amendment promised to send a strong message to President Barack Obama that the Department of Justice should stop obstructing state medical-marijuana laws.

The amendment to House Resolution 5326, which funds the Department of Justice, read: "None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be used ... to prevent ... states from implementing their own State laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana."

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50US CA: Court: Closure Of Dispensaries Don't Violate LawWed, 23 May 2012
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:Ritchie, Erika I. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:05/24/2012

Users of Medical Marijuana Sued Costa Mesa and Lake Forest Over Crackdown.

LAKE FOREST - A decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal has found that two Orange County cities are not violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by closing down medical marijuana shops and preventing handicapped patients from having access.

A three-judge panel on Monday upheld the denial of a request filed by four severely disabled medical marijuana users against Costa Mesa and Lake Forest. Their suit charged that the two cities were violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by closing down dispensaries that distributed marijuana.

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