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1US NM: Column: Christmas Wish: Drug War TruceSat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:El Paso Times (TX) Author:Borunda, Daniel Area:Texas Lines:Excerpt Added:12/14/2008

EL PASO - It is a simple Christmas wish.

Peace for three days in Juarez, Dec. 24-26.

No shootings. No killings. No executions.

In a bloody year in which Juarez was submerged in a war between drug cartels and a crime wave with more than 1,500 homicides, an anonymous e-mail floating in the borderland is asking for "a truce for Christmas in Juarez."

The e-mail in Spanish is addressed to "narcos, capos, agents, hit men, the press, those affected by violence, friends and others," and narrates a conversation between a young boy and his uncle. The boy wishes Santa Claus and el ninito Jesus to end the violence after the boy witnesses his father's death.

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2 UK: Methadone 'Failing To Cut Criminality'Sat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:Sunday Herald, The (UK) Author:Gordon, Tom Area:United Kingdom Lines:101 Added:12/14/2008

Study Prompts Call To Overhaul Treatment For Addicts

MINISTERS ARE being urged to overhaul Scotland's methadoneprogrammeafter new state-funded research showed that giving addicts the heroin substitute failed to cut crime.

The Glasgow University study also found prescribing methadone did not increase the chances of addicts becoming drug-free. Its sole benefit was a drop in addicts "topping up" with heroin.

The Conservatives seized on the paper, which was co-authored by Scotland's leading authority on addiction, Professor Neil McKeganey, of Glasgow's Centre for Drug Misuse and Research. advertisement

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3US NJ: Two Drug Offenders Ordered To Write EssaysSat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:Daily Record, The (Parsippany, NJ) Author:Wright, Peggy Area:New Jersey Lines:Excerpt Added:12/14/2008

Men Spared Prison; Long Valley Roommate Was Growing Marijuana

Two former Long Valley residents who were charged in February, along with a third roommate, with running a marijuana harvesting operation in their attic were spared prison sentences Friday by a judge who gave them probation, community service and ordered them to write essays.

Superior Court Judge Thomas V. Manahan ordered John Coates III of Great Meadows and John A. O'Connell of Succasunna, both 24, to read "Judgment at Nuremberg," a 1957 play by Abby Mann that was adapted into the Academy Award-winning 1961 film about Nazi war criminals brought to justice for their crimes against humanity.

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4 US OH: Inmates Talk To Students About DrugsSat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:Portsmouth Daily Times, The (OH) Author:Piatt, G. Sam Area:Ohio Lines:80 Added:12/14/2008

GREENUP, Ky. -- An anti-drug program launched recently by the Greenup County sheriff and the prosecutor involves a connection between the jail cell and the classroom.

"It's hard to fix people once they're broken," said Greenup County Attorney Mike Wilson said. "(Greenup County Sheriff Keith Cooper) said we need to reach them before they get to that point. That's why we're going into the elementary schools."

Wilson and Cooper began their new anti-drug initiative in November at Worthington Elementary School. Last week they were in Russell-McDowell Intermediate School dealing with fourth- and fifth-grade students. The plan is to take it into every elementary school in the county's three school districts.

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5 CN BC: PUB LTE: No Harm DoneSat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:Maple Ridge Times (CN BC) Author:White, Stan Area:British Columbia Lines:34 Added:12/14/2008


As a Christ, I ask if William Walker Perry (Accused dealer a wacky defendant, TIMES, Dec. 5, 2008) harmed anyone? Caging humans for using the God-given plant cannabis is immoral and luciferous. Christ God our father, created cannabis for, among other things, the survival of man, the healing of the nations, to be used like wine, farmed for useful products etc. Since the ecologician indicates he created all the seed-bearing plants saying they are all good on literally the very first page of the Bible, the desire to prohibit, persecute and exterminate the plant and its users is the work of the devil.

It is time to expose the work of the devil and time to accept our heavenly father's blessed gift. What kind of government cages humans for using what God says is good? Free William Walker Perry and correct your immoral law.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado


6 CN BC: Resources Needed To Keep Drug Problem Under ControlFri, 12 Dec 2008
Source:Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC) Author:Marshall, Jenn Area:British Columbia Lines:74 Added:12/14/2008

Nanaimo's drug problem is serious and will continue to get worse unless more resources are committed, say community stakeholders.

"I think Nanaimo's problem isn't out of control yet, but if we don't start adding resources, it will get there," said Marg Fraser, the Vancouver Island Health Authority's manager of mental health and addiction services.

The city's five-year plan to tackle homelessness includes creating more than 300 supportive housing units throughout the city. Fraser said the provincial government's commitment to provide up to 160 supportive housing units in Nanaimo for the homeless or those at risk of being homeless is a step in the right direction toward helping people overcome their addiction issues.

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7 CN AB: More Local Drug Help Centres NeededTue, 09 Dec 2008
Source:Stony Plain Reporter, The (CN AB) Author:Henning, Alistair Area:Alberta Lines:186 Added:12/14/2008

Experts Confirm Current Facilities Constantly Operating At, Or Near, Maximal Capacity At All Times

On November 17, 2008, Bruce LaRocque of the High Country Recovery Centre, made a presentation to the city council in Spruce Grove, requesting funds to assist in constructing an addition recovery centre to be located somewhere around Parkland County.

In response to this presentation, the Examiner / Reporter was contacted by Klaus Ewikowski, Executive Director of Carpe Diem Ministries, another regional addition recovery facility.

"There will probably never be enough facilities to meet the need, unfortunately," Ewikowski commented.

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8 US MA: Editorial: Wrong Kind Of Drug CzarSat, 13 Dec 2008
Source:Boston Globe (MA)          Area:Massachusetts Lines:44 Added:12/14/2008

Representative Jim Ramstad, a Republican from Minnesota, is said to be a candidate for drug czar in the Obama administration. This would take bipartisanship one step too far, at the expense of public health.

Ramstad, who is retiring after 18 years in office, gets high marks for working with a Democratic colleague, Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, to require insurers to cover mental health and addiction treatment (the two men are alcohol recovery partners). But Ramstad has also voted repeatedly against federal funding for needle exchange programs for drug users to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS. Washington's paralysis on this issue goes back to when President Clinton let his drug czar, Barry McCaffrey, sabotage funding efforts by Donna Shalala, then secretary of Health and Human Services. McCaffrey hyperbolically called clean-needle programs "magnets for all social ills." In 2002, Clinton admitted that "I was wrong" not to lift the funding ban.

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