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1 US: Out in the Open: Raves and EcstasySat, 03 Jul 2010
Source:Wall Street Journal (US) Author:Guerrero, Jean Area:United States Lines:168 Added:07/03/2010

LOS ANGELES-Twenty years after their heyday as an underground phenomenon, the drug-fueled dance parties known as raves are making a comeback as massive, commercial events.

But a recent wave of ecstasy-related deaths and hospitalizations tied to such events have left some officials skeptical about their makeover.

Last week, a 15-year-old girl died of apparent drug-related causes following an enormous rave held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, prompting a temporary moratorium on such gatherings at the municipally owned venue.

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2 US: Column: Ending the War on DrugsMon, 02 Mar 2009
Source:In These Times (US) Author:Talvi, Silja J. A. Area:United States Lines:388 Added:03/03/2009

Will the Obama Administration Put Justice Back in the Criminal Justice System?

President Obama faces a heap of crises: a major economic recession, crumbling national infrastructure, and ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Buried in that heap is another war, one less present in public discourse but no less toxic: the drug war. The concentrated battleground of the drug war has been on domestic soil, with America's so-called interdiction efforts spreading the fight across the world, from poppy-rich Afghanistan to the coca-nurturing Andes to the most brutal battlefield of them all, Mexico, which saw more than 5,600 drug-related murders last year, including several that involved publicly displayed decapitations

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3 US CA: To a Speedy RecoveryWed, 06 Sep 2006
Source:East Bay Express (CA) Author:Platoni, Kara Area:California Lines:674 Added:09/06/2006

Prop. 36 Has Driven Thousands of Hard-Core Drug Addicts Away From Prison and into Treatment, but Backers Worry That Recent Changes to the Program Could Stifle Its Success.

"I should have been killed, if it wasn't for the airbag," she whispers, so as not to disturb the court session. Bert Gabriel, her brassy-haired, grandmotherly case manager, dispassionately surveys her client's mottled arms. Gabriel knows that for this woman to be in court today, she had to survive a lot more than a car crash -- she had to overcome a twenty-year heroin habit. Nevertheless, today she's sober and ready to graduate from Proposition 36.

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4 US CA: Faster, Speedfreak! Cook! Cook!Thu, 18 Aug 2005
Source:Los Angeles City Beat (CA) Author:Farren, Mick Area:California Lines:377 Added:08/18/2005

Homemade Crystal Meth Makes Another Big Comeback, And The Hapless War On Drugs Fumbles Once Again

"I don't have a bedtime, I don't have to come, Since I became an amphetamine bum" --The Fugs

Like some demented e-mail from Julia Child, one website recipe calls for 200 pseudoephedrine pills (Actifed, Sudafed, Suphedrine, etc.), one and a half cups of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, three cans of lighter fluid, three AA Energizer lithium batteries, one bottle of Red Devil lye, water, iodized salt, and one bottle of Liquid Fire drain opener.

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5 US IL: PUB LTE: Fight Proposed 'Draconian' Drug LawsWed, 01 Jun 2005
Source:Journal Standard, The (Freeport, IL) Author:Wehrman, Elizabeth Area:Illinois Lines:80 Added:06/01/2005

Thanks for your excellent editorial regarding the latest GOP obsession and smoke screen: HR 1528. I am becoming more and more alarmed at the workings of our federal government. It's almost like Washington, D.C., is no longer a part of the United States.

And it's time people wake up and got involved!

The legislation proposed by our neighbor to the north (Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin) is draconian and the implications chilling.

And while some say, "It's just a starting point for discussion," and given the current behavior of the U.S. Senate Majority, I think we need to be concerned.

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6 US TX: Top 10 Drug-War StoriesFri, 07 Jan 2005
Source:Austin Chronicle (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:101 Added:01/07/2005

Struggling Against The Hysteria

1) Please Eat the Hemp, the Conclusion: The Hemp Industries Association won its fight against the feds' proposed new rule that would've made it illegal to sell foods containing hemp seed and oil. In February, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the HIA, and in late September the feds declined to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

2) Pretty (and Stoned) as a Princess: In April, the Texas Department of Public Safety kicked off a statewide program designed to put an end to illegal drug use at "organized rave parties." The DPS campaign aimed to educate the public about the dangers of "club drugs" like Ecstasy, and issued a watch list of items commonly identified with ravers -- like "colorful, beaded bracelets" and "princess" costumes.

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7 US: Drug Bill Makes Bands Pay for Fans' Pot UseSat, 22 May 2004
Source:Albuquerque Journal (NM) Author:Potts, Leanne Area:United States Lines:131 Added:05/25/2004

Promoters, Vendors Could Also Face Fines, Jail for Audience Substance Abuse

So you're at a music show, let's say Dave Matthews Band, when the unmistakable smell of marijuana wafts your way.

It's a scenario familiar to people who attend concerts regularly; there's always somebody in the crowd who sneaks an illegal substance past security.

Under the terms of an anti-drug bill being considered by Congress, Dave Matthews, his band, the show promoter, the bartender, and even the guy who sells T-shirts could all be fined or jailed for that fan's joint.

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8 US TX: Column: DPS Warns of Raver MadnessFri, 14 May 2004
Source:Austin Chronicle (TX) Author:Smith, Jordan Area:Texas Lines:70 Added:05/13/2004

Do your children, friends, or other loved ones own "colorful, beaded bracelets and necklaces?" Do they use nasal inhalers or have trouble concentrating? Are they depressed? Do they own a "princess" costume? If so, your loved one just might be an illegal-drug-taking Raver. "A pattern of this behavior or ownership of several of these items may indicate that your child is involved in the rave scene," warns the Texas Department of Public Safety. But don't panic (at least not yet), because the DPS on April 28 kicked off a statewide program to put an end to illegal drug use at "organized rave parties." (Okay, now you can panic.)

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9 US: The Ecstasy FactorWed, 10 Mar 2004
Source:Village Voice (NY) Author:Spartos, Carla Area:United States Lines:211 Added:03/10/2004

Today is different: You're speaking to a psychiatrist--not in a sterile, fluorescent-lit hospital, but in a residential office on a peaceful, tree-lined street. You suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and you've talked for hours in this very room, but always skipping the violent chapter that keeps you up at night, giving you flashbacks and causing you to feel estranged from your loved ones. Now an emergency room doctor and nurse are stationed inside the house. You've brought an overnight bag. Today, you've been given 125 milligrams of Ecstasy, and maybe, just maybe, you'll finally be able to face your demons.

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10 US LA: Disco Donnie And The Days Of RaveTue, 03 Feb 2004
Source:Gambit Weekly (LA) Author:Diettinger, Cristina Area:Louisiana Lines:455 Added:02/05/2004

All Disco Donnie Wanted To Do Was Throw Some Wild Parties.

Then he threw New Orleans into the center of a national debate over music, drugs, the First Amendment and pacifiers.

The most striking thing in Betty Estopinal's Metairie CPA office is a massive portrait of her son Disco Donnie, constructed entirely of Mardi Gras beads.

The stench of smoke and must rises to the State Palace Theatre's massive balcony. It's a few minutes until the start of the first local screening of Rise: The Story of Rave Outlaw Disco Donnie, a new documentary about the heyday of the local rave scene and its legendary promoter.

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11 US TX: Top 10 Drug War MomentsFri, 02 Jan 2004
Source:Austin Chronicle (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:73 Added:01/03/2004

1) Ashcroft Busts Chong: In February, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft gleefully announced that his drug warriors busted 50 individuals, including pot-comedy icon Tommy Chong, as part of a Justice Department-led undercover drug paraphernalia trafficking operation code-named Operation Pipe Dreams. It seems that although Chong's Internet-based hand-blown-glass bong company had refused several previous attempts by Ashcroft's crusaders to have a bong shipped to paraphernalia-intolerant Pennsylvania, someone at company HQ inadvertently shipped an autographed bong to an assistant U.S. attorney. Chong was sentenced to nine months in federal prison.

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12 US CA: The Agony Of EcstacyThu, 11 Dec 2003
Source:Los Angeles City Beat (CA) Author:Romero, Dennis Area:California Lines:381 Added:12/15/2003

Those 20,000-strong mega-raves at the Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino are no more. Big downtown events are fewer and farther between.

Superstar DJs are finding fewer and fewer gigs on the rave circuit. And fans of euphoric trance and emotional ecstasy are relegated to a handful of smaller, legit venues, places such as Pomona's Glass House, downtown L.A.'s Orion, and Qtopia in Hollywood. Not like it was.

At Qtopia, for example, raving is still alive but not so well. The promise of techno-hippie pastures filled with hugs and uplifting tunes has given way to kids crashed out on the dirty concrete and vibing to infantile trance. On a recent Saturday night at the club, all the trappings of e-culture are in evidence, but little of the original uplift. Green lasers pierce man-made fog as ravers begin hitting the ground with ecstasy-induced fatigue. Pot smoke clouds a concrete patio outside, nearly every single inch of which is covered in graffiti art. Cholos, skaters, and club kids bounce to the sound.

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13 US: Tommy Chong's New JointWed, 10 Dec 2003
Source:San Diego City Beat (CA) Author:Kuipers, Dean Area:United States Lines:248 Added:12/10/2003

Serving nine months in federal prison for putting his face on a bong, one of America's most beloved comics contemplates the war on stoners, thoughtcrime and reuniting with Cheech.

The joke, of course, is that this is Sgt. Stadanko's revenge. The arch-nemesis of every Cheech & Chong film, actor Stacey Keach seemed like he'd play the greasy, bumbling narc forever, but now U.S. Attorney General and religious jihadist John Ashcroft has taken over the role, and he's not playing it for laughs.

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14 US VA: Edu: PUB LTE: How Far Should The War On Drugs Go?Tue, 11 Nov 2003
Source:Tartan (VA Edu) Author:Liggett, Greg Area:Virginia Lines:82 Added:11/17/2003

Dear Editor,

Over the summer, when I have a free weekend and some cash, I like to spend it at a music festival. I gather up some buddies, pack my bags, grab my tent and head away from the real world for a short time. It's a way for us to escape the predictably monotonous tone of the northern Virginia lifestyle.

Arriving on a Thursday or Friday, we set up camp, crack a few beers, and anticipate the upcoming shows. We look forward to a weekend free from convention. Most of all, we enjoy being treated like responsible adults.We arrive and our cars aren't searched. We walk around aimlessly at

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15 US WA: PUB LTE: Rave OnWed, 29 Oct 2003
Source:Seattle Weekly (WA) Author:Parrish, Geov Area:Washington Lines:85 Added:10/31/2003

A National Antirave Act Wants To Stop You From Dancing In The Dark.

Hollywood has a long tradition of films in which the ridiculous plot serves only as a flimsy excuse for the soundtrack. Such was the case with the idiotic "plot" of the 1984 movie Footloose in which the family of a high-school rebel (a young Kevin Bacon) moves to a Utah town and Bacon discovers that they've outlawed--can you believe it?--dancing. Fast-forward to this year. With virtually no attention, Congress passed an onerous new national antidrug bill--one whose implicit effect is to outlaw certain types of dancing. Enter the RAVE Act.

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16 US MS: 'I'm Marked For The Rest Of My Life'Tue, 21 Oct 2003
Source:Sun Herald (MS) Author:Magandy, Kate Area:Mississippi Lines:195 Added:10/22/2003

Chris Suckow sees himself as a marked man.

The 25-year-old self-employed contractor is successful in his business, having expanded his decorative concrete business, Surface Specialties of Mississippi, from South Mississippi to include work in Hattiesburg.

Many men his age have not come this far professionally.

Many men his age have not endured what he has personally.

"At 25 years old, I'm basically where I should have been three years ago," he said with unflinching self-analysis. "Every day is a struggle - not so much because of other people, but mentally. I feel like I've got to work a little harder than everyone else."

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17US WA: OPED: False Drug Information Harms KidsTue, 30 Sep 2003
Source:Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) Author:Rosenbaum, Marsha Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:10/02/2003

With little fanfare, highly touted researchers from Johns Hopkins University recently made a stunning announcement. Data from their experiments with the now infamous drug Ecstasy, published a year ago in Science, turned out to be fatally flawed.

It seems the vials had been mislabeled and the drug administered to -- and that killed 20 percent of -- the study's laboratory monkeys and baboons was not Ecstasy but a completely different substance.

As a research scientist, having conducted the first federally funded sociological study of Ecstasy users, I am happy about the recent news that one dose of Ecstasy does not, as the widely publicized Science article had claimed, cause irreversible brain damage leading to Parkinson's disease.

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18 US MI: Edu: OPED: The Rhetoric Of FoolsThu, 25 Sep 2003
Source:Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor, MI Edu) Author:Pais, Neal Area:Michigan Lines:101 Added:09/25/2003

At this very moment, a man named John Walters is sneaking around the country on a mission to find new and unusual ways to disgrace the ideal of civil liberty. He is cunning, brutally insensitive and wholly opposed to the very freedoms you and I are supposedly entitled to. He is not, however, an enemy of the state; he is employed by the state. Mr. Walters works at a little agency named the Office of National Drug Control Policy - an organization not nearly as innocent as it sounds. John P. Walters is this nation's "drug czar." I know what you're thinking: "WTF? America has a czar?" Why yes, yes it does. The best part is that he even abuses his power with the same panache as an imperial Russian despot!

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19 US: Critics Feel Federal Anti-Drug Law Promotes MusicalMon, 15 Sep 2003
Source:Centre Daily Times (PA) Author:Fantz, Ashley Area:United States Lines:131 Added:09/16/2003

MIAMI - In the movie "Footloose," Kevin Bacon's character asks, "Is it a crime to dance?"

Nineteen years later, the rock 'n' roll beat has given way to an electronic thump. But the dancers' complaint is similar.

Young people who like to dance till dawn at clubs say a new federal statute amounts to an attack on their culture, while promoters fear it will put them out of business.

The source of their anguish is the Illicit Anti-Drug Proliferation Act, Congress' attempt to reduce drug use in nightclubs.

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20 US: Critics Feel Federal Anti-Drug Law Promotes MusicalMon, 15 Sep 2003
Source:Macon Telegraph (GA) Author:Fantz, Ashley Area:United States Lines:130 Added:09/16/2003

MIAMI - In the movie "Footloose," Kevin Bacon's character asks, "Is it a crime to dance?"

Nineteen years later, the rock 'n' roll beat has given way to an electronic thump. But the dancers' complaint is similar.

Young people who like to dance till dawn at clubs say a new federal statute amounts to an attack on their culture, while promoters fear it will put them out of business.

The source of their anguish is the Illicit Anti-Drug Proliferation Act, Congress' attempt to reduce drug use in nightclubs.

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