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1CN QU: Preventing ODs: Coalition Decries 'Systemic Barriers'Wed, 18 Oct 2017
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:Fidelman, Charlie Area:Quebec Lines:Excerpt Added:10/20/2017

With just enough methadone to last the trip home to Montreal, Melodie was in a panic that she'd missed her flight. She was in Paris, and her supply of prescription methadone, a medicine that helps lower cravings and withdrawal symptoms caused by opiate use, was about to run out. Without it, she worried about a relapse, going into the street in desperation, and doing something dangerous for a fix.

But an online search brought her to a Parisian mobile health clinic. And they welcomed her. They gave her the methadone that she needed to stay sober. There was no bureaucracy, no delay, and no prescription signed by someone in authority - just instant help.

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2CN ON: Pop-Up Injection Site Gets Mixed ReviewsSat, 30 Sep 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Helmer, Aedan Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:10/05/2017

Flyer claims facility has led to spike in drug dealing

A pop-up injection site on the edge of the ByWard Market is drawing mixed reviews from Lowertown residents, landlords and business owners.

An anonymous flyer circulated this week in the area, and shared widely on social media, claims the "unsanctioned and illegal" site operated by Overdose Prevention Ottawa has led to sharp increases in drug dealing, public intoxication, public disorder and discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia littering the downtown streets.

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3 CN ON: Pop-Up Injection Site Gets Mixed Reviews In LowertownSat, 30 Sep 2017
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Helmer, Aedan Area:Ontario Lines:86 Added:10/05/2017

A pop-up injection site on the edge of the ByWard Market is drawing mixed reviews from Lowertown residents, landlords and business owners.

An anonymous flyer circulated this week in the area, and shared widely on social media, claims the "unsanctioned and illegal" site operated by Overdose Prevention Ottawa has led to sharp increases in drug dealing, public intoxication, public disorder and discarded needles and other drug paraphernalia littering the downtown streets.

However, there is no evidence those claims are true.

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4 CN ON: Jail Time Only Option For Drug OffenceFri, 22 Sep 2017
Source:Chatham Daily News, The (CN ON) Author:Shreve, Ellwood Area:Ontario Lines:85 Added:09/27/2017

Convicted Chatham man may have qualified for conditional sentence if legislation hadn't changed

Steven Wheeler will serve a sixmonth jail sentence for being in possession of 11.2 kilograms - 24 pounds of marijuana - for the purpose of trafficking.

However, the support received by his employer along with family and friends may have enabled him to serve a conditional sentence - house arrest - if changes had not been brought in under Bill C-10, in March 2012, to limit when the court can impose conditional sentences.

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5 CN ON: Jimi Hendrix's Best Christmas Present EverSun, 17 Sep 2017
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Hauch, Valerie Area:Ontario Lines:149 Added:09/19/2017

After getting arrested at Pearson for drug possession, trial was like a 'nightmare' for legendary star

In 1969, legendary rock musician Jimi Hendrix declared Canada had given him "the best Christmas present" when a Toronto jury acquitted him of drug possession charges.

He had been arrested when he arrived at Toronto airport for a performance seven months earlier. Sadly for local Hendrix fans, it would be his last visit to this country and indeed, his last Christmas. The "Purple Haze" songwriter died 10 months later.

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6 CN ON: Pot Plan Good For Business: RetailerSat, 09 Sep 2017
Source:Packet & Times (CN ON) Author:Bales, Patrick Area:Ontario Lines:77 Added:09/12/2017

The Ontario government is going to pot.

The province announced Wednesday it plans to replace drug dealers and dispensaries next year when recreational marijuana use is set to be legalized in Canada. Legislation will be introduced at Queen's Park later in the fall that will make the government the only legal retail distributor for cannabis in Ontario.

The stores will be under the purview of the LCBO. However, alcohol and marijuana will not be sold side by side.

"We are committed to getting this transition right," Charles Sousa, Ontario's minister of finance, said in a news release announcing the policy. "When it comes to retail distribution, the LCBO has the expertise, experience and insight to ensure careful control of cannabis, helping us to discourage illicit market activity and see that illegal dispensaries are shut down."

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7 CN AB: Experts OverwhelmedSun, 03 Sep 2017
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Potkins, Meghan Area:Alberta Lines:232 Added:09/08/2017

Chief medical examiner's office pores over deaths in opioid fight

EDMONTON - In the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner each morning, medical examiners, investigators, and morgue staff divide the stack of files containing unexplained deaths that have come in from the night before.

Five years ago, this department, headquartered in a low-slung grey building in Edmonton, investigated between 1,900 to 2,000 cases a year.

But in the last couple of years the caseload has jumped to between 2,500 to 2,600 annually - the bulk of that increase, officials say, is due to fentanyl and other opioid deaths.

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8 CN NS: Making Their Voices HeardTue, 29 Aug 2017
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Gooding, Christopher Area:Nova Scotia Lines:64 Added:08/31/2017

Supporters of marijuana advocate protest outside Amherst courthouse

Support for a Cumberland County man charged with marijuana and firearm offences showed up early Monday for his first court appearance since being arrested almost a week ago.

Fifty-two year old Daren Wayne McCormick was arrested and charged Aug, 23, after Cumberland RCMP and a street crime unit conducted a search at a Northport home. Ten handguns, a shotgun, drug paraphernalia and what police descried as a large number of marijuana plants were removed from the home.

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9 CN NS: Tasty Budds President Apologizes After Police Raids And DrugMon, 28 Aug 2017
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Author:Beswick, Aaron Area:Nova Scotia Lines:74 Added:08/31/2017

Tasty Budds president Mal McMeekin is "very sorry" about alleged illegal activities that police say were occuring at his company's storefronts.

"We want to be very clear that the alleged illegal activity was occuring at one Tasty Budds location (Sackville Location)," reads a written statement sent to The Chronicle Herald and attributed to Mal McMeekin.

"This only came to our attention through the recent police activity and investigation. This is a gross violation of our code of conduct, our ethics, and everything that Tasty Budds stands for."

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10 CN ON: Petition Calls For Needle Disposal SitesThu, 24 Aug 2017
Source:Tribune, The (CN ON) Author:Barkovich, Joe Area:Ontario Lines:148 Added:08/29/2017

Concern about dangers of discarded injection paraphernalia has prompted the tattoo artist James Takeo to launch an online petition which asks Welland city council to investigate installing sharps containers in public places such as city parks.

Takeo said he posted the petition on social media during the second week of this month. He said as of Tuesday it had racked up 715 signatures. He is pleasantly surprised by the response. The petition says: "Too many times there have been incidences of needles being improperly disposed of in city garbage cans or in other public places in our community. This poses a safety risk for all members of the community, especially city workers and staff who often must take the responsibility of disposal of these sharps.

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11 CN MB: Hidden DangerSat, 12 Aug 2017
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Larkins, David Area:Manitoba Lines:74 Added:08/15/2017

Family finds drug paraphernalia tucked away in hotel room

A Winnipeg hotel is changing protocols for housekeeping staff after a family found a syringe and "rocks" of drugs inside their room last weekend.

Nicole Hamm said her husband Neil located drugs and paraphernalia hidden on a ledge underneath the bathroom sink of their Victoria Inn Winnipeg hotel room last Saturday. In photos and video posted to Facebook by Nicole Hamm, a syringe is visible, as are three white "rocks" of an undetermined substance placed in spoons.

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12 US FL: Nazi Gang Members Arrested After Raid On Florida Trailer NetsWed, 09 Aug 2017
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Theisen, Tiffini Area:Florida Lines:38 Added:08/09/2017

Authorities found an exhaustive list of weapons, drug paraphernalia and Nazi propaganda when they raided a trailer Tuesday morning in a rural pocket of west central Florida, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Five felons, two of whom authorities described as documented gang members, were arrested after deputies and a SWAT team served a search warrant on the suburban New Port Richey mobile home, WFLA-Channel 8 reported.

Inside the trailer, which is partially obscured by thick vegetation along a wooded street, were four firearms, ammunition, "hundreds of pages" of miscellaneous bank account and personal identification information, credit cards, veterans' ID cards, insurance cards, vehicle titles, "hundreds of pages of American Nazi Family propaganda (rules, hierarchy, oaths, etc)," opiates, meth, and drug paraphernalia including needles and scales, deputies said.

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13 CN ON: Column: Fixing The Addiction Problem Will Be ExpensiveThu, 03 Aug 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:D'Amato, Luisa Area:Ontario Lines:93 Added:08/03/2017

The people who want to walk the riverside trails in Galt without being confronted by the discarded syringes of drug addicts have every right to voice concern.

I don't blame them one bit for wanting to reclaim their community and asking that it be cleaned up.

Robin Thomas, who carries her dog in order to protect it from stepping on drug paraphernalia, often sees clothes and backpacks stowed in the underbrush. Sometimes she even sees people who are "almost comatose."

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14 CN ON: Task Force To Battle Fentanyl CrisisFri, 28 Jul 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Monteiro, Liz Area:Ontario Lines:117 Added:08/02/2017

Cambridge mayor says group will offer solutions, but will take 'whole community to solve this problem'

CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig says he's creating a city task force to find solutions to the fentanyl crisis plaguing his city.

The city initiative has been in the works for three months, said Craig, and is not a "knee-jerk" reaction to recent comments made by Cambridge coroner Dr. Hank Nykamp.

Nykamp, a coroner since 1985, said Cambridge is becoming the drug capital of Ontario with "drug houses" and "crystal meth factories."

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15 CN ON: 'We Can' Wait On Politicians': Cambridge Coroner On FentanylThu, 27 Jul 2017
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Martin, Ray Area:Ontario Lines:142 Added:07/27/2017

CAMBRIDGE - Cambridge coroner Dr. Hank Nykamp is tired of political rhetoric and inaction as the local fentanyl crisis deepens.

The longtime city doctor has been a Cambridge coroner since 1985. He has seen the best and worst of the city during his career. He loves this city, but believes more must be done to stem the growing number of opioid overdose cases crossing his examination table.

"Five years ago it was oxycodone. Now it's fentanyl and carfentanil, which is even more powerful and used to knock out elephants," he said. "Something needs to be done and we can't wait on the politicians."

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16 US NJ: Editorial: Opioid Crisis Continues To GrowFri, 21 Jul 2017
Source:Herald News (West Paterson, NJ)          Area:New Jersey Lines:74 Added:07/25/2017

The national opioid crisis is spreading. Despite increased awareness of the dangers of abusing prescription drugs, the numbers of fatalities and overdoses continue to rise. That is too true in Bergen County.

As Staff Writer Steve Janoski reports, despite the efforts of Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal, the county appears on track to surpass last year's totals of 320 overdoses; 259 of which were opioid related. Ninety-eight people died. That's an 11 percent increase in overdoses from 2015 and a 12.6 percent increase in fatalities.

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17CN ON: Closed-Door Meeting Causes Drug-Case MistrialSat, 22 Jul 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Yogaretnam, Shaamini Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:07/25/2017

Defence should have been present, judge conceded in granting request

I ... mistakenly permitted him to bring the drug exhibits into my office where he remained with those exhibits for approximately 20 minutes.

An Ottawa judge has declared a mistrial in a drug case after privately questioning an investigating officer in chambers violated an accused's right to be at his own trial.

Paul Masilamany filed the mistrial application on May 12, 2017, the day the court was to decide on drug trafficking charges against him.

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18 CN ON: Judge Declares Mistrial In Drug CaseSat, 22 Jul 2017
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Yogaretnam, Shaamini Area:Ontario Lines:146 Added:07/25/2017

Rules he violated accused's rights to a fair trial by asking to meet with police officer

An Ottawa judge has declared a mistrial in a drug case after privately questioning an investigating officer in chambers violated an accused's right to be at his own trial.

Paul Masilamany filed the mistrial application on May 12, 2017, the day the court was to decide on drug trafficking charges against him.

But just two days before, the lead drug officer, acting on a request from the judge himself, attended Superior Court Justice Paul Kane's office and brought drug exhibits for the judge's use in rendering his decision.

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19 CN MB: Province's Stance On Legalization Frustrates MarijuanaSat, 22 Jul 2017
Source:Brandon Sun (CN MB) Author:Clarke, Tyler Area:Manitoba Lines:147 Added:07/25/2017

While Brandon's political representatives encourage the delay of the legalization of marijuana, local advocates of the plant are saying the day couldn't come soon enough.

Picking up related paraphernalia at Growers N' Smokers on Friday, veteran Michael Gibson said that his "disrespect" for Premier Brian Pallister is "huge, right now."

This week, Pallister publicly requested that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delay legalization for an extra year beyond the proposed date of July 1, 2018.

With too many questions that still need answering, we're just not ready for legalization, Brandon East Progressive Conservative MLA Len Isleifson said, sharing in some of Pallister's concerns about marijuana, more accurately called cannabis.

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20 US UT: Couple Arrested After Drugging Heroin-Addicted Newborn To HideMon, 24 Jul 2017
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL)          Area:Utah Lines:144 Added:07/24/2017

Colby Wilde and Lacey Christenson welcomed their third child into the world on April 9 at Utah Valley Hospital.

The doctors, nurses and medical staff eventually cleared out of the room, giving the parents a few moments alone with their new daughter. Unlike most new parents, they did not hold the newborn child, overcome with emotion.

Instead, Wilde quickly crushed pills of Suboxone, an FDA-approved drug used to treat heroin addiction and withdrawal, police say.

He moistened his finger and dipped it in the resulting powder. Then he stuck his finger in his daughter's mouth, smearing it along her tiny, tender gums. Though she had been in the world less than half a day, the baby, like thousands others in the United States, was already addicted to opioids.

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