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1Canada: Column: Trudeau Ignoring Huge Pot Problems In Rush To FulfilMon, 02 Apr 2018
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Martinuk, Susan Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:04/03/2018

When Justin Trudeau promised to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, he no doubt felt it would be one of his easiest and most rewarding tasks as Canada's new and uber-cool prime minister. He vowed to make it a priority and change the laws within two years.

Fast-forward to last month, almost 2 1/2 years later, and Bill C-45, to legalize cannabis, faced an unexpected pushback from a Senate that threatened to send it packing. Trudeau took this chance to warn his supposedly independent senators that their job description didn't call for them to defeat bills proposed by the very government that had bestowed upon them their most honourable appointments.

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2 US CT: Third Recreational Marijuana Bill Up For Hearing IncludesWed, 28 Mar 2018
Source:Hartford Courant (CT) Author:Gomez-Aceves, Sandra Area:Connecticut Lines:107 Added:03/28/2018

A third committee held a public hearing on a third recreational marijuana bill Wednesday, despite a separate bill on the controversial issue facing bipartisan opposition last week.

The legislation up for hearing in the appropriations committee Wednesday, H.B. 5394, calls for developing a plan for the legalization and regulation of cannabis. Unlike the two prior bills, the third seeks to provide substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and awareness programs.

The bill would require the secretary of the Office of Policy and Management to work with the chief state's attorney and the commissioners of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Consumer Protection and Revenue Services to develop the legalization and regulation plan in "the most cost effective means."

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3Canada: How Much Cannabis Could You Smoke And Stay Under The ProposedWed, 28 Mar 2018
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Platt, Brian Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:03/28/2018

OTTAWA - Last month, at a city council meeting in Kelowna, B.C., the ranking RCMP officer was giving his quarterly update on policing when a councillor posed a question about marijuana.

"I know that when I go out for the evening, I can have a beer, and I know the alcohol content in that beer," said Coun. Ryan Donn. "I know that one would be a good limit for myself to have before getting in a car and driving.

"When I think about cannabis, I really, truly have no idea," he went on.

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4 CN ON: Friel Critical Of Govat Approach To PotWed, 14 Mar 2018
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ball, Vincent Area:Ontario Lines:86 Added:03/17/2018

A provincial government commitment to provide $ 40 million to help municipalities cover the costs of pot legalization is a starting point, says Mayor Chris Friel.

But Friel remains critical of the Ontario government's approach to the legalization of marijuana saying the increased law enforcement and safety costs are just one part of the overall picture.

"I'd say that it's a starting point because right now no one really knows what the extra costs will be," Friel said. "But again I ask: where is the public consultation?

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5CN BC: Column: As Legal Pot Looms, First Nations Seek A Piece Of TheSun, 11 Mar 2018
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Smyth, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:03/16/2018

Near the historic native village of Kitwancool in northern B.C., the hereditary chief of the Gitanyow frog clan has his eye on an old logging site that could be the perfect place to grow a new cash crop.

"It's already serviced with a power supply," said Will Marsden. "We see an opportunity for our people to be employed in sustainable jobs in our traditional territories."

Those jobs would be in the legal marijuana trade, coming soon to British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

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6 CN ON: Funding For Weed TrainingSat, 10 Mar 2018
Source:Recorder & Times, The (CN ON) Author:Bedford, Sabrina Area:Ontario Lines:108 Added:03/13/2018

New provincial funding to help police officers detect impaired drivers is a good start, but Brockville's chief of police says they are still being left with too many unanswered questions.

The province announced Friday it is "stepping up support for municipalities and law enforcement to help ensure communities and roads are safe in advance of the federal government's legalization of cannabis."

This will be done, they said, by providing $40 million of its revenue from the federal duty on recreational cannabis over two years to help all municipalities with implementation costs related to the legalization of cannabis.

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7 CN ON: Provincial Dollars Help Cities With Pot LegislationSat, 10 Mar 2018
Source:Sault Star, The (CN ON) Author:Della-Mattia, Elaine Area:Ontario Lines:94 Added:03/13/2018

The provincial government will provide $40 million of its revenue from the federal excise duty on recreational cannabis over two years to help municipalities with the costs of implementing legislation.

But municipalities have not yet received any more information about what that will mean exactly.

The province has said that funding will be distributed to municipalities on a per household basis with a minimum of $10,000 per municipality.

"We know municipalities will play a key role as the federal government moves forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis. This is why we engaged with municipalities early I the process," said Minister of Municipal Affairs Bill Mauro. "Our government respects the role of municipalities in the legalization of cannabis and we know we can rely on their valuable input as we continue to navigate this process together."

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8CN ON: Communities To Get $40M For Law EnforcementSat, 10 Mar 2018
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Goffin, Peter Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:03/13/2018

The government of Ontario will give municipalities $40 million from its share of federal marijuana taxes to help cover law enforcement and safety costs associated with pot legalization, the province announced Friday.

The money - which will be provided to municipalities upfront, beginning before legalization takes effect later this year - will come from the first two years of federal excise duties on producers of recreational pot.

"This funding will ensure that Ontario's municipalities have dedicated resources for cannabis enforcement," said Marie-France Lalonde, minister of community safety and correctional services. "Ontario will continue working with law enforcement agencies to protect our communities from illegal cannabis activity, and to keep impaired drivers off the road."

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9 CN PI: Sobering MessageThu, 08 Mar 2018
Source:Journal-Pioneer, The (CN PI) Author:Day, Jim Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:98 Added:03/10/2018

P.E.I. students moved by powerful anti-impaired driving presentation

Jordan Gillis knew it was a bad idea to get into the car.

The person offering to drive him home had been smoking pot - enough to impair his ability to drive safely.

Jordan could simply have turned down the ride. He did not.

That drive to his home in Fredericton took five or 10 minutes, the 15-year-old recalls.

And how well did the impaired driver drive?

"I didn't think too good, actually,'' says Jordan.

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10 CN ON: Bradley Balks At Ontario Pot Bucks PlanSat, 10 Mar 2018
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Stacey, Megan Area:Ontario Lines:75 Added:03/10/2018

The haze around pot revenue for cities is beginning to clear, but one Southwestern Ontario mayor doesn't like what he's seeing.

Municipalities are no longer in the dark about the dollars they'll get to deal with the rollout of legalized marijuana, after the province announced Friday that $40 million from the tax on legalized marijuana will flow to cities in the next two years.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said the numbers don't add up, pointing to the 444 municipalities in Ontario that have to share that cash.

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11 CN AB: LTE: In View Of The Many Negatives, Why Legalize Marijuana?Wed, 28 Feb 2018
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Toth, Frank J. Area:Alberta Lines:46 Added:03/01/2018

Trying not to be too cynical about all the reporting, discussions, debates and business preparations on Trudeau's "wrath of pot" legalization predications, with the lame duck excuse that the crooks are making too much money on its sales, I'm sorry! The recent news of the inherent benefit of marijuana has been blown right out of the water by a recent group of very prominent world scientists.

They have reported that there is absolutely no shred of evidence whatsoever of its benefit for health and pain relief, because of the availability of hundreds of pharmaceuticals that do not have negative health aftereffects like brain damage, in addition to dangerous driving which puts the very heavy load on our police forces that still do not have equipment to test for drug impairment.

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12 US MA: Marijuana Regulators Strike Licensing CompromiseTue, 27 Feb 2018
Source:Boston Globe (MA) Author:Adams, Dan Area:Massachusetts Lines:133 Added:03/01/2018

State regulators voted Monday to limit the roll-out of recreational marijuana sales in July, postponing licensing of home delivery services and pot lounges while allowing retail pot shops and their suppliers to open in July as scheduled.

The Cannabis Control Commission had been under pressure to delay delivery and "social consumption" operations from Governor Charlie Baker and other political figures, law enforcement officials, and medical marijuana business interests, who had argued the nascent agency was trying to do too much at the outset and would struggle to oversee so many different types of operations.

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13 CN BC: Who's Going To Pay For 4/20 At Sunset Beach?Thu, 01 Mar 2018
Source:Vancouver Courier (CN BC) Author:Kurucz, John Area:British Columbia Lines:101 Added:03/01/2018

Less than two months out from this year's rally, it appears the vast majority of the end costs will again be passed on to taxpayers

While they still can't find consensus on a location, it does appear all parties with a stake in the 4/20 smoke-out at Sunset Beach seem to agree on this: organizers will have to foot little, if any, of what could be a six-figure, post-event price tag.

Less than two months out from one of the city's largest and polarizing public events, the Courier reached out the Vancouver Park Board, the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Police Department and rally organizers to assess where the annual April 20 gathering is at in terms of planning, lessons learned and the mechanics involved in the cost-recovery process.

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14 US MD: Editorial: It's Not Whether Maryland Will Legalize MarijuanaTue, 27 Feb 2018
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD)          Area:Maryland Lines:96 Added:02/27/2018

There isn't a better reader of the tea lives in Annapolis than Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller. He's been saying for a couple of years now that legalization of recreational marijuana in Maryland -- something that seemed like a far-out idea when former Del. Heather Mizeur made it a central plank of her 2014 gubernatorial campaign -- is inevitable. We're inclined to believe him. Public attitudes on the drug have shifted rapidly in recent years, and it is now legal for recreational use in nine states and (sort of) Washington, D.C. The most recent polls on the issue report that about 60 percent of Maryland voters support legalization. At least four of the seven Democrats running to unseat Gov. Larry Hogan have voiced support for some form of it. But legalization still may not happen as fast as proponents might like.

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15 CN BC: Local Governments Can Say Yea Or Nay To Marijuana StoresThu, 22 Feb 2018
Source:Oliver Chronicle (CN BC) Author:Doherty, Lyonel Area:British Columbia Lines:134 Added:02/26/2018

As the B.C. government sets policy on the legalization of marijuana, the towns of Oliver and Osoyoos are still wondering what that will look like.

Oliver Mayor Ron Hovanes said his council has to have a formal discussion on the topic.

"We had most recently suggested that any sale (of marijuana) should take place through a government agency and the province has decided against that."

Hovanes previously questioned if municipalities should have any role in marijuana legalization. Council recently supported a call for local governments to receive a share of the cannabis revenue to cover social and policing costs.

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16 CN ON: Amade In Brantforda Solution Sought For Legal CannabisWed, 21 Feb 2018
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ball, Vincent Area:Ontario Lines:89 Added:02/26/2018

City officials are looking for input as they deal with the ramifications of legalized recreational marijuana.

"There are a lot of questions, a lot of unknowns and I think it's important that we try to come up with a 'made in Brantford' solution to some of these issues," Mayor Chris Friel said Tuesday.

"I think we need to hear from more people, let them know what the issues are and see what we can come up with.

"We need to hear from the chamber of commerce, the health unit, police, real estate people as well as our own staff in social services and bylaw enforcement."

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17 CN MB: Checkpoint Targets Drugs, BoozeTue, 20 Feb 2018
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Paul, Alexandra Area:Manitoba Lines:198 Added:02/25/2018

A NORTHERN Manitoba First Nation is building a permanent checkstop on the only highway into the community to combat the illegal drug and liquor trade.

"It's like a border crossing and you'll have no choice but to go through it. And if you don't want to be searched, you're not going to go in," Norway House Chief Ron Evans said.

The small building next to Highway 373 looks a bit like a transport safety weigh station. As of this month, the Norway House Cree Nation Safety and Security Checkpoint will be open 24/7. Its official opening is scheduled for Feb. 24.

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18 CN BC: Driving High On B.C. HighwaysTue, 20 Feb 2018
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Ball, David P. Area:British Columbia Lines:95 Added:02/23/2018

As legalization looms, experts say we're not road safe yet

As Canada readies to legalize pot this summer, experts including an ex-traffic cop warn we're still stumped about stopping stoned drivers from hitting B.C.'S streets.

"I've stopped lots of people who have been under the influence of marijuana," recalls retired West Vancouver traffic enforcement officer Cpl. Grant Gottgetreu. "You had to get really good at making observations.

"Unless a person gets pulled over and there's an overwhelming smell of burned marijuana from the car … there's still no instrument out there to test like there is for alcohol yet."

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19 CN ON: LTE: Canada Will Change With Pot LawsTue, 20 Feb 2018
Source:Intelligencer, The (CN ON) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Ontario Lines:44 Added:02/23/2018

(Re: New guideline recommends doctors avoid prescribing medical marijuana for most conditions, Feb. 15)

The British have just issued the same guideline raising the question why there was not public education on the serious dangers to health before the Trudeau government fast-tracked legalizing marijuana. Besides causing serious damage to young developing brains, using pot can also lead to very aggressive behaviour is some people. The bottom line is very little is known about the long-term health effects of the 80 cannabinoids contained in marijuana. One thing we do know from the experiences in Colorado and Washington states, after legalization, is there will likely be more impaired drivers on our highways leading to more road deaths and young people will gain access to the drug with dire consequences.

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20 CN ON: Cops Concerned Over Costs Of Legal PotSat, 17 Feb 2018
Source:Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON) Author:Hale, Alan S. Area:Ontario Lines:80 Added:02/22/2018

Dealing with the impact of marijuana legalization is expected to be one of the year's biggest challenges for the Cornwall Community Police Service, according to Chief-designate Danny Aikman.

"Obviously there is a lot of attention being paid the legalization of marijuana and the impact that will have on municipalities as well as police forces," he said.

The Cornwall police are concerned their costs could increase because of the change in the law, and Aikman said just because possession will be legal, doesn't mean enforcement efforts can be stopped.

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